Kasam 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Rishi was walking outside when he watches Tanuja lay on the bed, under moon light. He enters the room, Tanuja’s face was other way. He shuts the window doors.
Bani comes to Neha who was busy with her cell phone. Bani was sure to handle Sandy even if he comes here. Neha says Sandy doesn’t only speak, he takes the action. She was afraid what if he come to Mumbai. Bani asks why she did so, and let Tanuja go. Neha leaves to look for Tanuja. Bani wonders where she must be.
Tanuja wakes from her sleep at night, her head banged badly. She get up and try to walk; then looks around realizing she was in Rishi’s house. She wonders how she came here, she was doing to Rishi’s office to meet Radhika. She recall her accident, if it was a car of some member of this house? She wonders what coincidence

is it, why she always end up into this house as she had been pushed out of this house before. She wonders why this is happening, and recall her vows not to enter that house using wrong means.
In the room, Ahana calms Bee ji down she isn’t well. Bee ji was angry at Rano for shouting, it’s her shouts side effects. She was curt over Malaika for accident, there was a huge drama. Rano shouted at the crowd who came to help the injured girl. Ahana says it was people’s mistake for asking a lot of questions. She says Rano only argued, she would have broken the mouth of those people. Bee ji says if she wants to break the mouth, Malaika must be her victim first. They spots Malaika passing from outside, Bee ji calls Malaika inside the room and asks her to prepare tea for her in a scolding way. Malaika thinks Bee ji would finally have the tea today. Rishi comes to the room, Malaika says she specially prepared tea for him and goes to pour some for Rishi. Rishi says it’s like tea. Malaika boasts about preparing tea especially for him. Malaika asks for Bee ji’s consent, Bee ji takes a sip with much difficulty then smiles that it’s nice. She tells Malaika their mornings begin with ginger tea, this isn’t a tea her Rishi likes. Malaika asks Rishi what kind of tea he likes. Smiley comes to call them all downstairs, as police has arrived to take Malaika.
Downstairs, Rano shouts at the NGO lady how dare she brought police to Bedi house. The inspector speaks to Rano that they have tried to save the culprit and insulted these people who tried to save the girl. Rano asks if it’s their mistake that they are rich. The inspector calls for the girl who is responsible for the accident. On the stairs, Malaika holds Rishi’s hand. Rishi goes downstairs to see, he questions the police who filed this report. The media reporters come inside and questions Rishi about Malaika, and Tanuja. Malaika accepts she was the one responsible for the accident. She says she isn’t trying to hide, and this family isn’t the culprit. She introduces herself as Malaika Malhotra, daughter of Subhash Malhotra. One of the reporter recognizes Subhash Malhotra as the one who drove the car up over foot path in a drunken state and took a number of lives, still he was saved from any trial. The police inspector announces he arrest Malaika Malhotra in an attempt to murder case. The inspector announces justice prevails for anyone, no matter rich or poor. Rishi confronts the inspector that he is accusing an innocent girl, she brought the injured girl home and got her inspected from doctor. A reporter questions Rishi if he was also in the car, Rishi is an expert in diverting the real topic. The inspector asks the constable to write the complaint of attempt to murder.
Tanuja watches the crowd downstairs, and goes inside again.
Rishi accepts that he was the one driving and was responsible for the accident.

PRECAP: Rano and Rishi were shocked to see Tanuja come out of the room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. [email protected] you can tell me that on page 5thoctoberwath Aliza said.

  2. nice n best one!! thnx for written update!!!

  3. sia myself that what Aliza said.
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  4. dear @sia myself understand that what Aliza had said.
    precap is nice.

    1. Hi Vafa dear n hw r u ??? Sorry for the late reply , actually I was busy with some works…anyways I”m glad u understand what Aliza said….

      1. I’m sorry.i didn’t knew that you can’t understand urdu.

  5. Gone really crap now

  6. ya guy’s muje dhiraj rakhna caie..and wait karna caie..and I don’t want to leave kasam family…love u all..and hope ki story jaldh thik ho jaie..

  7. Aaliya(akshara)

    Vafa, Anika and all other kasam fans, I have given my comment on 5th October 2016 kasam page regarding my previous posts. Read it !

    1. Aaliya , I just looked at your replay, first of all you can call me fan of ahana,manpreet,rishi nd tanu’s acting ,but not as much as fan of kasam nd if it’s contents carry on as boring ,dragging nd meaningless as it is now , then I wouldn’t spoiled my good memory of beautiful part of beginning of kasam by watching it. I had no chance of meeting or speaking to any of you good people, but I know vafa is very emotional, loyal , with a big nd warm heart.

      I like nd respect everyone But I’m lucky to find two nice brothers ( Ahmad nd Ali) nd two sweet sisters (Sia nd Vafa) via this page.

      1. Thank u Anika dear to call me ur sweet sister…infact u n Vafa is also my sweet sister…Luv u all my kasam family….



  10. @ MY KASAM FAMILY I TELL TRUTH YOU ABOUT @Aaliya or Akshara . that donot clear (her or his)name is Aaliya OR akshara. and i something that youreyes see cannot deny truth.

    I at all and never donot believe ( @Aaliya or @ AKshara ) . and reasons this why i never willnot trust (his or her) : refer to my comment in 5th october /telly update.

    @myfamily kasam( all my kasam fans 🙂 i love u all god know that i tell truth you( my kasam family ). you refer to mycomment in 5th october / telly update. you will understand i am right.

    @anika mysweet sister you also referto my comment in 5th october /telly update .untill notice truth.

    i always write my comment all mykasamfamily .cause i know they better.

  12. Hai guys vafa,, sia, anika ,& all other kasam members i think they need some time for further development again chipko chachi & neha irritating but tanujas expressions were superb waiting 4 next

  13. vafa I don’t leave kasam family…ur me kasam dekhungi bhi…and thanks to convince me..so kasam family cheers…and also for tanshi..

  14. Thanks shrinu and anika for understanding me. And vafa just by reading comments you cannot determine whether person is inciting hate or voicing views. Yes i gave comments in tellyupdates and desitvbox. Akshara is my pet name. So used it. Again i say i respect everyone’s views but i gave my views in satirical way. I don’t know what happened here earlier shrinu. But thanks for understanding me. Everyone has right to be happy in his or her life. I wish all the best for kasam family.

  15. Vafa Now i do not need to make you believe that i am not inciting hate here. Akshara is my pet name. And vafa, just because shrinu spoke something you need not to forgive him or her. After all he has not done a big sin. Only god can forgive him or her if he has done mistakes. We all are just humans belonging from god and came to world to do our duty. I am not from your religion but know that god loves all human beings as they are his children and if we have done sin that has harmed mankind will then he punish us. Sorry if i have hurt you and anyone. Shrinu , vafa i welcome your comments even if it is criticism.

  16. Like this episode but need some romantic moments for Rishi and Tanuja ??????

  17. Kab tak bechari ko ek hi kapda pehnaya rakhoga pls usko naya dress do

  18. hi dear @sia than k u [email protected] @dear NUPUR . now i am so happy because you tell that donot leave kasam. thank you so much.
    hi [email protected] I hope all u my kasam family .

    @Aaliya. shrinu insult and salnder to me. and IS Salnder and insult without rason to me isnot a big sin . but in my religion is a major sin . yes. god forgive him or her if she or he didnot pray or not fast. god forgiveness everything for sake of his servant expect for rights of others. and i never forgiveness her or his . because she or he t wice insulte me.
    yes. only god know that who is telling truth ? and I on day Resurrection waite his or [email protected] defend you . you donot know why defend you. because lready nahs insult me . and afterthat @shrinu frist defend nahs and so for defend nahs comment with(his or her)name . infact same comment same words and same statements but only names was different. that i think that they are a person. already also i had said ( her or his). now notice why defend you. because already also had did like same work. use of different names.

  19. @ dear sia. i am fine. thank you. @sia . where is siddhi . i miss her so much. and @sia I uderstan urdu in the event that like farsi write. because write urdu little like write farsi.

    @ Anika mydearsister. when you tell me that you want go to travel . you may be donot remmber person that insult me. and you stell me donot mind . yes that person was nahs that after her shrinu defend of nahs. infact same nahscomment and samestatemen and samewords . but just names were diferent.that tell (his or her ). that you are a person that use of different names. now you notice why that this person defend @Alaiya. yeas this person used of different names. cause this person defend @Alaiya. because he already also like the same thing. yes my sweet sister. i at all donot forget that day that you go to travel because inthat day yes this person insult me.
    My dearsister
    eger ba to bashem man enja rahetm ema be to necitam rahet . chra ke man eval ba shoma dost shodem. ema medani cheghedr man dost daram shoma va sia va siddhi.
    arezo mekonem ke hamishe khoshhal bashi. my sweet sister.

  20. @dr NUPUR thank you so much yaar ke aap kasam FaMiLy ku nhi choude rahe hou…Hlo evry 1…

  21. vafa jan , I am sorry if you were hurt in my absence , you know that, any time you were upset , and no one around , I RUSHED TO COMFORT YOU AND MAKE THE SITUATION AT EASE.
    Vafa your Farsi writing is like Afghns , your first paragraph :must be written as :

    Agar man ba to basham dae inja rahatam………chera ke avval ba shoma doust shodam, amma midani cheghadar man shoma , sia va siddih ra doust daram.

    When I start to learn or to do something , I try it at best , therefor today I am confident I can talk write nd read farsi even better than my born and brad in Iran fiancee

    Yes vafa I belileve in every single word by you , but because that insident happened in past , so please ignore it an move on, look to the future. take care KHODA HAFEZ BE OMMID DIDAR


  23. Epi was superb…

  24. vafa pls dont reply are use my name for comments ..its spoiling my day and u r disgusting..i am here for kasam and not for ur dramabazz..First learn how to comment…

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