Kasam 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rishi reads Netra’s letter

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The Episode starts with Rishi asking Tanuja to tell the date of her marriage with Abhishek. He asks why do you want to know about it and why shall I tell you. She says you are just my daughter’s biological father and says only two persons means to me, one is my husband Abhishek and other is my daughter Natasha. Rishi says we will meet with proofs. He searches for Pan card, passport or any ID proofs in Tanuja’s room. Tanuja comes and sees the cupboard open. Rishi is hiding in the room. Tanuja says Natasha went on Risha and has messed up the stuff. She goes. Rishi is leaving from the room and sees Natasha. He asks Mr. handsome you are here? Rishi asks her not to tell anyone that he is here. Natasha says she will tell everyone. Rishi says he will tell Tanuja that she comes to his house to play with

Tania after school. Natasha says blackmailing a small girl and asks him to make her have icecream daily. Rishi says ok and hides.

Tanuja comes and asks with whom you were talking to? Natasha says she was talking to Mr. handsome on sofa. Tanuja asks her to sleep and takes her along with her. Rishi thinks Natasha is smart like him and says I love you. He comes out of room and sees Abhishek taking glass of milk from Servant’s hand and says he will give to Natasha. He sees someone’s presence and checks, but couldn’t find her. Rishi comes back home and tells Manpreet that he couldn’t get any proofs. Manpreet says we shall go there when they are not in the house. Rishi says if she don’t go out then? Manpreet says Ahana, she will help us. Manpreet asks Ahana to go and meet Tanuja. Ahana says mom will get angry if I meet her. Manpreet asks her to go and meet her as she loves her. Ahana says I will go and meet her tomorrow. Manpreet asks her to meet her outside so that she don’t have to do cooking etc. Ahana says you gave me a good idea.

Abhishek shows ring to Tanuja and says it is for love. Tanuja asks who is the girl. Abhishek says you. Tanuja slaps him. He is shocked. It turns out to be dream. Abhishek asks Tanuja not to slap him if she gets angry on him.

Rishi thinks once he gets proof then he will tell her and sleeps. Manpreet comes to him and asks him to wake up. Rishi refuses. Manpreet takes water in his hand and some of the water falls on the letter kept by Netra. He sprinkles on Rishi’s face. Rishi throws water on his face and asks him to bath again.

Manpreet asks Ahana to go and meet Tanuja. She says she is busy and have work. He says he will bring Tania and asks her to go. Ahana talks to Tanuja and asks her to meet her in 1 hour and 30 mins. Tanuja says ok. Rishi gets happy and goes. Manpreet is waiting outside Abhishek’s house and tells him that he and others went out of house and now they can search for proofs. Rishi says ok. Just then Abhishek knocks on the car window.

He asks what you are doing here. Manpreet says his car is stopped here, and is not working. Abhishek tells him that he has kept security who will keep an eye on his doings. Ahana comes and asks Tanuja to come. Tanuja comes out and takes Ahana inside. Manpreet calls Rishi and tells that Ahana came and Abhishek kept security guards outside house.

Ahana and Tanuja see Manpreet. Tanuja says he is your husband and asks her to call him. Ahana calls him and says Tanuja is calling you inside. Manpreet says ok and thinks he will go inside and check for proofs. Rishi happens to read letter written by Netra and gets shocked.

Tanuja and abhishek have an argument. Abhishek says if he do this again then I will not leave him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Flyingfatty

    I think Abhi is becoming villain. He is interfaring in every small matter. Tanuja can take her decision herself.

  2. Agree … it seems like he is turning negative ?

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