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Malaika curtly watches Rishi take Tanuja upstairs.
In the room, Tanuja tells Rishi it is the older prescription. Rishi asks about X-ray reports. Tanuja says she forgot them there. Tanuja asks Rishi wasn’t he afraid of Malaika, he stays away from her when Malaika is there. But for last few days, he has been confident with her in front of Malaika. This way Malaika should guess what’s in his heart. Rishi asks what’s in his heart, Tanuja says nothing. Rishi says he does anything with his own will, he loved Tannu dearly. Similarly, he cares for her too and doesn’t worry for Malaika. Tanuja asks if he only cares for her. Rishi says he already told her he cares for her, then leaves for office meeting. Manpreet comes to the room, Tanuja was weepy. Manpreet tells Tanuja she shouldn’t take Rishi seriously,

he has been unable to realize his feelings and one day he would confess his love for her. Tanuja is all across his heart, but she has made a place for herself there. He would help Tanuja make Rishi realize his love for Tanuja. Tanuja cheers that Manpreet is with her, and not with Malaika. Manpreet says he is with his brother’s side. Tanuja cheerfully thanks him.
Rano was shocked to hear Malaika. Malaika says she is pregnant since 1.5 months, and she isn’t married to Rishi since 1.5 months. Rano says she now understands why Tanuja didn’t leave the house, she married Rishi to get a legitimate name for this child. She can’t let that illegitimate child become a part of this house. Malaika says even Raaj isn’t here right now, she is only afraid what if Rishi is on her side.
In the evening, Tanuja was happy that her foot is better now, she can make the room now. She finds cuff links that pierce her hand, and remember pricking Rishi with the brogue. She smiles thinking about Rishi and her moments, then calls him idiot who doesn’t understand his own feelings. Rano was going upstairs, Ahana watches her upset then Malaika following her. She wonders where they both are going. Tanuja smiles looking in the mirror when Rano and Malaika comes in. Rano asks whose child is this, Tanuja was speechless. Ahana comes to overhear this. Rano demands a straight answer from Tanuja who sin is this, she shouts at Tanuja not to lie to her; she knows well that Tanuja is pregnant and this child doesn’t belong to Rishi. Malaika comes to question Tanuja why she didn’t share with her, she could have found her another house. Tanuja was shocked to hear and when Malaika accuses her mother she holds a hand. Rano clutches her hand behind scolding her to dare hold a hand over Malaika. She curses her to be bad blooded. Ahana was worried, as Tanuja cries because of Rano’s accusations. Rano wasn’t moved by them, and curses the moment she came into this house. She asks Tanuja if she is using Rishi for money, did she do this child for money as well. She goes to tell Rishi about the truth right away. Tanuja was ccrying when Ahana comes in. She questions Tanuja if it is true?
Rishi was in the office when he finds a rutraksh in the drawer. He wonders where this came from, then remember it belonged to Tanuja when she first came to work in his office. He recalls his moments with Tannu. He prays to God not to make it all so complicated, he needs help. If Tannu has returned as Tanuja he needs some sign that she is Tannu. Rano calls Rishi to come home, Rishi asks why she sounds upset.
Ahana asks Tanuja if this is really true. Tanuja says she is sorry but she can’t tell her the truth about it. Ahana confirms if she isn’t left with anything to tell about it. Tanuja says she can’t speak to anyone about it. Ahana asks if she isn’t different from anyone, she is effected by what Tanuja does. Tanuja says she always thought Ahana hated her. Ahana says Tanuja reminds her of her sister, her every truth matters as it makes her get connected to Tannu. She knows Tannu can’t return, but her heart wants to find Tannu in Tanuja. Both cry. Ahana requests Tanuja to share the truth, no matter what people say but she wants to know the truth; if she has a shadow of Tannu only she believes Tanuja can never do this. She promises to be with her, and requests her to say this is a lie. And even if this is true, she must say this is Rishi’s child. Tanuja says she is sorry, but she has no replies to Ahana. Ahana clutches her asking what she is hiding. She considered her as her sister for a moment, but she was wrong and Tanuja can never be Tannu. Tanuja cries.

PRECAP: Malaika tries to speak to Rishi that Tanuja will spoil his life. Rishi wasn’t ready to listen anything against Tanuja because Malaika hates her. Rano hears Rishi’s reaction, Tanuja was also hearing this and was relieved.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Episode was ok but when will this pregnancy drama gets over please if anybody knows about it inform me thank you

    1. Ahnas daughter is pregnant.

  2. where the track is going ….????
    rishi sometimes so amazing and after that worst……..first a strong trust and after that against tanu… 🙁 🙁 i m not gonna like it……. waiting for the precape

  3. katerine u r absollutely rite…….and thanks 4 evrything sis…god bless u…

  4. Episode ok but new promo ‘rishi divorce thanuja!’ iwhat’s happening?

  5. Are the reports wrong about tanuja’s pregnancy ? Anyone ?

  6. Siddhi

    Good night my family members

  7. hi guys @ tia @ann [email protected] kasamfamily . this newpromo is also like( already promo that tanuja is prgnant but tanuja isnot prgnant but smiley is pergnant. that is just promo donot worry rihi willnot divorce tanuja.
    after this that real pernancy come out before and then a cut love story will start.
    rishi when see tanuja pregnant report he will worry and also will scold with tanuja and even start drinkng and tearing but manpreet will tell rishi that tanuja love his and this is misunderstand and it report is mistake and tanuja isnot pergnant .but rishi canot believe . but poor manpreet donotknow that smiley is pergnant. he is supporting tanuja but next he will cry for smiley.be sure that rishi willnot tanuja.
    tomorrow in 10 morning will defend in university. so kasamfamily donot worry rishi willnot tanuja. because that is just a promo like alreadypromothat pergnant tanuja was
    misunderstand. hope all best for all kasamfamily andi also hope alwayz be happy

    1. Sabrina

      But report clearly says patient tanuja

  8. Hey guys Maha episode is coming on 9th Dec 9:30 to 10:30 pm rishi ask divorce to tanuja

    1. this is now crap…

  9. hi friends …. i m new in this groip

  10. Welcome to our family protagonist.be comfortable

  11. Sorry printing mistake it was priya

  12. Justin Bieber

    The episode was nice but i think tanuja said the doctor to write her name in the patient report to hide smiely’s pregnancy. and rishi will soon know that tanuja is tanu cause rishi is feeling and thinking about tanuja is tanu and when maliaka says tanuja is not nice girl rishi takes side of her.

    1. I hope you don’t mind my commenting on your post.
      I thought it was strange that the doctor asked her name after the tests results ?
      And I did not know she was friendly with anyone in the house ?
      Especially any of the women ?
      Maybe a little sympathy from Ahana ?
      There are times when I think Rishi is a amazing man,But a lot of the time he is a moron.
      Surely by now he can see the similarities between Tanuja and Tanu ?

  13. Morning,Correct me if I am wrong,But when did Tanuja/Tanu and Rishi sleep together ?
    Or has anybody seen her sleep with anyone at all ?
    And if a Doctor says you are pregnant,And you did not have s*x,Dont you think the person may be a little shocked ?
    Now people are saying it may be a mistake ?
    What she may have heartburn instead ?
    Maybe she has been given Malaika,s results by mistake ?
    Why not ?
    The story line seems to be trying to recapture the excitement and energy it had first time around with Tanu 1

  14. Once again katerine you stunned me >n it happened when I read your very last message of yesterday to Maryam> it is so beautiful and emotional >so that even I am not a girl > I was just about to burst to tears because of emotion after looking at your writing > all the hair of back of my neck were standing> please honestly> r u a poetess ?r u rally as young as 18 years old? WOW> please comment as many as you can n give me opportunity of enjoying myself by reading them>hope see u soon on this page.
    The show getting more n more > meaningless>illogical> rubbish> n I tolerated this insulting >childish> story line of show > just wit power of happiness of having a number of good friends on this page and hopping d miracle happens >n change ekta to a normal human n writer. tanuja has been living like a slave wit rishi’S family 24/7 for last few months> how come she could commit adultery n>conceive wit not a man around> unless EKTA IS CLAIMING > TANUJA IS INCORONATION OF MARRY> THAT IS WHY SHE CONCEIVED> WIT NO MAN
    PARTICIPATING > SO IN THAT CASE IN ANY BAPTISM HAVE TO SAY> TO NAME OF INCORONATION MOTHER> CHILD>N RISHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  15. [email protected] tia @hi sabriana and hi @matyam hi @ priya hi priya . welcome to our family. .and hi all family kasam. my defend was well and . and take 19.5 0f 2o .thanks all family kasam.
    after singurature. he will tear the decuments . he will accept her as hiswife. yes guys prgenancy report will come soon….and . divroce process will stop,yes guys i saw even rishi is taking of tanuja. @sabriana donot worry.

  16. guys where are you @nina @katerine @[email protected] and @snow withe @all kasamfamily.

  17. guys i hread new kasam is finish soon2017the end #kasam i so sad. so guys watch kasam on tv and even repeat episodes of kasam on tv.

  18. guys watch kasam becuse kasam is finish soon.

  19. maryam dear . read first mycomment and scond my comment and third mycomment . you will notice all somethings.

    1. i want tanshi happy romantic moment not end and thanks vafa for the news,,,,

  20. ecxuse @mryam dear. you read first and scond and( four not third) mycomment.

  21. @sia @siddhi @catherina @ankit @[email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected] aditi @hencey @[email protected] @ maryam @snow withe and all kasamfamily . new kasam is finish soon . i am so sad guys . please watch it.

    1. @vafa, please tell me it’s fake no, if kasam end means what I will do then, please vafa say it is fake news plzzzz

  22. Hi dear vafa, I am here but speechless, the story line is so out of reality that I have no word can express my feeling ,sadness, and disappointment . my nice friend kasam practically was finished long back , as ekta has no creative line story even before end of part 1. BUT TO BE HONEST WITH YOU I AM GOING TO BE SAD AS WELL, AS I AM SLAVE AND CREATURE OF HABIT.


  24. thank you so much katrenia dear . katrenia @dear and @all kasam family i heard that srial is finish soon.hope that this news donot be correct . I think news is fake . because this news isnot confrimed . i promise you next finish serial kasam. wil tell that which serial watch . but now please watch serialkasam.guys
    @sabrina dear. @justen Bieber is right . smiley get to help of tanuja . and tanuja said to doctor that write her name in patient report.

    in upcoming story:
    rishi and tanuja are very attracted toward to each other but are isnot in a position to reveal theirlove secret dute to certian situiations.
    rishi out of the blue get to know that tanuja is pergnant and the entire house knows that rishi and tanuja have been froced into marriage .
    rishi starts really questions tanuj as character as this child isnot child rishi and rishi is too preety confident about the same.
    rishi blaste upon malaika
    malaika starts insulting tanuja as characterless for becoming pregnant with someone less child
    it would was interesting to watch as to how would rishi blast upon malaika just to protect tanujas character getting spoiled?
    also upcoming story:
    kasam: rishi stand still in tanujas support againe malika-rano
    rishi get to know tanuja pergnancy and starts braging upon tanuja in four walls of his room.
    as soon as rishi goe out of room. malaika look at a chance and starts cribing about tanujas characterless behavior.
    now , this gets a little too much for rishi as .rishi cannot listen anyone else blaming up tanujas without reason .
    rishi take tanuja out but think about rajishealth and decides to let tanuja stay untill raji returns home.
    tanuja feels weak having lots of tention and rishi take care of tanuja which makes malaika angry and decide to end tanuja chapter.
    malika keeps some marble on stairs on seeing tanuja coming up while tanuja does not see marble sand gets slipped.
    rishi get shocked seeing tanuja falling from staris and cries in pain.
    rishi blames malika trying to harm tanuja.
    rishi confronts malaika and blame her that he knews as she doesnot like tanuja but he never thought as she can go so low.
    rishi get tanuja to hospital where he gets shecks shocked by tanujas prenancy truth revelation.
    will rishi throw malaika out from bedihouse?

    rishi get to know tanujas fake pergnancy drama.
    rishi somehow get to know about tanujas get to know about tanujasacting of becomeing pergnant in order to protect ahanas dughters respect.
    it would was interesting to watch as to how would rishis eyes open up in love and gratidute towards tanuja?

    1. i was actually waiting for this dearest vafa…
      and now it will happen and then a end…..what the rubbish is this..???

  25. Is it really TRUE vafa. Sometime if the trp goes well it will go more.just I think so.I agree that the track is again getting boring but idont want to Kasam end soon. Please watch Kasam on tv guys.

  26. @tanshi and @ nayana @ ankit @ catherine dear . where are you? guys . why you givenot yourcomments. please give yourcomments.

  27. Hi guyz hw r u all??? Honstly I dnt like da currnt track at all…N it’s like a big task 2 watch da episodes of kasam on TV n tht 2 repeat telecast….Omg….

  28. @tia and @tanshi dear and @katerine @ [email protected] @ [email protected] @ nyana @cahtrine @snow withe @ nina @katerine @@hency @cheers @[email protected] Biber @all kasam family . donot worry. i think that this news ( kasam end soon) is fake and it news isnot true . becuse this news isnot confriemd. and even ekta donot tell about this news in instagram and twitter and facebook. be sure this news it fake and donot worry and read my comment that write in that upcoming story all kasamfamily this news is fake . donot worry and just watch kasam withy happily and you will see tanshi happy moment.

    @mraym @tanshi @ [email protected] all kasamfamily please read this mycomment. please

    news (kasam is finesh soon) is fake. @ kasamfamily. donot worry.

  29. @ Archia dear @ maryam . you read upcoming stroy in my comment guy s soon you will saw happy moment tanshi . i promise you @all kasamfamily .

    news (kasam is finsh) is fake .

  30. @Mary am. news end was fake.

    Maryam please read my comment. news was fake dear.

    1. o thanks vafa……….now waiting for tanshi lovey dovey moments…

  31. @maryam . dear. please watch serail kasam dear

    Maryam dear. news (end kasam is fake ) and i promise you . we will see happy romantic moment tanshi. because i saw it.

    (maryam please read mycomment.) news (end kasam is soon ) is fake.

  32. ************************************** please ( news( kasam is finish ) is fake )

    @Maryam dear. yes news was fake. and we will see romantic moment tanshi soon. infact a cute love story will start.

  33. *********************

    guys donot forget to watch #kasam maha episode 9th december friday 9:30 to 10:30 pm.

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