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Rishi asks Neha if she really wants to marry him. Neha says she loves him and has waited for him since childhood. She drops her stroller, Rishi turns away. He says he won’t be able to love her how he would love Tanvi. She says she would only love him or she won’t. He says alright and comes out. Rano says he is about to say no. Rishi says he had to clear a few misunderstandings, but now he is ready to marry Tannu. Manpreet was left in shock, so was Rano. Everyone was excited and congratulates each other. Rishi leaves, Manpreet heads behind him but Raaj stops him for a hug. Rishi had left by then.
In the room, Rishi comes to the window and looks up at the moon. Tannu’s words echo in his mind. Rishi complains to moon why he always showed her to him whenever it was about love. Tannu also comes to the

window and watches the moon, crying. Tannu thinks he is the one whom she is made for, but now it is just a dream. She will never turn to moon even and closes the curtains. Rishi complains to moon crying, he has also broken the relation with the moon. Both cry separately.
Bani brings Neha to the room, she swirls around with Neha cheering. She says her daughter has taken the American guy into her grab. She asks Neha not to settle in America alone. Neha says Rishi told her he is in love with Tanvi, the real Tannu. She was ready to marry Rishi even after he had told her he doesn’t love her. Neha says once she gets married, she won’t stay with a single husband. Bani wonders what will happen to Tannu, Ahna misbehaves with her. She will turn them both to maids, Rishi will regret loving Tannu.
Tannu packs her bag and stops by the dupatta of Shagun dress Rishi had brought her in the hotel. She remembers dancing with him. Ahna brings her some clothes and calls her. Tannu was lost. Ahna says she can’t stop moon from rising just by shutting the curtains off. She has loved only two things, Rishi and the moon. She doesn’t know what happened between her and Rishi but there is a reason that changed her whole life. Tannu things about Bani’s words that Neha’s wedding would break if Rano knows she is Tannu. Ahna says she loves her dearly and will never leave her side. Tannu cries and sisters hug each other. Ahna asks her not to cry, like their father started their new life they will also begin it all over again. She asks Tannu to promise not tell Bani they are going to Patiala. Ahna says Bani isn’t a good lady, she doesn’t want her take advantage of her. Bani comes there, she asks what they are staring at her. Tomorrow is Tannu and Rishi’s mehndi, her servants have left so they must come to help her as relatives. Ahna says she must ask her before. Tannu stops her, she asks her not to worry they will take care of everything. Bani leaves, she thinks she will insult Tannu in front of Rishi that he will forget his love for her.
Manpreet comes to Rishi and throws a pillow over him. he dramatically asks what is this happening, he smiles laughs and doesn’t recognize his brother as well. He told him so many times if he marries no girl will turn to him. He was inspired by Rishi’s life, he thought he would fight for his love. Manpreet doesn’t stop, Rishi snaps Manpreet down on bed. He tells Manpreet that he would marry his beloved girl. Tanvi rejected him, but Tannu wants to marry him. He will show Tannu he isnt worth it. Manpreet tells him that he will do something that Tannu herself would say no for marrying him, then Tanvi would come out of this guilt that she is loving her sister’s husband. Manpreet hugs Rishi, Rishi wishes to marry Tanvi like this. Manpreet was annoyed that he doesn’t love him. Rishi asks his brother for a hug.
Kritika (the temple lady) travelled and in the way wonders why she had been called there. If that couple is also there, whenever that boy is in problem the girl will save him. And the Goddess must bring them together.

PRECAP: Rishi hugged Neha in the bed when Tannu comes there. Rishi wakes up at once and asks Neha what she is doing here. Neha says she came to wake him up, but it seems he wants to sleep with her. Rishi watches Tannu there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode. But precap is very very bad. Pls unite them soon. I love tanshi very much. I hate bani and neha.

  2. What kind of episode it was,precap alag aur episode alag,precap main to kuch aur dikhaya tha,aur aaj ke episode main kuch aur,anyways…itna bura bhi nahi tha,rishi loves tanu dearly and she also loves him in the same way,leiken bani ki waja se tanu rishi se piyar ka izhar nahi kar pa rahi,just hate bani and neha,and their evil family! Uff,when will tanshi unite?ab aur intazar nahi hota yaar love you kratika,love you sharad,just get unite soon in kasam please!

  3. devishivakumar

    Very fast update. Thank you sona

  4. devishivakumar

    What Bani said to raj the relation between tannu and her?

  5. Oh I hate the precap!!! Seems like Rishi’s plan will backfire coz that wicked witch Neha is not gonna let go of Rishi so easily!!!! Tanshi’s crying scene was so emotional!!!!!!!! Luv Tanshi!!!!????

  6. I hate bani the barney bear nd neha she is so annoyin

  7. very nice episode.plz don’t kill kratika

  8. Plz,,unit them

  9. Waiting for tomorrow episode

  10. oh rishi u r so cute… tanshi rocking… hope they will unit soon….

  11. Natasha Francis

    Misunderstanding always hurts!!!

  12. love this serial this is superb love u tanshi after ragna I am in love with tanshi…..love u kasam

  13. I hate precap!plz unite tanshi.love them specially sharad ???

  14. Ya maira u r right where is that part which is shown fr yesterday episode.I hate today precap??!!

  15. i luved the precap becoz if neha goes close to rishi we can able to see tanu’s jealousy and desperation.the episode was nice.i think tanshi’s bathroom romance will be shown in today’s episode i mean 6th april.

    1. But karthika,pele bhi ek precap main rishi neha ko ring pehnane wala tha aur tanu un dono alag karne aagai thi,leik agle episode main,ye dikhaya hi nahi! But i wish ke ye bathroom romance scene aaj yaani 6 april waley episode main ho.:-)can’t wait!

      1. maira u r right.but i hope this precap is not like that one.i think their bathroom romance would happen.

  16. Worst serial hate it

  17. Tanu rather keep mum and dads property than fulfil their dream. Properties can be bought again but Tanu should have fulfilled their dream. She is so vulnerable.

  18. Hi friends i am Ssharad Malhotra male lead of kasam tere pyaar ki.There is a rumor that i am dating Yuvika Choudhary but its not true its just a rumor i am not dating anyone.

    1. Oh hero sahab! Bas kar do,tum jaison ko main achi tarha jaanti hon,tum kune sharad ke fans ko paagal bana rahey ho? Koi apni id ka name sharad malhotra rakhe ya salman khan, asal main hero nahi ban jata,agar asal main star bana hai to dramas main kaam karo karo,tub waisa he piyar pao ge jo ham sharad aur kratika ko dete hai,so please,for god sake! Humain ullu banana band karo!

    2. aren’t you siddhi

    3. u r sharad malhotra.hahaha..really funny.

    4. Umama siddique

      I am yor biggist fan ssharad malotra

      1. Oh umama you are my biggest fan?but no one is beleiving that i am Ssharad malhotra.

  19. I love that everyone are liking my and Kratika’s serial.

  20. akula aravind

    Nice episode but precap is very bad

  21. Oh please you are not the real SHARAD Malhotra then how can you post on his behalf and stop dreaming be yourself there is no harm if you reveal your real name

  22. Ya! Baby is right! There is no harm if u reveal your name,koi tumhara murder nahi kar de ga leiken agar nahi batao ge to sab hurt hon ge,and please,sharad aur divyanka ki personal life se door raho!

  23. Too much of over acting.

  24. I don’t know why you all don’t beleive.Tell the reason and i will tell you the answer.

    1. Oh sharad.. Really.. Now it is clear that you are not sharad.. There is no need for a celebrity to make others believe.. It just happens.. Ha ha ha…

  25. Ok u dont beleive then.

  26. Is there someone who beleive that i am male lead of serial kasam tere pyaar ki?

    1. i believe that u r male lead of serial KATHAM.am right mr.sharad malhotra.

  27. Episode was very nice.i like it.

  28. Hey siddhi. I know that its you. Because there is no comment from siddhi. How are you ssharad ji

  29. Jzt stop diz bakwas.. Thume maza aathe hei kya yeh sab bolne mei..?

  30. Look if you are Sharad then I am kareena kapoor Ok try and believe but please don’t make fun of the fans of Sharad Malhotra at least.

  31. Hey baby cool ya. Were are you from

  32. I am a 13 yrs old girl and i would do this all.

  33. I would never do this.

  34. Tum kia mikha sing samajte ho khud ko,mr sharad malhotra,agar tum sach main hamaray sharad ho to humain prove kar ke dikhao,id ka name badalne se koi hero nahi ban jata,agar tum sharad malhotra ho to main kratika singar hon,please sharad ke fans ka mazak na urao! Hamari bhi koi respect hai

  35. agar tum sach main hamaray sharad ho to humain prove kar ke dikhao,id ka name badalne se koi hero nahi ban jata,agar tum sharad malhotra ho to main kratika singar hon,please sharad ke fans ka mazak na urao! Hamari bhi koi respect hai

  36. I cant understand why u dont beleive.ok domt beleive me i will not feel bad.

    1. Dont try to fool us. Fake man

      1. Pls u are doubting on me for no reason.

  37. Humain kisi tarha prove kar ke dikhao,tab ham tuhari baat maan lenge

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