Kasam 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Rano argues the crowd people, Raaj explains he has called the doctor already. The lady from the NGO inquires Malika if she has a license to drive in India. Rano says she know well they are always after money, and trapped them. The lady calls it her mistake to advice her get the victim to her home and not hospital. Rano shouts at her to shut up, and push them all out of the house. In the room, Malaika stood beside the bed while doctor was inspecting Tanuja. Rano takes Malaika out to eat something. Malaika accepts it was all her mistake, she was lost in Rishi’s thought and didn’t concentrate. Rano smiles that Malaika is shying, she assures Malaika to be her best friend. Malaika tells Rano that she called Rishi, he even came to the accident spot to help her. Rano was sure Rishi likes her. Malaika boasts

about it, then wonders even if Rishi would love him? Rano tells Malaika that Rishi likes him, else he would never have come for her help. Raaj also come there, while Rano peek from behind the curtain but doesn’t see Tanuja’s face. Rano takes Raaj aside forbidding him to discuss accident in front of Malaika, the girl would get fine in a while. Raaj was worried that this girl’s family must not be aware of this accident and goes to see her by himself. He was angry at Rano for misbehaving with the people who came with Malaika. Rano goes to take Malaika for dinner. Raaj comes inside, the doctor says she is fine. Once she is conscious, they must bring her to hospital for internal checkup. Raaj was worried for her identity, he wish his father is there when she comes to consciousness. The doctor leaves. Raaj walks towards Tanuja’s bed, her face was half covered. The doctor return and gives him a prescription of medicines, Raaj goes to drop him to car.
Rishi comes home asking Malaika if she is fine. Malaika goes to hug Rishi, as she was really worried and called him as he didn’t understand anything. Rishi wipes her tears as they don’t suit her. Malaika asks what if she doesn’t, even he would cry. Rishi says he made him cry on airport already, and shares with Rano that she got him arrested in the airport. Rishi was then concerned for the injured girl, Raaj comes to assure that the girl is now fine. Rano sends Rishi to change, Raaj also leaves. She then assures Malaika that she has seen some spark in Rishi’s eyes for her, she must go to Rishi to thank her. Malaika comes upstairs to Rishi’s room and thanks him for coming to help her. Rishi says he would have come for anyone. He shows her his dress, saying he needs to change. Malaika sits over his bed, and allows him to change. Rishi gets clear he would feel ashamed if he changes in front of her, she understands. Rishi hands Malaika the earring of the girl, Malaika was left staring at him. He tells her to go now, it’s done. Malaika walks out smiling, and goes to give the earring to the girl. Malaika comes to spot Tanuja wearing the same earring, she speaks that she must thank Rishi once as he brought this earring. She loves that cute boy and wonders whom she should share her heart out. She comes to sit besides Tanuja saying she is sorry for her accident, then tells her she has fallen in love with that shy guy. She hasn’t seen any guy respecting girls as much as Rishi does, he was even ashamed of changing in front of her. She calls him crazy, yet cute; she says every girl looks for respect, love and trust in her life partner. She wonders how that girl must be whom Rishi fall in love like crazy. She accepts that she speaks a lot when happy, and goes to speak to Rano.

PRECAP: Police comes to arrest Malaika for an attempt to murder case.

Update Credit to: Sona

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