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Scene 1
Tanuja comes to restaurant.
Abhi is working in office, he gets call from Tanuja, he says oh I called her to come to restaurant, he takes call and says I am just entering restaurant, I am coming, he ends call and says I am dead.
Tanu is waiting for Abhi, she recalls meeting Rishi, crying in his arms and then he getting Naitra’s call. Manager comes there and sees Tanuja, he thinks that lovers seem to meet in this cafe, he came to search her yesterday and now she came here. Manager comes to her and says someone was asking about you. Abhi comes there and orders coffee. Manager leaves. He thinks that this is love triangle, they were fighting for her. Abhi says sorry to Tanu and goes to washroom. Manager comes to her and says sorry, I shouldnt say it but I think you dont love person

who is sitting with you, we see many people here, every person leaves memory here, like that person who came yesterday, he was searching you a lot, Abhi comes there, Tanu says lets leave, she leaves. Abhi is confused.

Manpreet brings Rishi to police station, Manpreet says to inspector that Rishi’s wife left house after they had a fight, I am scared that someone might have kidnapped her, Rishi gaps at Manpreet hearing it. They file her missing complaint.

Rishi and Manpreet comes home, Rishi says we will find her right? Manpreet says calm down, they will take time to find her. Rishi says you dont understand,I have met her after 7 years, Manpreet says relax inspector will find her, we are hungry, lets eat something.

Phone rings, Tanya takes call. Natasha is calling her, beeji asks who is it? Tanya says Natasha, Natasha asks Tanya to send her photo which she took, she gives Tanya her mother’s number. Natasha asks to give call to Rishi, Tanya goes to call him, Beeji takes call, Natasha asks who are you? Beeji says I am Rishi’s beeji cutee pie, Natasha says its cutie pie. Rishi comes and takes call, Natasha says how did you know ghosts were scaring me and you saved me, thank you, Rishi says if anyone irritates you then I will save you, Natasha says are ghosts real? he says yes, Natasha says then mama is an idiot, she says ghosts are not real, he laughs and ends call, Rishi says to Beeji that I really like her, there is something magnetic about her, he leaves.

Tanu comes home, door bell rings. She opens door and is shocked to see inspector there.

Manpreet gets call, he comes to Rishi and says we have received call, Beeji asks what? Manpreet takes him.

Rishi and Manpreet comes to police station. Tanuja is there, Rishi is lost seeing her, inspector asks if thats his wife? Manpreet says yes thank you. Tanu says to Rishi that when inspector told me that someone filed missing report against me then I knew you did it, thank God that I didnt tell him it was lie, Manpreet asks how is she? she asks how is Ahana, Beeji and everyone? he says everyone is fine. Inspector says dont leave like this for small things, your husband was not even senses when he came to file FIR, Tanu says he is not my husband, Manpreet says did you marry Rishi? she says yes, Manpreet asks if she fought and left him? she says yes, Rishi says if wife leaves house then she is missing, Tanu says no if wife deliberately leaves then its not missing, Rishi says if husband doesnt know where she went and his heart is worried for her then its missing, Tanu says what heart you are talking about? you dont have a heart, Inspector says one minute, dont fight here, your missing complaint is finished, Tanu says how? inspector says take fight to house now, someone strikes with Tanu and Tanu slips, she falls in Rishi’s arms, they look in each others eyes, mana ke hum yaar nahi plays.. Rishi lovingly looks at her, Tanu is emotional, she composes herself and moves away from him, she jerks him away and leaves, Manpreet says go and stop her. Rishi runs behind her.

Scene 2
Abhi comes home and calls Samar, he says I cant go to London so ask them to handle everything. Abhi asks servant why were you calling? servant says police came and took Tanu, he says what?

Rishi holds Tanu’s hand, they look in each others eyes and talk with their eyes, Rishi thinks dont leave me now, Tanu thinks dont stop me today, you didnt stop me 7 years back then what right do you have? Rishi thinks I let you go 7 years back but not now, please comeback, Tanu thinks its too late now, Tanu gets Abhi’s call. She takes it. Abhi says police took you? what is it? I am coming, Tanu says it was misunderstanding, I am coming, she ends call. Abhi says to Samar that she is coming home. Samar says I have to ACP, we will get report, why police took her?
Tanu asks Rishi to leave her hand, he says if I leave it then you will go away again, Tanu says when you had to hold it then you didnt, leave my hand otherwise.. he says otherwise what? Tanu says I am not that Tanu anymore, that Tanu which was yours is not what I am, you cant hold or leave my hand as you want, that Tanu have died 7 years back on that railway station, you have done this mistake today but dont do it anymore, past can never become present again, remember that, she jerks his hand and leaves, Rishi looks on.

Samar calls ACP, he gets report and ends call. Samar says to Abhi that someone claimed Tanuja as his wife, Abhi says what? who claimed that? who is he?

Rishi is driving recklessly, Rishi says she talked to me like I am some rowdy guy, she threatened me that if I touch her again then she wont spare me, I know I found her like crazy, I love her like crazy.. this love is foolish, I lived 7 years without her so I can live without her more.

Abhi says to Samar that I feel from sometime that someone is going to snatch my everything, how can police take her? its illegal, Tanu comes there and says yes its legal, Abhi asks how can they take you? Tanu says they didnt take me forcefully, I went with them myself, I wanted to clear misunderstanding, Abhi says you could have called me, what was the problem? Tanu says I have solved the problem, dont make issue of this, she leaves, Abhi asks Samar to leave this issue, he thinks I know Tanu you are hiding something, Tanu thinks I dont want Abhi to know my truth as past Tanuja have died, this Tanuja is someone else.

Rishi says to Manpreet that she is still stubborn and angry girl, I said sorry but why she doesnt talk? you like me and her together? say something, Manpreet says I am sleepy, Rishi says dont sleep and talk to me, God made love then why didnt he create lovers? Manpreet says I cant ask God. Rishi says go to room, Manpreet says Ahana threw me out, Rishi says you must not talk to her like this, Manpreet says what should I talk to her? its same wife for years, Rishi says I am dying for one wife and you are like this? Manpreet says when your wife comes back then you will know who irritating wives are.

Natasha calls Tanya and asks why she didnt send her photo? Tanya says I couldnt find it in papa’s phone, Natasha says okay we will make my mama and your papa meet face to face in school. she ends call.

Tanuja is standing in kitchen, milk boils but she doesnt see it. Abhi comes there and turns off stove, Abhi asks what is it? did you find person whose something you stole? did you see someone whom you didnt want to see? Tanu says i didnt steal anything, someone stole a lot from me but I am not complaining as that thing was never mine otherwise that person wont steal it from me, she leaves. Abhi thinks we decided to never find out about our pasts but your past is coming between us, he looks on.

PRECAP- Tanu says to Rishi that if you have misunderstanding that I came here for you then you are wrong, I am happy, I am really happy without you too, Rishi says if you are so happy then what are you doing here? Tanu says fate brought me here maybe to tell me that your presence or absence dont matter to me, Rishi gets angry hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Superb answer tanu rishi n his family should know wat they lost

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  6. @sanam @tania
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    P.s when episode is good… comment would be – I liked the episode ?

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  7. supeb epi

  8. Hi,Miss director of kasam. Why seperating rishitanu.please……………bring them together as soon as possible. It is not at all interesting seeing them fight like this. Please reveal the truth in front of them soon. Bring the truth of naitra,divya,and rishi’s mom soon. These three are the dangerous person. Please make kasam interesting it is getting complicated. Reply miss sona.

  9. today episode is good iam very exticed to see rishi act when he saw natasa with tanuja tanshi love is superb
    hey guys idont comment because iam not in india but now iam in india
    please reply guys

    1. @kratika
      I agree we shouldn’t give them any importance. Let’s ignore.

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