Kasam 5th March 2018 Written Episode Update: The court rejects the divorce

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Raaj comes to a temple with Rishi and Manpreet. Rishi moves forward, Raaj tells Manpreet that Rano is really stubborn and is also coming to the court.
Natasha comes out of her room asking for Tanuja. AK reminds her that he and Tanuja had to go to Natasha’s school to meet her black dress teacher. Natasha sense he was telling a lie and decides to find out where he is going.
In the car, Tanuja was worried what would be the decision. May be there isn’t a divorce, as Rishi wish and somewhere she as well. And if the divorce is finalized, everything would be finished. Natasha was in the boot of the car.
Rishi and family arrive in the court. The decision of court is announced. The judge calls Tanuja into the witness box to inquire once more if she wants a divorce. Tanuja comes into the witness

box. They ask if Tanuja really wants a divorce from her husband, Rishi Singh Bedi. Tanuja was unable to speak. Natasha had entered the court, and calls Tanuja as ‘a liar’. Natasha tells the judge that Tanuja is lying, she wants to live with Mr. Handsome. She says they lie to her that they are going to school for studying, she came into the car boot to see their class. She speaks to the judge that everyone here listen to her, and she must order what Natasha wants. Natasha wants to live with Tanuja and Rishi. Uptil now she was with AK papa who is like Nand Papa, now she wants to live with Rishi-Vasu Papa. She tells the judge that Tanuja cried watching Rishi’s photo. Tanuja hugs Rishi and sits with Raaj. The judge announces that a little child is involved in this relation, she gives Rishi and Tanuja a chance to re-unite. They must live under a single roof for six months, and after that the divorce will be granted if they can’t reconcile. The divorce deed was rejected. Rishi and family cheer and dance around.
Outside the court, Nehtra was broken. Kanchal comes to her. Nehtra says she must be happy as she always said that Rishi would never leave Tanuja. Rano tries to console her, but Nehtra asks to stay alone for a while. Rano stops Kanchal and tells her to let her cry. AK and Nehtra both are facing broken hearts, and it breaks life, hope and everything.
AK walks outside the court, crying while he thinks about all the times he spent with Tanuja. A man stops by AK and mocks if he came on roads in business. He introduces himself as Shiv Savant. AK calls him a bastard, he stole from his company and was arrested; how did he release. Shiv tells AK he was released a long time ago. AK tells him to leave, he is much tensed here. Shiv blames that its because of him that his wife left, he stole for her life and happiness but AK sent him to jail and she left him AK pushes him down the floor and leaves. Shiv was determined to attack Rishi at the right time and place. AK and Nehtra come across each other. AK thinks Rishi has finally won.

PRECAP: Natasha leaves in Manpreet and Bee ji’s car. Tanuja tells Rishi she is going into the temple, he offers to wait but she says she is already coming to him tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Love the episode after a decade nice episode . Natasha is much smarter than tanshi and now atleast they will be together . Please change her look , her dressing style is not nice and please now expose netra

  2. There is some mistake in precap you wrote it’s natasha not netra

    1. Sona

      My bad! Its corrected… thankyou 🙂

  3. Let the broken hearts join together ….let an and nethra marry…

  4. You are right Naira,Natasha is smarter than both of them. Rishi wasted money paying a lawyer his daughter did all the job. I agree on the style bring back the styles Tanuja had at Bedis before she ran away.No more market attires she is not a worker any more. Please Tanuja must ask questions not to keep things secret. And those mood swings and shouting we had enough of them. We want to see them bonding fighting against those who want to distroy them. Please dress Tanuja like a Princess u did that before. Well Rishi looks good in anything,he is King of style.

  5. I prefer AK with Tanuja

  6. TanshiForever

    For how long will Tanuja beat around the bush? I really hope she either overhears Netra confessing the truth or clearly confronts Rishi about it, I’m fed up with her using code words for ‘extramarital affairs/ s*x’ like a child. I always wanted Tanuja to return to the house with her self respect, after finding out that Rishi hadn’t done anything wrong, but now that she has come back due to the court’s verdict,I hope she finds out the truth soon.

  7. TanshiForever you are not the only one who is fed up with Tanuja’s attitude, Rishi has apologised so many times. Why doesn’t she say something. what she can’t forgive for. For one to forgive u have to talk u can’t ignore a person apologising. Bitterness eats you inside. In real life keep away from pple who keep grudges. As if she is perfect herself, She married Rishi under false pretence with the help of Raaj. It doesn’t matter what Malaika’s internsions were she was the chosen bride. As Tanuja was God chosen for Rishi,I believe God knew when to unite them.Rishi was going to run away from alter like he did with Naitra. Or something was going to happen to stop the wedding.I’m just saying coz Tanuja judges Rishi all the time about flirting with Malaika who was a chosen bride and she cheated her and took the power from God who knew how he was going to make Rishi marry her instead of Malaika’s. I hope writers clear this.nobody wants to watch a hard hearted woman. We want to see a Tanuja who talks to her husband than torture and disrespect him. We have seen enough of that. I am one fan who was fedup of her behaviour it was killing the love drama. The precap looks like we going to see that attitude again.

  8. I just don’t understand Tanuja’s character and I m beginning not to like it.Why does she pretend she wants divorce yet she says inside she does not want to divorce,everything is about pretending with her. She didn’t want to introduce Natasha to Rishi in the end she did anyway.Everything is about her
    Rano forced her hand she then realised that Natasha will lose everything. She had to clean up the mess she started. Like always why didn’t she take advantage and SAY Natasha will be happy with AK. Rano and Tanuja are drama queens. I can’t wait to see who will come on top at Bedi house.Hopeful Tanuja won’t be a coward this time and fight her corner.

  9. Cv going to right track after 8 month

  10. Good episode bt really felt bad for ak he loves Natasha so much nd n a second Natasha choosed her real father which was according to me wrong. …….he has been with her since her birth nd loved her like his own…. I’m happy for rishi nd tanuja bt it really hurts to see ak breaking down its really great to love some one else child as his own ……atleast now set some good girl for him.. nd abhishek s my favourite character n kasam for his love towards Natasha. …..

  11. But i loved to watch chippk heartbreaken one who cheated and one who crossed his limits in friendship to love deserves this only and I hate that pk more than chipkali . Because exeptional gone cases prefer pk as hero . Tanuja is,fine for pk because she is woman with no brain working hope she is not tanu but just her duplicate and saw that truth and vision as sufferance of sandy mistake

  12. I never felt bad for ak nor will because he just used her and she did the same , it was conditional love but rishi love is unconditional . He,will bear all insults and hummilation tanuja gave him , he can tolerate what tanuja thinks and said about his character of being with girls which is wrong but still rishi will listen her crap , spit on him but he is fighting for her love against all odds , even with his mom and her so called society . Tanuja cares about society and rishi fights with society for her ,in real life no body bear so much insults. Even infront of whole court rishi took stand for her . So rishi is best for tanuja and whoever whats tanshek jodi go to hell and live in chaos, at the end of day rishi is hero and rishi too was crying all day for tanuja begging her,, but still if some people love,ak pk than really they are weird in their thoughts actually its correct tanuja deserves pk only

  13. Yes ,Naitra breaking down I loved it too Piya.I just want to see how her mother and Rano will behave when Tanuja goes to Bedi house. As for AK I felt sorry for him coz he loved Natasha so much but AK and Tanuja as Lilly said they were using each other. Tanuja wanted to work and have a roof over her head and for her daughter to be raised in a rich house, in return she protected AK from gold diggers. Natasha rescued her from divorce she did not want but coz she promised AK that he won’t leave him she was trapped. Tanuja has a tendency of creating confusion and traps for herself. Thank god she has a clever daughter she will challenge her all the way and help her clean up the mess she creates

  14. Awesome episode(6th March). Director reveal the truth of naitra ,rano,divya. And let tanu rishi happily unite with each other. Tanu should realize her mistake and forgive rishi.let Natasha play with Mr. Handsome as much as she wants. Tanu should not come between them.let the serial kasam be awarded as best romantic serial.please do not give any twist and turns. Reply soon….
    Once again thank-you for the awesome episode.

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