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Scene 1
Abhi comes to Tanu and asks about her health, she says I am fine. Abhi says I feel lucky and proud that you and Natasha are in my life, she says get refresh for food, Abhi says you know that enemy of mine was sad too, you are sad too, you know I tried to cheer him up but he got angry on me. Tanu is lost in thoughts, he leaves.
Ahana comes to Beeji and says you know Tanuja have comeback, Rano and Naitra saw her but I couldnt, I am praying to meet her. Beeji says why didnt she come to meet us? Raj comes there and what will she get from here? that daughter never got anything but pains from this house, Beeji says say something positive for once, if Tanuja is here then we are going to hear it. Manpreet hears it and says Rishi will go mad hearing it, I will wait to tell him.

Rishi comes

to restaurant, he shows Tanu’s photo and asks if he saw her? waiter no. Rishi says try to remember, he says I didnt see her, Rishi says you must remember something, manager comes there. Rishi asks if he saw this lady? Manager sees her photo, Rishi asks if he knows her contact or address, manager we would know her if she was some famous personality but we cant remember this girl. Rishi sees CCTV footage, he says now you will tell me when exactly she came here, come with me. Manager says CCTV is not working, Rishi says is this for show? Rishi says she was near door when I saw her, manager says server was down so we couldnt even bill her, I am sorry.

Rishi comes home dejectedly. Naitra says to him that where were you? I will bring change of clothes for you, Rishi says I will find them myself, she says your clothes are wet, you will get fever. Rishi says Tanu hates you, she is stunned and asks if he met Tanuja? Rishi says no I just felt it, you are not that bad, Manpreet comes there and sees it, Rishi sadly leaves. Naitra says she left you 7 years ago and I was reason behind it.

Abhi knocks and comes in Tanu’s room with food, he says you didnt eat food, she says I am not hungry, I dont feel like eating, Abhi says I wont ask any question about what happened and how it happened, I just know that something happened but no one sleep hungry in this house till now and i will keep that rule so eat food, eat it before I make you eat with my hands. Tanu sadly starts eating it. Abhi smiles.
Rishi is in his room, he recalls meeting Tanu after 7 years, humari adhuri kahan plays, he recalls his past memories with her. Manpreet comes there and says where did you meet her? Rishi says who? Manpreet says Tanuja, Rishi is stunned and says how do you know that I met her? Manpreet says Tanu is in this city, I didnt tell you because.. you feel her presence, you remember saying that you feel Tanu closer and see she is here, I know your tears are of happiness too, Rishi wipes tears and says leave all this talk. Manpreet says I can leave it but can you leave Tanu eventually, Rishi says i am an idiot, i met her after 7 years and I fought with her, Manpreet says you did good, you never fight with Naitra as we fight with our loved ones, and your love in is this city and now its upto you how to bring her in this house. Rishi says how can I bring her here, Tanya and Naitra are here. Manpreet says leave all that stuff, you love her right? I know you do then if she is miffed, go pacify her and bring her back, Rishi looks on and says but where will I find her? Manpreet says I know where to find her, Rishi smiles.

Natasha comes to Tanu’s room, Tanu says you didnt sleep till now? Natasha says can i sleep with you? she says sure, Natasha says i saw ghost in dream and got scared, Tanu says there are no ghosts in real life, Natasha says you know who saved me from ghost, Mr. Handsome saved me, Tanu says why, Natasha says I cheated with him so I will say sorry, Tanu asks what cheating? Natasha says I will show you his photo in morning, good night, Tanu says only you understand your talk, good night.

Scene 2
In morning, Abhi thinks that Tanu was upset lat night, I can make breakfast for her but I dont know how. He comes in lounge, Natasha asks Abhi to tell Tanu to not torture him, Abhi says I want mama to torture us, when she is silent then house is lonely, you know she was sad last night, Natasha asks why? Abhi says you dont eat breakfast thats why so promise to eat it from now on, Natasha says okay. Abhi says I brought your new toy, Natasha hugs him, Tanu says enough and go to breakfast, she says to Abhi that you have spoiled her. Abhi and Tanu sit down to eat breakfast, Abhi says remain like this, dont change, she says what? he says I like when you are scolding, when I saw you upset, I didnt know how to cheer you up.

Rishi comes to Manpreet and beats him to wake him up, Manpreet wakes up and says remain silent, we wont tell anyone till we are successful, Manpreet says someone is there who will help us meet her, come with me.

Abhi comes to office, Samar says the rumor about you and Rishi’s collaboration have done wonders, our shares are reaching heights that we didnt reach in last 5 years, you both will rock if you do collaboration, Abhi says I wont do it, dont take anyone’s call and shares will comeback, Samar says you have come here for business so do it, Abhi says Rishi Singh Bedi is infront of me, I dont get positive vibes from him, I feel like he will snatch my everything but I wont let it happen, Samar says dont be tensed, Abhi says I dont know what I am saying but I feel it, Samar says when did you start feeling? Abhi says go and work, Samar asks if he is fine? he says yes, keep your phone switched off, Samar nods and leaves. Abhi says why do i get this feeling and for whom?

PRECAP- Manpreet brings Rishi to police station, Manpreet says to inspector that Rishi’s wife left house after they had a fight, I am scared that someone might have kidnapped her, Rishi gaps at Manpreet hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I love tanu and rishi to be together. But rishi has never be with her side when she needs the most. Abhi whereas takes a good care of tanu and Natasha.. Let tanu be with abhi… He might keep her happy and trust her top unlike rishi

    1. sushmitha shetty

      you are right let rishi be with his mumma and hr choice of bahu naitra

  2. today episode is nice tanshi love is superb
    he you remember me

  3. I too loved the tanuja and abhi together..we want tanu and abhi together

  4. @sidya
    Yes dear I do remember you ??
    How you have been ??

    Haven’t seen your commnets post leap.

  5. hyena priyal…vinnie…katrika the 3 name of fake kasam…akki…..moniul…..aditi….abcd
    It was very late …when I saw your cutie barking……but this page was ignored by bored writer….so I honored you three names by my reply in yesterday’s page….
    tania…you adorable friend…..thanks for your most kind word about me in your reply to these hyenas… I never asked any of these names .. barking mad hyena to leave ……
    this is their highest desperation…insecurity and panicking to ask me to leave out of being illiterate and living their whole life….. in a very small village away from reality of life ….
    thanks tania

  6. @sanam
    Oh god you again ???

    Just leave us out of your faltu ke comments.

    Now you won’t get any importance.

    Even writing it I am feeling I shouldn’t.

    You boring person on this page. Arghhgggh I wish I could block you.

    1. hyena fake puppet dumb priyal… you piece of rotten garbage is worthless than hyena to block me … go have a life illiterate.. gossiping ….brainless woman….

      now hyena your credit finished …bark as long as you ugly voice doesn’t come out ……but I take it as dirtiest piece of garbage …and avoiding to be related to the stinky words ……….
      your cutie comments are boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring

  7. Why does Rishi only miss Tanuja,When he sends her away ?
    Neither Rishi or Tanuja,s characters have changed from being children ?
    And the thing that i dont understand the most is,Why are all the men so childish and petty ?
    ps.Loved the flash when the touched.

    1. @ Dave ..you are the only decent member still here after leaving such a huge characterless …with hugely meaningful comments ….in that aspect I respect you and your comments…
      then we have lovely tania and surprisingly two others who their comment shows they have a functional brain over thy neck….Isha and Sushmitha Shetty…
      I can’t digest those shallow cheering names for rishi and tanuja …
      where is heart , where has gone moral and understand the feeling of decent people like abhi..
      lets analyze him according the story line..
      he is a good looking young successful gentleman, something you hardly can find in rishi and his disgusting family …
      he could put his finger on any girl and the girl will be honored to be his wife ….but such an almost human …
      has given shelter to the dumb ..pregnant tanuja…..when psycho rishi and witch his family ..didn’t take one step towards support her..
      then abhi in most selfless possible manner in which we can hardly believe in it’s existence of this material life and century ..
      treated her with overwhelmingly respect .. something tanuja didn’t received from anyone eve uncle sandi ……. he never breached their friendship method of their life…and
      most importantly …. has given privilege of ….tanuja living in her dream…. dream of every single mother in whole word..
      bringing her daughter up with unseen love and luxurious life style …giving his name as father to Natasha…so that she never suffered of lack of father figure in her life and so many other privileges…that..this space is out of enough place to mention them…
      when that mummy’s puppet rishi was living with the black Villon Nitira and daughter of smiley with no problem at all….

      now that cancer Indian cvs (Ekta) is going to destroy abhi, who now unknowingly …doesn’t know any other type of life without Nathasha and tanuja ….. and in his heart ..he is father of Nathasha ….which is a big fat moral truth …..by taking all of this from him and give it to …
      most useless…..selfish…..irresponsible…….. with no manner or principle rishi ….why?
      on which aspect of life’s rules …they can this crime?
      the time of living tanuja and rishi together can not even one year … when they supposed to live in seven life together …..
      but abhi ..solidly and on base of all goodness has lived with her for 7 long years..
      the most heinous part of Indian cvs (Ekta) is: if these two then living together happily ever after …we can give the benefit of doubt to the idea but they can’t stay with eachother more than a few minutes …before they go back to their disgusting habit of ..
      accusing…mistrust….disrespect….crying and crying … and seperation..

      what kind of moral and decent family life and act as a human ..those Indian cvs are showing to Indian young generation and the rest of world? such a huge shame
      if I receive those cutie replys….. I ignore or giving one answer… boooooooring
      just those 3 people response will be most welcome to me

  8. Us rano r naitra Ki to aisi Ki taisi. Nonsense……….

  9. I have asked that question before Sanam about soaps i have seen on Rishtey.
    The writers seem obsessed with showing only the worst aspects of life in India ?
    I am not of Asian background,But find the portrayal of Indian people on these shows
    very strange.
    And as you pointed out,I would not want my sister anywhere near Rishi.
    And i would not want a sister like Tanuja.
    Hopefully the writers will see the errors of their ways at some point,And give us a show with,Morals,Principles and some respect for women and men that act like men ?
    Instead of constantly looking in the gutter for their next story line ?
    I still like Kasam,But no longer love the show

  10. @sanam

    firstly dumb sanam …. stop visiting this site… because u are unwanted here … u blo*dy ……. dont dare to speak again kasam or their character or any of tanshi fan……. i think u are unwanted garbage …. i think.. no no i am confirmed that u are dumb rascal who dont know spellings …… mind it sanam its kratika not kartika ….. i am real not fake like u. and i agree to u priyal completely that the one most boring on earth is sanam.

  11. sanam go get lost if u are gonna critisice our comments. we are not hyenas. u are 1 rude, ignorant, mean, selfish hyena. nobody wants u here so i dont know why ur here. anyways i loooved the episode. natasha soooo cuuute and she rocks.

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