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Guljeet comes to put on haldi over Rishi. Rishi asks if he would keep on calling him as son in law even if he marries someone else. Guljeet says he is a chacha to every girl in the neighborhood. UV comes there, Rishi asks him about Manpreet. UV says he went to get the video as Sardar Mahendra Singh to Pavan’s house.
At Pavan’s house, Manpreet introduces himself as Mahendra Singh. The Barat leaves home, Manpreet hurries into Pavan’s room and search for flower vases, then spots the orange vase and brings about camera. He watches the video and thinks about calling Rishi. Rishi awaited Manpreet restlessly, he receives the call and asks him to say he got the proof. Manpreet says yes, and asks Rishi to reach the venue directly. Manpreet thinks about sending the pictures to Rishi’s cell phone as well,

if something happens to his phone. Pavan speaks from behind him, Manpreet was confused watching him. Pavan hurts him with a steel rod, Manpreet fell over floor.
Ahna asks UV to go to venue where Tannu is. Rishi comes ready in his groom’s attire and dancing on the drum beat. He thinks for Tanvi as he rides the horse.
Bani helps Tannu get ready. Swati brings her jewelry. Bani explains this is a silver necklace colored with gold water. Tanvi says her blessings her enough, nothing matters in front of her. Guljeet comes to announce Baraat is here. Bani rushes downstairs. Tannu holds the necklace of Rishi and says Rishi gifted this, she never put it off. This is the only memory she has of him, today Pavan will put in mangal sooter of his name. It will be wrong to wear it anymore, she must leave all of Rishi’s memories here today. She tries to break the thread thinking about Rishi’s words but unsuccessful. Tannu cries as to why her childhood has been left behind, why her relation with Rishi is being left behind… she wish…
Both Rishi and Pavan dance over the arrival to venue. Bani brings the thaal for Aarti. Pavan reminds it’s his time first, Rishi insists he came first so it must be his first. Bani was left in the confusion as the two families argue. Bee ji comes in between and suggests about a dance competition between groom’s mothers. Rano and Savitri come to confrontation. Rano wins the competition, Bani does Rishi’s Aarti while Pavan watches him curtly. Rishi makes a call to Pavan and warns him that this is his last laughter, after today he will cry on each step. Pavan thanks him for his advice, he will take his bride today. Rishi says time will tell. Pavan asks about his assistance today, Manpreet; if he sent him to his home. Rishi inquires what he did to Manpreet. Pavan reminds about warning him not to stop his wedding, he must be thinking Manpreet will come to show everyone his video. But Manpreet won’t come.

PRECAP: Rishi and Tannu put on Vermala. Ahna suggests Rishi to run away with Tannu.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. yar itna kyu jhila rhe h
    story ko bilkul terminal point pr hi le jake manenge

  2. thnks sona for superfast updating

  3. They really need to change the way they have shaped Tannu’s character. Really fed up of watching her in a helpless state and the planning of the bros failing everytime. How much they will keep on dragging?

    1. Siddhi

      Say a can u tell me which ff’s u wrote?

      1. @Siddhi: In order to criticize a show, you have to write your own FF? So with the same logic, if I buy a car and criticize it, I have to build my own car? Unless you are the writer of Kasam, I don’t know why you are so butt hurt.

      2. Hey siddhi… the other ff which I wrote is MY LAYERED DEMEANOUR and I ended it yesterday only

    2. Siddhi

      I have written my own ff on naagin,kasam,Vishkanya and many

  4. hi guys i am new to this site and i watch kasam daily. i have written fan fiction of tanu’s reincarnation, the story after tanu’s death. please do read it and tell me if u liked it or not.

  5. Poor manpreet……i lyk him sooo much

  6. They need to stop dragging this wedding out, its getting boring now. If it continues this way they’ll lose viewers. Get a grip writers. I could write a better story

  7. Hi guys, I’m New to this site and I watch kasam daily. I have written a fan fiction on tanu’s reincarnation, the story after tanu’s death. Please do read it and tell me if u liked it or not.

    1. Siddhi

      I reader and commented also and u also read my ff on kasam it is kasam ff pls read and comment if u wish ☺

      1. Siddhi,i read it f2f. It’s really good, please continue.

      2. Siddhi,i read it fan fiction, it’s really good. Pls continue.

  8. Siddhi

    Hate that Chaman Pawan ????

  9. Poor tannu!!

  10. Shaista kanwal

    Totally ridiculous
    Why they are dragging the drama when they get proof pavan flop their plans when will the truth of pavan and tanvi will come infront of all still they all are not familiar with real tanvi what the……..

  11. Have been a silence reader. Pls don’t do this to a cute story. Like th way other series are draging. This has been uniqe. But the way its moving iam afriad the will spoil it like some others. Tannu has sufer enough. Rishi should at least prevail over evil pavan. He has put in much effort. Pls no matter what make th line beutiful by Rishi marrying th real tanu. Let the truth about Bani come out. Soon plsssssss. Dont alow pavan get tanu at any cost.

    1. Siddhi

      Agree with u

  12. 2nd most boring serial

    1. Oh really which is first?????

  13. Tq sona for the update. Poor manpreet. Sooooo sad of him.

    Now how the wedding will stop

    Rishi u r handsome

  14. Tanu character is stupid. Endless stupidity making it difficult to watch the series

  15. Arey kya hai yaar baht boring serial hai mene kabhi Aisa bakwaas serial Nahi dekhatha!!!

  16. I love this serial very much. An pls don’t give this types of comments. Then how will suspense may go on.

  17. Shining Star

    so much dragging with no subtitles.

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