Kasam 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bani tells Tannu that Rishi has chosen his bride to be and her name is Tannu. Tannu corrects that she is Neha. Bani says she already told Ahna that due to birth chart she had to change Neha’s name to Tannu. She asks Tannu to decorate home and make arrangements for the function.
In the room, Raaj does romance with Rano. Rishi kicks Manapreet, hushes him up and both stares towards them. Rishi asks why he is teasing their mother. He yawns being tired of choosing a necklace. The boys say their sleep was being disturbed, so they slept here. Raaj asks them to get to their own rooms. Rishi teases him to be old and giggles Raaj. Bee ji calls Rano and she hurries outside.
Neha says ouch as a flower thread hits her head. Neha says Tannu would want her not to marry Rishi for sure. Neha and Swati both ask

Tannu if she is jealous of Neha and doesn’t want her to get married. Tannu says she is her sister too. Swati says she knows how Tannu has been flirting with Rishi. Ahna hears this, she calls from kitchen and shouts at her to go inside. Tannu holds her back. Swati laughs that Tannu only got nothing. She must have dreamt a lot, but they are third class and worth nothing at all. She says Raaj and Rano also think the same, she feels insult while calling them their sisters. Neha insults the girls further. Tannu takes Ahna inside. Ahna accuses Neha that she is taking a used thing. She answers Swati Chasmish, her mother never fed her. Ahna says if Tannu wants, Rishi will come to her in just a single move of finger. Neha’s mother was dying behind Rishi, Tannu has given her Rishi. One can snatch something from hands, but not from luck. She leaves enraged. Tannu comes behind and pours Ahna water. Tannu says she isn’t angry, Ahna did right. Ahna accuses Tannu for not replying. Tannu says today is Neha’s mehndi, how she could accuse her. She says they are their family, and it is Bani and Guljeet who wants to pay all the debts of their parent’s house so that they can go back to live there. Ahna says she will never leave them again. Tannu laughs at her dialogue hugging her, Ahna also smiles.
Rishi and Manpreet stop Raj and Rano asking where they are going. They tease them to be going to date. Bee ji comes from behind, Rano says they are going for Pooja for mehndi. Bee ji tells them it is said that a blessed mehndi is put by the boy to a girl’s hand and she becomes his for lifetime this way. They leave, Rishi tells Manpreet he will put the mehndi to Tanvi firstly. Manpreet asks if it is about stealing, he will be beaten badly. Rishi says Manpreet will steal it, it will be fun today evening.
At night, Rishi comes out in the hall. Manpreet tells him with his wink about the mehndi bowl and asks if he would get caught while exchanging the bowl? He asks Rishi to always remember what he sacrificed. They watch Rano and Rishi come back with Mehndi. Bani welcomes them, Raaj gives the bowl to Bani. Guljeet asks about Bee ji. Raaj says she has gone with driver to market. Bani goes to keep mehndi aside, Manpreet goes behind Bani.
Ahna and Tannu were tired, Ahna says she will for sure lose weight the way Bani makes them work more. Tannu says she will just check if some work is left. Ahna makes her sit, as they don’t have good clothes. The door knocks. Bee ji brings clothes for them and asks them to wear it. She blesses them both and leaves. Ahna and Tannu were excited to see the clothes. Tannu comes to the function, Rishi watches her pass nearby him. he goes behind her and stops her way in the kitchen. She was getting juice tray but he doesn’t let her move out, takes a glass, watches it, then takes another glass. Rano calls Tanvi, she smiles and goes towards her. He comes to stop her way again. Tannu sits for dholki, Rishi deliberately sits over her dress. She tries to get up, but he holds it and smiles. Tannu calls Bee ji mockingly, Rishi turns away and she stands up. UC gives some gift boxes to her to keep them inside, Rishi gives him thumbs up. He sits down to help Tannu with the boxes.
Bani comes inside while Manpreet follows her. She turns around to see him following, and asks why she came her? Manpreet tells her that the dress suits her so well. Ahna watches him talking to Bani, curtly comes to him and asks how he is. Manpreet says he is fine. Ahna leaves irritated. Bani keeps the mehndi bowl on the bed in the room. Manpreet goes in. Raaj asks about Tannu, Neha comes to touch his feet, smiles at Rishi and takes her place.
UC asks Rishi what if she doesn’t say no till last moment. Rishi says he needed time to make up Tanvi. He has to make her jealous. Once she feels he is going away from her, she will confess her love. Tannu comes with the juice tray, Raaj calls Tannu. He appreciates Tannu’s efforts and blesses her to pair up soon with the one made for her.

PRECAP: Rishi comes to Tannu in the kitchen and asks why she goes away from him. She says she doesn’t concern where he goes, he must leave.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. sriranjani

    Hahahaa……….Rishi best of luck man Plz carry on with ur work and make Tanu Jealous and make her accept her love for u soon………….

    • Payal

      Yes Lara …I agree!So much dragging in the beggining only..They must end thi Neha’s track now

  2. Exactly merely dragging…but this is what happens in daily soaps…..we keep on waiting for happy moments n romantic scenes….n show finally comes to an end before fulfilling our [email protected]

  3. Parvini

    Love the excitement of both their love..Bani and Nehe are sl**ts..really no morals what so ever. Really like ingredients this ser

  4. meera

    good story but hate this drama of misunderstandings……………..why that old drama of aunties changing their daughters name………..misbehaving with the real one…..and how can they believe that person when they know their nature……cant they use their brain that if tannus uncle rishis dad want neha to marry rishi than why they change her name??????

  5. Meera

    Guys whoever think meri aashiqui tum se hi went off air because of kasam is not right because its not kasam faults its the production house and colors tv that made meri aashiqui tum se hi went off air and that was my favorite show too but it’s not kasam makers fault

  6. Maira

    Wow what an episode,leiken is main jealousy wali koi baat hi nahi thi,anyways,episode was funny and good:-)

  7. Karthika

    nice episode.tanshi’s moments was nice.neha and the chashmish r really over reacting.don’t drag and plz make rishi to know that tanvi is actual tanu….

  8. ss

    Hai everyone… pls go to the vishkanya written update page.. u can see ssharad malhotra aka siddhi there…

    • Maira

      SS, you were right! I right now,went to that site,siddhi’s sister shavi said that there’s no ssharad malhotra,it was her younger sister siddhi and she and an hand problem so i will comment on this site for 2-3 weeks and said that pray for siddhi, i said i will,but maybe,that fake sharad malhotra and commented that i siddhi’s sister,bcs this fake sharad malhotra was so clever,and maybe he is still trying to fool us,so in this way we would belive him.:-(,anyways,such ko kon chupa sakta hai?

  9. Sona

    Koi to samzao yar bholi tannu ko …. Rishi is made for her…. Why she is trying to sacrifice… 🙁 :'( mai hoti to abtak bani ka khoon kar deti 😛 😀

  10. baby

    I guess tanu is for rishi and ahana for manpreet what say guys just like kis desh mein hai mera dil same story but still feels good with their natural acting

    • karthika

      devishiva kumar.i hav a gud news for u.u r missing irumalargal right.don’t worry.it’s gonna telecast in zee tamizh.starts from11th april mon-fri:7:30pm.watch it yaar.

  11. sriranjani

    Guys I’m Having a wish that Rishi should gets to know about Bani and Neha’s Truth. Sandy should help Rishi to unite with Tannu.
    Same way Ahana and Manpreet should team up with Beeji, UV, Sandy and Rishi to reveal the truth of exchanging the brides to Raaj and Rano. I want Raaj to feel Guilty and apologizes to Tannu and Bani should be Kicked out of the lives of Tanshi and Sandy should marry Neha forcefully. Then Tanshi will be Happily everafter(in dreams coz Tannu will die when she marries Rishi)….
    Guys I think that the temple women will unite Tanshi….who knows the suspense………….Waiting for Twists and turns…………..
    Please comment about ur Wish n Dream to Unite Tanshi………….. 😀

  12. Adithi

    Hey superb.. Inga neraya Tamil irukanga.. Just like MATSH.. It also had many Tamil fans.. And I’m also from TN… Hi everyone…

  13. sriranjani

    Hi Tamil Members……………….Ellarukkum Vanakkam…………..Ethu Chennai city gangsters ?✌?…. Hello my Cutiepies…….Hi Adithi, Devishivakumar, Karthika, Swatha and Magi Lax,…..
    If I missed Some one sorry………….
    welcome to Kasam n Tanshi fan club Guys……………
    Hate the hitting readers………….??????…..This is for commenting Bad about Kasam n Other Serial which replaced ur fav. serials………………

  14. magi lax

    Hai swetha, Karthiga, Adithi, Sriranjani & Dkumar Ellarukum vanakkam. Ippolam niraiya per Hindi serial pakka arambichutom illa!!! Ella serial m nalla iruku pa. Ella jodi m sema cute. M

    • devishivakumar

      Yes Magi. All serials are good in Hindi. In Tamil Maximum serials are Boring. And dragging

  15. magi lax

    Namma Kamalkasan sir acting oda Rishi acting compare panralavuku iruku. Kamal sir solvar actor na KAR SILAI patha koda romance pannanum. Rishi pinrar pa.

    • sriranjani

      U r Absolutely rgt Magi as I watch Hindi serials too much and not Tamil serials but I will comment here daily when the show gets overred in channel…………..
      Hindi serial Actor n actors were aswm n They are best………..

  16. ambri

    hi i am too a tamilian . but 1st at starting kasam was good but know i hate this much much misunderstanding and dragging …… sad….even i love matsh sooo much … lets wait and watch , what kasam have in it ! but nothing can take ishveer , shadhika, and matsh place …
    kasam too good . but no need dragging . in beggining itself dragging means bad na..

  17. karthika

    u r right magi.now a days more tamilians r watching hindi serials.i luv kasam so much.but i’m diehard fan for abhigya.i luv sharad’s acting.he’s just mindblowing.

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