Kasam 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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People gather around the unconscious Tannu. Malaika comes out of his car, worried.
UC confirms Rishi if he is fine. Rishi apologizes the board and asks them to continue with the proceedings.
People around accuse Malaika to be a rich and careless towards the poor. Malaika explains crying. People insisted on taking Malaika to police, Malaika suggests they need to take Tannu to hospital before. People discuss that here, no rich would be spared from justice. Malaika wonders what she must do, and goes to make a call.
At home, Manpreet was shocked to hear Malaika feels for Rishi. Manpreet asks Rano to take the call as the phone is ringing, Rano ignores and insists on Manpreet to think about pairing Rishi and Malaika. Manpreet sadly speaks about no girl coming behind him. Rano asks what he thinks

about Malaika and Rishi, Manpreet says it’s a mind blowing couple. Rano was happy that Manpreet likes Malaika, as till today he was also against Rishi’s couple with anyone except Tannu. Manpreet gets serious at once and say even he has accepted Tannu would never return. Rano promises Manpreet to get him hundred video games if this couple is made. They hug each other.
The lady in the temple still prayed for Rishi and Tannu. During the meeting, Rishi notices a member busu in a chat on his phone. UV advices Rishi to buy the company, it’s a successful deal. Rishi denies taking the deal, there was a condition that he would have to keep the staff as well and he isn’t interested in keeping an irresponsible staff. Mr. Rahul was busy with his phone all the time during the meeting. Suddenly he gets Malaika’s call, she was worried and tells Rishi about the accident. Rishi informs UV he must leave for hospital. A lady from NGO suggests Malaika to take this girl home and get her treated by her family doctor, else in hospital it would make up to police report. The lady and other people around inside to go with Malaika to her house, Tannu’s earring was left behind on the road.
The old lady was praying for Rishi and Tannu’s confrontation. Malaika and two others bring the unconscious Tannu home. Malaika takes her towards the guest room. Rano comes out concerned and stops the lady. The lady says Malaika’s car had an accident, other family members also come out. Malaika comes out of the room and assures she is fine. She explains someone had an accident. Raaj scolds her for not taking driver. Rano was concerned and asks if she is hurt. Malaika says that poor girl is injured who had the accident. Bee ji curtly scolds her for bringing her home instead of taking her to doctor. The man from the crown shouts that no one here is contacting the doctor, Raaj calls the doctor but he didn’t pick up. People again get aggressive why they allowed Malaika to drive when she just arrived from America.
Rishi arrives at the told venue looking around for Malaika. Malaika gets Rishi’s call, she informs Rishi she brought the girl home as people there had crowded and deterred to call police. Rishi promises to come home in a while. Malaika was relieved that Rishi heard her point of view. There, Rishi wonders why people didn’t let Malaika take the girl to hospital, as there are a lot of accidents here. He finds Tannu’s earring on the floor, the shopkeeper recognizes it as of the girl who had an accident.
Raaj calls the doctor who promises to come for a while only. Rishi keeps the earring on bonut. He wonders why it feels he has seen these earrings but where?

PRECAP: Malaika gives an interview to reporters telling that her father’s name is Subhash Malhotra. People recognizes Subhash Malhotra as the one who drove over the foot path injuring many people in a drunken state; like father like daughter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. poor mytanuja.

  2. oh god..plz writer don’t dragging the story…muje irritating feel ho raha hea..ab toh rishi, tanu ki bare me socho ur ucche accha behave karo..

  3. Nice episode….I luv manpreet yaar…he is too gud with cute expressions…

  4. Boring episode. Btw how old is manpreet? After 20 years and two children I am thinking atleast 38 but he is acting like a teen..always video games… Now rishi will think tanuja herself knowingly come infront the car so as to enter his house … And how come malaika doesn’t recognise tannu ‘s face??? She is rishi’s childhood fren plus she was there 6years b4 according to their story track.

    1. Hi anu, I loved your comment as you analyzed nd pointed to a few facts .bless your heart

  5. pta nh kia krna chah rahy hn is drama k sath.. samjh se bahar h .. itni achi story ki aesii tesii krdii..

  6. dear @ NUPUR next this that rishi engaged with malaika . rishi little start feeling to tanuja.
    you just should some tolerant. because every show without twist will be boring and also fast serial ends

  7. Sorry Arbi as I don’t know , if you are male or female to add Mr or Ms before your name. Firstly thank you for your concern nd trying teach me Arabic, BUT, if you take another look at my message to my brother Ahmad , then you can see that, I crystal clear reminded him of; I am not able to carry on by using Arabic words , IT WAS ONCE ND IN RETURN TO HIS KINDEST WISHES IN ARABIC BEFORE I FLY AWAY.

    I am not Arab , also , my general knowledge could help me , as far as I went.Once again thank you for your time nd god bless you.

  8. Awesome Episode.

  9. Ear ring scenes was cut.

    1. No earring scenes were there, it was not cut from the telecast…
      Maybe u can see video again,its not cut.

  10. Manpreet is so cute his dialogues with rano so nice.

  11. Thank u anika. Bless ur heart too. Btw guys sharad’s new movie “ek tera saat (1/13/7)” is comin out this Oct.

  12. Finally someone had guts to quote killing of innocent people sleeping over footpath…
    Appreciate u team for social concern..
    But Rishi, Now he will think all this are planned by tanuja..
    Gosh, how can someone be this senseless…
    Whatever, I want tanuja to realise that she was Tannu but sud not keep crying like old Tannu…
    Tanuja,when Rishi accuse you,pls guve strong scoldings to him so that his ego and senselessnes break to pieces..Let him realise ur love and run for u..

  13. Helloo piyali im really good and come back soon baby

  14. Avishi

    oh Tanu….. its so sad

  15. pls clear all the misunderstandings b/w rishi & tanuja & start afresh then rishi will soon realise tanuja has tanus soul she is his tannu

  16. I agree with Anu ,Manpreet should grow up,And own up to the photo of Tanu being given to the Doctor?
    Rishi is a bit thick at times,He believes Tanujas family planned the plastic surgery to get him ?

  17. nice epi!! thanks for written update!!

  18. Malika get d he’ll out of kasam let tanu and rishi unite kratika and sharad best jodi how many fans agree ya.

  19. Really yaaar soo much dragging… pata nhi kab tanshi ek hoge.. rishi ko kab pata chalega k tanuja hi uski tannu hai…hate this serial day by day

  20. i hate sharads new movie because he in this movie with two girl.

  21. Hey kasam fans. Another Kumkum Bhagya and Meri Aashiqui Tum se hi Sequel is Kasam. Tanuja is Ishani always crying, Rishi is ranveer and Malaika is Ritika and probably a male friend of tanuja will come according to Cvs so he will be Shikhar. I am glad I left watching the serial. The way serial is progressing it seems that its title should be changed into Rishi, Tere Kahani Pyaar ki, this whole serial is centred around him and Tanuja is always crying or sad for no fault of hers. This serial is showing girls in weak state. She thinks her life is dedicated to Rishi And Rishi does not even think about her. Guys, There will be lots of rona-dhona of tanuja, malaika,rano,neha and bani’s schemes and Love triangle that is still dragging in Kumkum Bhagya so here starts in kasam serial too. so Guys watch out for serial titled Kasam, A old wine in new bottle. You need to wait for atleast one year before they unite tanshi happily ever after and may be more who knows. This post is not intended to hurt any kasam fan and I am just voicing my opinion.

  22. show kasam should concent rate on these things URGENITY:
    1.Tanshi office track.
    2.Episode must have more screen space of d leads.
    3.Right now .to drag,is to drive away d few tey gathered after @kratika entry.reason to [email protected] is for chemistry with sharad but @ekta Ever since @kratika return we donot see her a much in a single screen with rishi all when she is away form him.
    4.humor must b added to add @colortv to d show.
    5.improverment on dialogyes and use less [email protected] Malaikas unnecessary scenes.
    6.less noise of @KB(KatyaniBai) and stick to wath is to be conveyed.
    7.interesting promos that last more than 30 secondes.
    8.LAST BUT NOTLAEST……….hairstyle of tanujaMUST remain consistent in the show and not go back to the orginal style of tanu. the diferent of tanu and tanuja loo k( give tanuja better look plz … she ls more cuteee in real… n use itna rulana band kro..) and dress( give good dress) andhairstyle must. I REPEAT OF TANUJA that can bring in more excitement alongwith by CVs.sharad should stick to specs wich give him that mature look.they can creat more magic.
    BEST wishes and we do love watching kasam for tanshi. thank you

  23. i agree totally agree with u vafa

  24. I agree wid @ java n @VAFA.this changes are very needed. as a kasam fan I also feel concerned 4 show….Frist of all story going too slow ….pls stop dragging 1day for 3weeks…..unnecessary dialouges n scenes Rano-Malaika n katyayni isnot needed…..tanuja n rishis dress n hair style needs a change….we want office track, tanuja n Rishi nok-jhok,bubbly tanuja n mature rishi…Most importantly Tanshi scenes with strong impactful dialouges in each n every epi is a must …..lots of Expections frm EKTA ma am n CVs…..hoping fr d bst kasam.

  25. @AaliYa dear. kasam is diferent and isnot like kumkum and meri Ashiqui.should be some tolerant because every show or sreial needed twist (love triangle) and be sure that it willnot take up to a year.
    and love story rishi n tanu(tanuja) like love story shiva and parvati

  26. @ Aaliya . you are right @nana . I already all news kasam tell to my family kasam.
    n about enter a new men isnot like kumkum n meri Ashiqui.but like kasam season one.
    n also about anew man( best tanujafriends : tanujachildhood) that i had said mykasamfamliy n this is good because she havenot noone. infact 3man compete together fr love to tanuja.(best tanujafriend .pawan,rishi) because jealous n pains will make rishi cloer tanuja and understand hisfeeling for her.iam sure you watch other serial not kasam cause you want mykasamfaily donot watch kasam.

  27. Aaliya isnot right. but nana is right. and mycomment above write becuse that.

  28. @ANIKA @SIA @SIDDHI BEWARE OF such persons like : Aaliya
    referto 5th october in there I WRITE CAUSE THAT.
    anika sia siddhi you know me. anka you know that me alwayz with reasons speak .

  29. @anika mydear sister. vafa is right.

  30. @vafa dr ur absolutely crct yaara

  31. @anika Dr I’m a grl …& thnk you fr blssng me …

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