Kasam 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir challenges Malishka and refuses their deal

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The Episode starts with Kritika thinking about Ranbir and his words that what matters to him is her thoughts about him. She recalls promising to meet him and thinks he is mad. She thinks Ranbir telling that he is innocent and has been framed and if she trust him then he will get strength to prove that he is right. He thinks why I am thinking about him again and again and tells her Mum’s pic that she is trapped badly. She says he said that I matter to him, and that’s why my heart wants to trust him. She says he doesn’t matter to me, but my heart is believing him. She asks if she wants to scold her. Jiana comes and asks her mum’s pic to scold her from her behalf also. Ranbir and Akki come home. He asks Akki what did he tell to Dad and says we have to be on the same page. Akki says I have handled everything

and asks him not to worry. Balraj asks them to have drink. Mahima says dinner is served and asks them to have food first. Ranbir says it is sleep time. Mahima says how can we sleep? Balraj asks him to tell and says your secret is out. Ranbir says there is nothing. He teases Akki. Mahima and Balraj are happy with Ranbir’s happiness. Mahima prays his happiness be here. Batra and Malishka come there. Kritika tells Jiana that she liked the way when he talked to Chacha ji and made him felt good. She says he is a nice guy. Jiana says I told you right. Kritika says don’t know what is happening with me and tells that like she knows him from before. She felt him before. Jiana asks her to tell more. Kritika says are you making fun and asks her to go. Jiana asks her to sleep with Ranbir’s dreams.

Batra asks Balraj that we both are in the same ship because of our children. He tells Mahima that when Police arrested Ranbir, you had felt as if someone snatched your life. He tells that Ranbir will be jailed for a small mistake and says he don’t want that to happen. Balraj says my son is innocent. Batra says people will belief what proofs say. He asks him to save Ranbir and his respect, in India and Canada. He says people will tell slogans against him. Balraj asks him to shut up and asks them to tell clearly. Batra asks them to leave India for Ranbir’s respect. He asks if son is important than the house and asks them to leave the house. Balraj says you want us to accept that Ranbir has done a mistake and give this house to you. He says this can’t happen. Malishka tries to emotionally blackmail Mahima and says they are not greedy of house. She then says she will withdraw the case and asks them to go back to Canada. She says she will not do anything against them if they don’t return. Ranbir comes there and slaps her hard and says disgusted, cheap. He says it is good that I slapped you and says I never misbehaved with any girl. He thanks his mum and dad for the trust and tells that this girl was molesting him and forcing herself on him. He scolds Batra for using his daughter’s respect to trap him.

Mahima asks what do you mean? He says they both had planned to trapped me and says these molestation charges are fake. He says I would have kicked you out, but I will not do that. He says both father and daughter are characterless. He says he will prove in court about his innocent and kick them out. Batra says it is court case and says they will not let him free. Mahima says we came for your betterment, and says even if your father uses all his contacts, then also he can’t free you and asks him to think about his parents atleast. She says your parents, family will be over, just think. Ranbir claps and smiles. He tells Balraj that they want compensation for fake molestation. He tells that it is a master plan and thought that they will get compensation for her trap. He says what do you think that we will get afraid and you will end our career. He says I am great RBK and says now I will fight case against you and take you to court. He says my mom tells that there is two ways, truth way and wrong way. He says God supports truth and says he is with me with my family. He says you will get rotten in jail. Malishka asks him to accept the deal and says you will repent. Ranbir says father and daughter cheap and says he will return triple times more what they give him. Malishka and Batra leave. Balraj says we are Kapoors. Ranbir hugs them.

Kritika thinks when Ranbir came to their house, he was looking truthful and innocent, when someone does some cheap thing it reflects in his eyes, but it was not seen in his life. She hopes Jiana is right and Ranbir is innocent.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Please don’t end kasam , no response from ekta is clearly telling she wont save kasam. Still partcipate in trend from 7 to 9

  2. 15 July last episode to be telecast it is final

    1. How u know


  4. I will never watch colors channel again .biased channel # don’t end kasam


    Why ? All. R. Afraid. Of. Losing.# Kasam. Why. Why. Why

    Tell me. Plz any 1….. the. Actual. Resin

    Becuz. One n only serial I watch #KASAM ……

    1. Kasam is going off air on 15 th july so we are afraid or rather feeling bad because of quick end of new season .

  6. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    It’s over. It’s all over now. Guyz we cant save kasam not because we didnt tried to save it but that witch ekta didnt listen to us. She destroyed and stamped the mark of failure in the career of both kritika and sharad. I will never ever going to watch colors after kasam final episode and i will not watch any of the ekta’s balaji shows or i call it a sh!it. U know what ekta u r the worst women in the world. We fan curse u that u never live happy. Well kasam deserves a good ending but due to that witch and shit!ty channel it cant end good but we fans have to make it special for sharad and krarika. We have to rain lots of love for them. #Kasamforever . Kasam is the only show that i watched from its begaining to end and i love the show and i have a lot of memories watching this show. I dont know how we gonna live without the show. We kasam fans will always miss and remember and love the show . #GoodByeKasam.

  7. This is the last show for me I don’t ever watch the shows I really like the show bcoz of sharad and kratika

  8. This show was my first and last watched daily soap ,not got ever connected with any other serial . Well I am feeling very bad because I will miss krasha . I get so emotional when I see past episodes , you will think I m fool but I am a teenager who got so influenced and addicted the show that its really hard to accept the show going off air on 15 th july and only 1-2days are left . When the track got disturbed and became worst still I saw the show . Everything has a end but I dont want a abrupt , confusing and spoilt end . And many mystery like what about natasha and tanya and bedis are still unrelated . I can just hope that At least they have a another season for fanz . We have trended # dont end kasam but failed . Now I dont think I want to see any other serial after kasam , because none can be,like it . Really heartbreaking news.

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