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Rano warns Tanuja that soon there would be no light in the room. The lights of the halls go off, Rishi comes with cake along with Manpreet and UV, singing for Bee ji. Bee ji cuts the cake, Rishi feeds a piece to her. Rano looks towards Tanuja as if disgusted. Rishi asks to dance with Bee ji, Manpreet goes to play the music. They perform over ‘a larki beautiful kar gai chull’. Rano sends Malaika for some chore. Tanuja tries to speak to them, but couldn’t. Manpreet comes to drag Tanuja on the dance floor. Rishi first stops watching Tanuja, but Bee ji gives her hand in Rishi’s and tells UV to play a romantic song. Rishi now dances with Tanuja on ‘me tou tere rang me rang chukka hun’. Rano dislikes the intimacy. Malaika comes with letter to Rano. Rano tells John to give the letter to Rishi, and

not tell him where it came from; he should force Rishi to read this letter. Everyone clap for Rishi and Tanuja’s performance.
John drops the letter on floor.
Rishi looks towards Tanuja thinking if felt as if he was dancing with his Tannu. Tanuja gets aside, upset. Rano and Malaika regret watching the letter on floor. Manpreet comes to Tanuja asking if she questions on reincarnation; Rishi and Tannu used to dance on this very song out of love. Tanuja gets weepy. Manpreet asks her to save these tears of happiness. UV calls Manpreet, Manpreet reads the letter fallen on the floor and looks towards Tanuja, in a state of shock. Rano wonders why she didn’t hand it over to Rishi by herself. John comes towards Manpreet to take the letter to Rishi. Rishi reads the report, and stares at Tanuja in rage. Tanuja turns towards him, while Rano and Malaika enjoy. Tanuja was worried about Rano sharing everything to Rishi, then Rano’s warnings about spoiling the party. Malaika was restlessly waiting for Rishi’s reaction. Rano could foresee a storm.
Tanuja hurries inside, Rishi follows her leaving the party. Malaika thinks what’s cooking in Rano’s mind, but she only wants to see what happens to Tanuja. Tanuja comes to the corridor, crying over Rishi’s stare. She watches Rishi in the mirror and turns towards him. Rishi asks who taught her to make such good tea. Tanuja says mother. Rishi says she got good brought up, who taught this. Tanuja says parents. Rishi asks if she told Bee ji the story of souls, who taught this; Tanuja replies parents. Rishi then questions who taught her to betray, clutching her tight. He twists her arms behind her, asking who taught her to play games. She calls Rishi, he throws her over the bed shouting at her not to take his name. She betrayed him badly, how dare she hide such a big news. She wanted to know what he feels for her, how dare she ask this when she herself was cheating on him. He has loved Tannu the most till today. She took that face, and then took advantage of that face; he had begun to trust her but she broke it. He cared for her because her name is connected to his family; he then wonders if this is a planned game. He had forgotten her intentions, forgotten whose blood is she (Neha and Bani), it’s their nature to betray; her family killed Tannu and today Tanuja killed him.
Manpreet was shocked to know that Ahana knew about it, he wonders why she didn’t tell him. Ahana says Manpreet was discussing about their love, she thought he would be shocked to know the reality of Tanuja. Tanuja’s story is different, she is different inside out. Manpreet says if he knew about it he would have retained the report behind. Ahana says she thought this as well, but Tanuja didn’t want to talk about it. Manpreet tells Ahana he knows this girl well, she can’t do this at all. He reminds Ahana that he used to call her Tannu mistakenly, but now he deliberately calls Tannu. Ahana was curt that she got Tannu’s name and face deliberately.
Rishi forbids Tanuja to cry, he was behind her like crazies. He then realized when he was marrying her, she was with someone else… he throws the letter and jerks the thought away. Rano and Malaika overhear the conversation. Rishi says she didn’t give her mangal sooter to the goons that night, he thought for her may be this is a strong relation but he was silly. He calls Tanuja filthy and downtrodden, he feels disgusted at her. Tanuja only cries.

PRECAP: Rishi says relations based on lies have no chance of survival. He holds her hand to take her along.

Update Credit to: Sona

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