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Rishi shows the photo to inspector, the inspector accepts this is Rishi’s wallet. He advices Tanuja to stop stealing and earn respectable money. He leaves, the constable brings the real thief. Tanuja recognizes him, while he recognizes Tanuja. They leave Tanuja.
In the office, the staff was arranging for Manpreet’s birthday. Tanuja returns to office, and explains the receptionist that she went for getting her shoe fixed. The receptionist suggests that Tanuja must take the cake to conference room for Manpreet’s birthday, as he has appointed her. Manpreet was speaking to a girl about Mona. Rishi comes in, and taunts he should have told its wrong number. Manpreet qualifies he was getting bored, Rishi smiles. Manpreet was shocked, Rishi hugs him smiling; wishing him Happy Birthday. Manpreet cheers

that after so long Rishi called him Chotay, and hugs him back. He gets Manpreet gift voucher for a video game, and allows him to go. He asks Manpreet about his secretary, Manpreet was sure she is nice and hurries towards home. Rishi bends down to pick something from the floor, Tanuja enters the conference room with the cake that hits his head and ruins her face. Rishi shouts at Tanuja, who was worried about confronting Rishi again. She runs outside the conference room.
Rishi calls the receptionist Radhika to come to his cabin at once. Tanuja comes with his face washed, Radhika tells her about the past record that the secretaries get fired after three or two days in the office, but Tanuja would be fired tomorrow. Radhika suggests Tanuja to leave the office today, by tomorrow Manpreet would be here to save her. Tanuja was packing her bag.
In the cabin, Rishi asks the peon about the girl. The peon tells him she was his new secretary, Rishi comes to look for her and calls the girl. Tanuja had run away by then, all the staff was silent. Rishi asks Radhika about his new secretary, Radhika says she has left. Rishi inquires about her name, when he gets a call from Mr. Mehra. He goes playing with a ball on the table.
Tanuja walked outside the office, wondering if he loved Tannu so intensely, why he is so ill tempered; she saw him smiling when she first met him. Maybe, he smiles when alone. A car reaches just behind Tanuja giving her horns. Bee ji wonders if this man consider everyone to be dumb, Tanuja realizes the horn was given to her. Bee ji spots Tanuja and was sure to take Tanuja home right now. She gets Tanuja and asks if someone scolded Tanuja that she left home, Tanuja recalls Raaj’s warning. She clarifies that she was going for an interview, Bee ji says she is hiring Tanuja for nurse; she can call herself care taker. She holds Tanuja’s hand calling her as her daughter. Tanuja says she can’t work at her home, Bee ji was ready to pay her whatever she wish for. Tanuja says she can’t work at anyone’s home, Bee ji assures that no one would say a word to her. Tanuja was worried, but tells Bee ji that she has got a job. She leaves Bee ji to walk away. Bee ji thinks she will have to use another tactic, she poses to feel dizzy and calls Tanuja weakly. Tanuja holds Bee ji and stops a taxi.
At home, Rano was restlessly waiting, when Raaj comes. She complains why Raaj doesn’t take his phone. Raaj explains he goes to play golf in golf course that is why he doesn’t take phone along. Rani tells Raaj that Bee ji left home without informing her. They watches Tanuja bring Bee ji home again, Tanuja tells them she found Bee ji where she found her earlier. Raaj sends them upstairs and calls the doctor. Rano forbids him call the doctor, as she already know how ill Bee ji is. Raaj was sure that Bee ji has worked hard to find this girl. Rano wasn’t ready to keep Tanuja at home at any cost, else Rishi will inquire about her whereabouts. Raaj suggests they must let Tanuja live here, Bee ji is really old. The girl is sensible, they will instruct her how she has to stay here; then goes to change her dress.
Tanuja was massaging Bee ji’s legs, she wakes up smiling. Tanuja cheers that she is conscious. Bee ji sits up as she if fine, and stops her to sit beside her. Tanuja tells Bee ji that earlier she thought Bee ji can read palms. Bee ji shares Tanuja has bring smiles back in her life. She wonders when she would die. Tanuja forbids her say this. Bee ji complains neither Tanuja, nor anyone cares for her. Tanuja insists everyone cares for her. Bee ji asks Tanuja to become her care taker, as a last wish. Tanuja wonders if Rishi comes to know about it how he would react. Why is Goddess bringing her to Rishi again and again.
Rishi comes to his cabin, and watches the ball in his hand. He finds his table photo turned away, then wonders what is happening to him today. Everything has gone wrong today. He won’t leave Tanuja the next time, she won’t be able to save herself from his punishment. There, Tanuja wonders why fate gets her to Rishi again and again.

PRECAP: Tanuja comes across Rishi in the hall and hurries outside, but Rishi stops her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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