Kasam 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Tanuja and Rishi’s romantic date

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The Episode starts with Maasi and Beeji talking about reading scary novels. Rano hears them and thinks don’t know when they will leave, thinks she has separated Tanuja and Rishi and fears that they might unite. Tanuja comes to terrace. Rishi asks if Natasha slept? Tanuja says yes. She tells that she has come here as she is here for few days and don’t want to fight with him. Rishi says you already loves me and there is no space for more love. He makes her have food with her hand. Tanuja also makes her have something. She says if she don’t have come. Rishi says then also he would have eaten with her hand. She says food is good. Rishi says he made it. He holds her dupatta. Tanuja says she knows that he haven’t held it.

Rishi makes her wear jhumkas…..tere bina plays….He makes her see in

the mirror. She gets emotional and cries. He asks what happened? She says she didn’t want to feel his love and wants to keep herself away from him, she says you know that I can’t be yours, then why you are doing this. Rishi says you loves me very much. When you are not near me, I miss you and vice versa. He says you took me out of your life, but can’t take me out from your heart, you was always mine. Abhishek asks Ahana if she saw Tanuja. Ahana says she is in her room and they were having sister’s talk. Abhishek says he thought something else. Ahana says this is also her house. Abhishek says past was this and future is going to be something else. He asks her not to cry. They have an emotional talk. Rishi prays that she never gets pain and stays happily with long life. Tanuja cries.

She says she thought he is happy in his new life. Rishi says he was dead without her and missed her all the time, wished to see her once and hopes that she will return. He says he just loved her. Tanuja gets emotional and hugs him. Manpreet sees Abhishek and thinks he might disturb Rishi and Tanuja. He acts to have back pain and asks to massage. Abhishek is surprised. Manpreet says don’t know where is his Ahana? Abhishek tells that Ahana is with Tanuja. Manpreet is hopeful about Rishi and Tanuja.

Ahana comes to terrace in the morning to keep achhar bottle and see Tanuja and Rishi sleeping sitting on bench. They wake up. Ahana is surprised and says good morning. Tanuja goes. Rishi thinks it is a new morning for them.

Rishi tells Tanuja that whenever he is talking to Abhishek, she shields him. Tanuja tells him that Natasha or she is not his family. Rishi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate this tanuja ,ak and their so called family . Tanuja is such a big fool , because of her misunderstandings she and rishi are suffering . How could she be so rude to him and she is shown a dependent woman . Always crying , not ready to fight for her own love if she loves rishi she should trust him .I agree that rishi also dint trusted her but never left her , tanuja ran from her problems coward and thus the story had lost its meaning , its kasam , I hope writers do something and re shape Tanuja s character as tanu because tanu was also asking rishi to be away from him but it never annoyed me but tanuja is irritating , really tanuja did very wrong she crossed her limits by being with ak and letting ak be called as father of natasha
    When natasha would grow up one day she would learn about her real father wont that be heart breaking for her

    1. I too agree

  2. You are right,It seems the writers are running short of ideas. RIshi doesn’t say that he is not married,how can Tanuja stay even if she loves him, at the back of her mind there is Neitra.You can not fight for love with a married man. She is right by saying she is not his. Please the dragging is to much. They have made Tanuja to be a nudging woman ever crying. Enough it is getting boring.

  3. I think that even if she think rishi is married . Rishi also thought she was married with ak and has a child initially but he still went to tanuja because what we feel by our heart to solve problems we should do that . Even when tanu was going to get married he dint left her and I agree this point that rishi never lost his hopes and thus at the end he married tanu , but after realizing wat had happened in her past she still does not believe him . I think when rishi would found out that she is only tanu and hided such a big thing he won’t forgive her

  4. when did Rishi ever stand up for her!! never! he has always listened to his mother.
    Tanuja has always been unhappy with him even though she loves him. AK has loved her and her daughter like his own! he has respected her and stood up for her.
    Rishi is like a grown child! Tanuja well done. Go with AK!!!!

  5. Not fighting but right why would he stand for her , when she told so many lies , hided truths and yes earlier when he thought that she was daughter of sandy and was sended by the family to betray . But when his misunderstandings cleared he wept and was guilty and apologized . Then again she filed the case against their family which she didn’t do but was blamed . Rishi scolded and did wrong to her because of his anger and love towards family but after he realized his mistake he again went to her and stopped her from suicide and it fully showed his care towards her . Then he tried to bring her home against his mothers wish and got to know that tanuja was not the real culprit he brought her home but she only wanted divorce then and so rishi decided to let tanuja be happy and demanded for her marriage but then the kidnapping thing happen where both decided to give their love chance and again brougt her home in arms and rishi requested his mom to accept their marriage here he supported her then their was purab s entry where tanuja changed her personality for rishi but putting their love at risk . She broke rishi s trust over her rishi asked her multiple times and was roaming around her to make her show her love towards him . He still trusted her till basakhi but wen rano asked for marriage with netra he initially refused but to make her express her love he did agree

  6. That also because his brothers assured him tanuja still dint opened her mouth later rishi himself went to tanuja that to tell her all truth and he won’t judge her but she dint spoke later without proff she blamed yuvi and rishi is sensitive about his family then when rano was going to slap her rishi stopped that

  7. That also because his brothers assured him tanuja still dint opened her mouth later rishi himself went to tanuja that to tell her all truth and he won’t judge her but she dint spoke later without proff she blamed yuvi and rishi is sensitive about his family then when rano was going to slap her rishi stopped that

    1. sorry but it was not posting with same name

  8. sorry using second name as it is not posting with same name but really both are wrong sometimes and both are right sometimes but for now majorly tanuja is doing incorrect by not letting natasha be with rishi and someone else who is just a friend and a boss who just now stopped being with other girls and realized his love after 7 years knowing that she doesnt love him . he should now sacrifice his love towards tanuja plz writer remove ak from the show

  9. why would Tanuja tell him about her baby when she left because of them! Rishi had always cheated her. yes he did bring her home against his mothers will but then again he always did doubt her on top! if he truely loved her he would not go against her at all.
    Yes AK is a stranger but how can he be? he gave Tanuja a job. Never abused the situation and took care of them like family. He loves Natasha like his own daughter and she even calls him Papa. How can he be a stranger?
    Rishi has moved on. He has responsibilities. So what now just because Tanuja returns he will get rid of the other little girl? break her heart and tell her maybe she is his daughter maybe not! and all this time she thought Netra was her mum and now she isn’t!
    he has no right to confuse a little girl as well!
    Writters have made Tanuja seem so dumb by always falling for what ever Rishi says. Its about time they change and let them all be happy!
    besides that woman from the mandir had said that they will never be united in this life.
    So let Tanuja still respect Rishi in this life but be united and live a happy life with AK.

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