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Tanuja withdraws herself as Rishi smiles happily that he got his Tannu. He notices this, and then says he is aware she is Tanuja, there was a girl Tannu. He didn’t love anyone after Tannu, later Tanuja entered in his life and awoke that love. She taught him to love again; this makes them similar. Tanuja stands up and walks away from Rishi. He inquires if she is jealous of Tannu, Tanuja wonders how she can be jealous with herself; she is Tannu and Tanuja both. Rishi doesn’t understand, then agrees they might be born separately but both of them have same souls. Tanuja’s bruise aches. Rishi goes to get bandage, Tanuja wonders what she must do now.
At home, Raaj was worried and asks Manpreet and Ahana about Rishi. Ahana was worried, as both were clueless. They call Bee ji to ask her about Rishi’s

Rishi brings water and cleans Tanuja’s hurt elbow with water. He tucks her hair at the back of her ear, Tanuja recalls the warning of old temple lady and jerks his hand away. Rishi asks if she disliked something he said. Tanuja says she has no home near him, they both are not made for each other. Rishi was taken aback.
At home, Bee ji says she knows Rishi was really tensed for Tanuja last night and left with driver. Ahana suggests about asking the driver, John comes to inform Ashok’s daughter is really ill and he has gone to hospital. He had something to tell Manpreet, but left for hospital in hurry. Manpreet was worried what was such an important thing Rishi had to say. Ahana says to Raaj she already told him to bring Tanuja back. Raaj calls himself helpless this time. Ahana insists only he can bring Tanuja back to home. Raaj calls it really difficult, but Ahana still stops him saying they all know Tanuja isn’t wrong. Still, they all accuse her for each petty matter. Raaj says this is a strange trouble, sometimes deciding between rights and wrong becomes difficult. Ahana wish Rishi is with Tanuja, as they both can only save each other.
There, Tanuja denies being made for each other. Rishi wonders how even she can say this. Tanuja says whenever his mom would look at her, she would remember the toughest day of her life. She was upset that even today Rishi was endangered only because of her. Rishi confess his dear love for Tanuja. Tanuja turns around, saying he must stay with his family; they are hurt because of her only. She is responsible for their tears. Rishi tells Tanuja that was not deliberate, Tanuja had only got late. Tanuja says whenever she comes close to Rishi, his life shatters. Tanuja requests Rishi to live happily with his family. Rishi complains no one thinks about his happiness, his peace. Tanuja says his mom would never accept her, Rishi asks Tanuja if she doesn’t even want to bear him as well? Tanuja looks towards him, upset that he can’t even bear her unlucky fate. Rishi demands Rishi another chance. Tanuja demands him to leave her happily and let her go off his life. She thinks to herself, her companionship would ruin his life. Rishi tells Tanuja to look at her eyes, she can never live without him. Tanuja replies she would live, his mom has greater right over his life than hers. Rishi says how easy it was for her to say, he wish he could remove the single day from their life. Tanuja wish she could change her fate. Rishi wish he could create a small world for them both in the world, but unfortunately he can’t change anything. He can’t change any of his mistakes. He now holds Tanuja towards himself, wipes her tears and goes to get blessings from Mata Rani. He forwards his hand to Tanuja, and says they might not be able to live together; but they might die together. He also feels their love is cursed, although she might not trust such things but he does. He suggests a solution about their problem, she inquires what? He looks towards the Goddess, then takes Tanuja along him.

PRECAP: Ahana says they will all talk to Rano to accept Tanuja. Tanuja explains to Ahana it’s not like this. Rishi says Tanuja is unaware of his intention to bring her back here. He first wants to speak to Rano.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. 2day’s epi was ok thank God they showed only RISHI & TANUJA’S conversation nice

  2. When rishi will know abt the tanuja is real tanu…….? And ahana too… Waiting for that moment…

  3. Plss unite tanshi I hope next epi would be better

  4. Plss unite tanshi I hope next epi would be better

  5. Plss unite tanshi

  6. today episode is very nice really this conversation is nice, i pray please tanuja rishi together live for some day

  7. You have a Mother that her sons happiness means nothing to her,And she basically hates anyone Rishi loves,Unless she picks them.
    So Rishi you are a man ???
    Maybe marry your wife and leave home ?
    Its just a suggestion seeing you are nearly 50 ?

  8. Boring serial end this crap

  9. Kasam is my fav ser pls don’t ruin it mein iss ser ko dil se dekthe thi lekin ab ….pls bring previous charm plsss

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