Kasam 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanuja and Rishi search Natasha together

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The Episode starts with Tanuja, Maasi and Myra searching for Natasha. Tania tells Kanchal that she will return and have chocolate kept in fridge. Kanchal is upset. Tania goes. Netra tells Kanchal that her identity is because of Tania and she loves her a lot. She tells that Rishi and his family loves and respects her a lot because of Tania. She is known as Tania’s mom. Kanchal says you would have taken baby from orphanage. Netra is upset. Tanuja comes to tuition teacher and asks about Natasha. She tells about the birthday of Natasha’s friend. Tanuja comes there. Tania meets Tanuja and tells her that Natasha is not here.

Tanuja panics and calls AK, but he don’t pick her call. She cries and calls Rishi. She tells him that Natasha is missing and she has searched her everywhere. Rishi asks her to relax and says he will come there. Tanuja begins searching her on road. AK recalls Tanuja telling him that she really don’t know about the divorce. He is in the meeting. Rohit talks to the client. Ak leaves.

Rishi reaches there and asks Tanuja about Natasha. Rishi says she must have went to garden park or some neighbor. They enquire with the people on road. They hear about a little girl meeting with an accident. Tanuja and Rishi hear them and go there. They come to know that she is taken to hospital. Doctor tells Nurse that the body of the girl is kept in morgue, if her parents come then inform them. Tanuja and Rishi come there and asks Nurse about the girl. She tells that the girl is no more. Tanuja tells Rishi that she will not go inside the morgue.

AK comes home. Myra and Maasi inform him about Natasha. AK gets worried. Tanuja and Rishi come to the morque. Rishi sees the girl and nods no crying. Tanuja cries badly. Rishi pacifies her.

Tanuja and Rishi come to the Police station. Rishi asks lady inspector to file the complaint. She asks him to be patient and asks him to tell their names. Rishi and Tanuja tells their names as Natasha’s parents. Rishi looks on as Tanuja calls herself as Tanuja singh bedi.

AK asks Tanuja to decide between Rishi and him for Natasha’s sake and says he don’t want 50 50.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I don’t know what to say. Please end the drama ASAP. The precap says it is all, just nonsense dragging.

  2. please dont lelt it drag…fed up of abhishek drinking and netra not telling the truth…its high time the truth is revealed or we stop seeing the show…..ridiculous dragging the revelation….tanuja should open her eyes and go to her real love Rishi…..and live happily ever after

  3. I like the way they dress Tanuja for special occasions,but her casual clothing always draped with a heavy scarf on her right hand side I just don’t get it.

  4. In the past I always supported Tanuja.Now if I look at it, this whole disaster is partly caused by her. In the begining she shouldn’t have allowed Natasha to call AK papa why not uncle.She is AK’s employee she should have corrected the child to call him uncle.If AK was her boyfriend it will be understandable. That is why Maasi has turned against her.Now she should be saying I m sorry for all this mix up and tell Natasha the truth not to be thinking that she does not want to take away AK happiness. She is always being proclaimed as a strong woman, but this is not what strong women do, Right now it looks like she is trying to please Abisheck and still be friends with him and AK is trying to make her guilty for the support he has given her before and he knows her emotional weakness. It is time she apologise about the mistakes she made and thank AK for the support he has given her over the years and say she will tell Natasha the truth and get out of this mess and cut off the friendship for good. Even Maasi has realised that she can munipulate her by blaming her for everything. Stuborness does not make a women to be strong.Taking right decisions and apologising if u are wrong does. She is deceiving her daughter,if anything happens to Rishi before Natasha knows it’s her father she will hate her the rest of her life. She has this thing of keeping secrets that end up causing confusion and friction in the families.. Maasi must be thinking ..why did she allow her daughter to call AK father. Writers.just show her strength of cooking in the kitchen and shouting and pulling the two men apart .Can you please make this women to make a correct decision and stick with it not to be manipulated each time AK drinks. They are turning nasty against her except Myra is still supportive and she has always asked her to go back to Rishi, I won’t be watching until they are changes.The draging is off putting.

  5. Whonis Taniya in kasam…
    Had rishi Adopted Tania

  6. Yes tania is smiley’s daughter which rishi adopted.agreed with your point again pops, tanuja should understand that she has also done huge mistakes , she cant bear to part away from natasha which rishi is not doing to her he is just trying to unite his family with tanuja too but here already tanuja snatched natasha from rishi and now giving it to someone else and blaming rishi this is truly wrong , hope they unite soon,and no dragging happens but one thing is sure that kasam has lost his huge fan now

  7. Megha,as Lilly said Tania is Smiley’sdaughter I will just add a bit of info to that.Smiley is Ahana and Mantreep daughter. So Rishi is a gran uncle of Tanya. Tanuja found Smiley at hospital and came know that she is pregnant..Smiley asked Tanuja not tellher parents saying she will commit suicide if she does.Tanuja went to a doctor for a report to look as if she was pregnant herself.She kept the secret until Rano discovered that and told Rishi who at that time had not been intimate with Tanuja.Everybody wanted her to be thrown out of the house.Smiley told the truth. They wanted Smiley to go for abortion but it was too late. Her in laws wanted a lot of money for their son to marry her.Tanuja was controlling Bedi empire at the time,she refused to give them,saying they will always insult smiley and promised that the child will be raised at Bedi house. So it is surprising that Rishi and Ahana don’t tell her that Tania is not Netra child.She doesnt want to go back coz she thinks Tania is Netra child.

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