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Tanuja says sorry to Rishi and says she doesn’t like him crying. He scolded her so much in the last few days, in compensation she needs a promise that he won’t cry again. Only girls cry, boys don’t. Both wipe their tears. Rishi denies crying and says he never cries in front of girls; but only her. He takes her promise not to tell anyone, especially Manpreet about it. She promises. Rishi takes a leave to make up Raaj, he hurt his daughter. Tanuja was elated.
Malaika was restlessly waiting for Shekhar. When Shekhar arrives, she tells Shekhar the people here are difficult to fool. Everyone is Tanuja’s side today. Shekhar asks her about the matter. Malaika says Tanuja isn’t pregnant, Smiley is. Shekhar was sure Tanuja could never do such thing like being pregnant. Malaika was annoyed that Shekhar

was defending Tanuja’s character.
Tanuja comes to window to watch the moon when she hears Malaika. She wonders what Malaika is doing with her brother. Malaika says to Shekhar that she is struggling to get Tanuja out of this house but Smiley ruined the game. She bear such insult for him only. She even called him as a brother, it was so shameful to introduce her boyfriend as brother. Tanuja understands at once about watching Malaika and Shekhar together. Malaika says Rishi spoilt his business, and he wanted her to ruin their lives but these people are strongly connected to each other. She isn’t sure Rishi would ever marry her, as he dies after Tanuja. She complains Shekhar that even Bee ji and Ahana insulted her today. Shekhar interrupts saying now it’s his take, he will ruin Rishi’s life. This will break this family.
In the room, Rishi apologizes Raaj. Raaj reminds his words, there has to be trust in love. He should love without any restriction or reluctance. Rishi hugs his forehead, and takes a leave; then turns to thanks Raaj for making him love Tanuja. Tanuja is a hundred thousand times better than Malaika. Raaj asks if he talked his heart out to Tanuja, he must confess love as soon as possible else it’s too late. Rishi agrees Tanuja is a very nice girl, she is nice in every relation and a very good daughter. Raaj was proud of his daughter, and says there is no sorry and thankyou in love. The father-son share a thumbs up.
Rishi comes out to watch Tanuja running out. She was even unable to speak to Rishi, then drags him to the window but Malaika and Shekhar were not there. Tanuja runs outside, Rishi follows. Malaika was coming in from the main door. Tanuja asks who was there outside. Malaika poses to be clueless. Tanuja reminds her of her brother, the day they married she had gone to meet him in hotel room; a few days ago she went to celebrate Karwa chot with him. What new plan she wants to execute now. Malaika agrees he is her boyfriend if Tanuja wants to hear this. Rano comes there. Tanuja complains to Rishi this is the same guy Raaj had seen Malaika with. Malaika goes towards Rano and agrees she is a bit broad minded, but not characterless like Tanuja who snatches someone else’s groom. Tanuja stops her saying she would respond to Malaika’s slap with a slap. If she points at her character, she would break her hand. Malaika asks if everyone has seen her reality. Tanuja says if someone considers your silence as wrong you must break their hands. Rano interrupts Tanuja. She goes to Rishi and says had Tanuja revealed Smiley’s pregnancy in time, she might have thought about abortion or spoken to boy’s family but it’s really late. Tanuja assures to remove any of Rano’s misunderstandings. Malaika comes to boast Rano will always be her side. Tanuja says she will always be a shield to Rishi and will never let Malaika win over Rishi. She tries to explain to Rano about Malaika’s character. Rano boasts she know Malaika for last six year. Tanuja says she know Rishi since she was six year old. She gets out of her trance. Rano insists she know well what kind of girl Malaika is. She wanted Malaika to marry Rishi, she denied having a boyfriend when even she was unaware of his proposal. Rano asks Rishi why he doesn’t leave Tanuja when Raaj is fine; she asks him to send this girl away and marry Malaika. Rishi was taken aback. Rano says she hates Tanuja, and if she doesn’t leave his life she can either kill her or suicide. Raaj is perfectly fine now, she promises nothing would happen to Raaj now. She swears him for giving birth to Rishi to keep his promise, else he would be responsible for her death.

PRECAP: Rano curses Tanuja’s family. Tanuja interrupts her, saying this is their limit with each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Awesome episode. Rano mad amd selfish mom.

  2. Tanuja bcm strng so sooon!!…Good 4 her,,,bt confusing update

    1. Same here yaar….

  3. hw stupid this rano is? rishi must throw this malaika out!!!! irritating character….how dare she comment on tanuja..

  4. Nice episode, well done tanuja

  5. SilentReader

    wow factor about this epi is,,,,Tanuja opened up her mouth,,,,cool

  6. welcome 2 brake your silent# SILENT READER# & commenting regularly# as you said to omid yup it is good#specially d 2 most respectable members #katerine & NINA # left this page#

    1. SilentReader

      Thank U Butterfly 😀 😀 #thought to comment as the epi was somewhat good after months of torturing episodes…It’ll be good if they maintain the charm,,,#
      N yup Hope they’ll all be happy

  7. Icommenting for the first time,,,,,,it was a fantabulous epi,,,,Tanuja’s character undergone a 180 degree change…..it will be good if the writer maintains her character as a strong one….LOL even Shekhar knows very well that Tanuja can’t do all these

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