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Rishi was asleep dreaming about Tannu. Neha comes to his room, sits besides him. He hugs her in sleep. Tannu comes there then. Rishi asks Neha what she is doing here? Neha asks Tannu what she is doing here? Tannu says she came to take clothes for washing. Rishi sends Neha to prepare breakfast for him. Neha leaves asking Tannu to come out soon. Rishi blocks Tannu’s way and gets the towel in the washroom. He smiles, and goes to open the shower. The water was cold, he turns it off and pulls the valve for warm water. He opens the door and calls Tannu. He asks for some help. Tannu asks him to wear clothes first. He asks if she her heart beat watching him. Tannu heads to leave. Rishi says he knows what she thinks for him, he asks her to help him with the tap. There is no warm water, else he would call that Chipko

Chachi, i.e Bani. Tannu agrees to come inside and tries to work with the tap. Rishi shuts the door from inside and comes just behind Tannu and opens the tap. Tannu shouts, Rishi shuts her mouth and says if she will shout Bani would accuse her being with him in the shower. Bani comes out and asks who is there inside. Tannu goes away from shower. Rishi tells Bani it is him. Bani says she heard a girl. Tannu calls him a Lafantar. Rishi drags her to the shower and asks her to say sorry. She turns the tap off and says she won’t. Rishi heads to call Bani, she apologizes but Rishi says it is Tannu here. Bani was happy that Neha was her daughter. She asks them to stay inside.
They come out, Rishi asks Tannu to go and send Neha to bath with him. Tannu says she will never do it. Rishi asks her to send Neha to him, he will explain everything to her.
Tannu comes to kitchen and thinks he was so innocent when young, what has happened to him now. She watches Neha and tells her go to Rishi’s room. Tannu thinks she must keep a check on what they do together. Neha knocks at the door, Rishi wonders how he must let her go away now. He asks her to check the tap. Tannu watches him shut the door and comes inside the room. Neha turns the tap on, and gets well. She says ouch. Tannu thinks he must be doing the same to her now. He takes a leave from Neha pushing her under the shower, opens the door and watches Tannu outside. He asks what she was doing, inspecting on him or his wife. Rishi was happy that Tannu is also effected, now he knows how he has to get what’s in her heart. He says she is different, she won’t say easily but will. Neha knocks at the door was washroom, Rishi opens it and asks her to leave as the water is too cold. Neha runs out, Rishi dances that she was jealous.
Tannu denies in front of Ahna that she isnt jealous. Ahna says her face says something else. Tannu asks her to shut up. Ahna was thoughtful.
Manpreet was impressed by Rishi, Rishi says if he likes a girl he won’t let her go. He will make her so jealous, she would come to say herself Rishi! I love you. Manpreet says to get Tanvi, he will get close to the girl Raaj liked for him. Everyone will be happy. Manpreet hugs him tight.
UV comes to Bee ji and asks why she is standing here. Bee ji was angry at Rishi who engaged a girl who is different inside out. She likes the other girl. UV says Rishi shows them the other girl too. Rishi says her name is Tanvi and comes to hug Bee ji. Bee ji says she would love UV who married at her will. Rishi says she also wants to like the girl of her choice, he thought she was Tannu but she came out to be Tanvi. Bee ji says it isn’t even late, they can still work for it. Everything is fair in love and war. She prays for Tanvi, and tells Rishi to stay away from the girl whom his father liked. Rishi says he stays away as well.
Bani dries Neha’s hair and asks what Rishi did to her. It was half of her wedding night. Neha laughs that she has been with many boyfriends and knows the meaning of everything. Rano calls Bani that jeweler is here. Rano rejects the old fashioned sets and asks him to show some ‘late’ sets. The jeweler and Bee ji laughs. Bee ji asks Tannu to try a set, Rano asks if there is some problem. Tannu says no, Rano insists on her to wear it then. Bani and Neha come out, Bee ji appreciates Tannu. Rishi says very nice, beautiful. He comes to Tannu, points towards her and say he wants this, he loves this necklace. It seems it was made for him. Bani says this isn’t that good, Rishi ignores her and asks Rano about it. Rano says he has to marry, she will like what he does. The jeweler shows him some other designs. Rishi appreciates the one Tanvi wore, but watches the other necklace. He asks Neha, may I? Tannu dislikes him putting in Neha’s neck. He asks to try the next one too. Bani cheers to get to check the jewelry. Rishi looks at Tannu. Neha asks if he finding ways to touch her, he says he doesn’t need any reason to touch her. And he isnt interested in her at all, clarified. If it was put on by someone who loved her, she would look even beautiful. Tannu heads to leave, Bani stops Tannu and asks her to go to Neha. They will see who Rishi would like. Bani thinks if Rishi likes Tannu’s necklace, she will not leave Tannu. Rishi says his wife to be is so beautiful, anything she would wear would suit her. Tannu puts the necklace off and leaves. Rishi thinks she has to get jaeloused a lot not.

PRECAP: Bani tells Tannu to stay away from Rishi, he is her brother in law to be. Rishi has chosen his bride to be. Her name is Tannu.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Such a cute episode.. Rishi is funny..love seeing tanu jealous. The writers are doing a good job with the script.. Grandma lines are quick and smart..love when she gave tanu to necklace to wear..

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