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She says she only wanted to take his pain from him, but today he doesn’t even want to look at her. She really cares for this family, Raaj and him. Manpreet comes to call Rishi, she requests him to understand her at least. Rishi asks what he should understand, for whatever happened today. He cups her face asking her to listen to him carefully, he trusts what he sees; her face would never be able to affect him. Tanuja says she wants him to understand her soul, she is also going through the same; it’s only that his heart and mouth speak differently. Rishi backs up at once and notices her mangal sooter stuck with his watch, he apologizes and make her wear it again. They share a close eye lock. He backs up wiping his tears, then was shocked to realize what he had done. He remembers Tannu telling him about

mangal sooter, and hurries outside the room.
The whole family was gathered outside Raaj’s room when Rishi comes there. Everyone questions him if everything is fine, Manpreet asks about Raaj’s prescription. The doctor comes out, and warns his condition isn’t well. It seems her old heart problem has revived, he is also mentally disturbed. They need to take care of him. He has never seen him cry in years, but today his eyes are wet. He advises Rishi to take special care of him, he wants to meet him. Rano also heads to go, but doctor instructs them to do what Raaj wants. Rishi goes inside. Manpreet and UV take the doctor inside. Rano turns around to see Tanuja, and fumes in rage. Malaika thinks it’s all going wrong, she thinks about being a good girl and get to know what Raaj wants to speak to Rishi about. Rishi comes to the room, Raaj opens his eyes. Rishi wipes his tears, and cheers Raaj up as nothing happened to him. Raaj says he is fine, doctors only advised him to take rest. Rishi asks what advantage Raaj would want in return to his ailment. Raaj holds Rishi’s hand, and requests Rishi… Rishi asks him to order. Raaj says he did this all thoughtfully, and asks Rishi not to leave Tanuja. He must please give this wedding a chance, and confess he deliberately brought Tanuja in his life. It was his mistake; not to own Tannu, he hopes Tanuja will fill the vacant space his in life. If this happens, he would recover Alzheimer’s as well as cancer. Rishi cries hugging Raaj. Raaj asks for Rishi’s promise, that he would give a single chance to Tanuja and this wedding. Malaika and Rano, who peeked through the window were taken aback as Rishi holds Raaj’s hand.
Malaika runs downstairs upstairs, Rano follows her. Divia and others were also worried. In the hall, Malaika asks why she should stay in this house, firstly Tanuja married Rishi and now Rishi is being emotional in hands of Raaj. She would always be tensed watching Tanuja and Rishi together. She has been silent for Raaj’s illness only. She has bear everything only because of her, but why should she stay here. Rano assures Malaika her place is same as Rano’s in this house, she promises to get Malaika her right. Tanuja comes from behind, they ladies were shocked to see her. Malaika complains if she would hear their conversations as well. Tanuja tells Rano Rishi is looking for her. Rano leaves.
Outside, Rishi was restlessly waiting for Rano. She complains he sent Tanuja to call her. Rano says she has heard what he told Raaj. Rishi asks who told her? Rishi says she already know Raaj wanted Tanuja to be here, and his health isn’t well. He wants her to let it go right now. Rano asks if he would make that betrayer a daughter in law of this house. Rishi says Raaj wants him to give this marriage a chance, Rano was shocked if he would keep the girl at home, whose father Sandy killed Tannu.

PRECAP: Tanuja overhears Rishi promising Rano he won’t touch Tanuja. Tanuja and Rishi come to room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Good job yaar sona, bow much fast you updated it. Today’s tanshi’s scenes are really very nice.

  2. Hey wat is happening I can’t understand pls some one say and why always this tanujha is crying won’t she be brave to back answer them who mock her oh I like raaj character so supportive and by the by when will ahana also start to support her I am waiting to see ahana,rishi supporting tanujha

  3. Sorry that’s not bow, that is how

  4. Hi sweety,karthika,sanam,bhoomi nice to meet I mean to say nice to see ur comment

  5. Hey guys any update abt kasam

  6. Thank You for the Fast update Sona di …

  7. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Tanuja will soon know that she is Tanu rebirth as Tanuja cause Barack Obama and Micheal Jackson is coming to the serial.

    1. the undertaker justin bieber your comment is the most interisting comment since day one of this page after so many comments by none exist people says missed welcome to none exist member please continue to comment regarding this garbage childish story line by rubbish ekta i think president Putin has cut tongue of tanuja to not to say she is not sandy’s daughter and tunneled Caspian see to eyes of tanuja to enable her none stop cries and sent sandy to Siberia that is why he varnished

      1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

        Yeah. kasam u r right. Sandy will soon come frm Siberia and Rishi will fight Barack Obama and kill him and Rishi will stick tanuja tongue using glue stick and then tanuja will say she is not sandy’s daughter and then Rishi Chokeslams Sandy and Tanu tombstones Rano and Raj do Lung dance and Lady gaga, Wiz kalifa, Nalson mandela, will come to the serial.

    2. the undertaker justin biber thank you thank you you put smile on my face after very long time being frustrated disappointed and sad because of all cheating on this page like people creating another names then sending message to themself saying i missed you or welcome or i am new one or thanking so i take your coming and comments as god’s gift thanks again and i am looking forward for more and more coming everyday

    3. the undertaker justin biber thank you and latest news…….they kicked out maliaka for being so horribly ugly and replaced by Miley Cyrus who will have affair with both … rishi and tanuja and there is nothing that ugliest person in history of universe with name of rano can do about that

      1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

        Thank U tq kasam. The Boy who have affair with maliaka burn his face using acid and replace it with Brouno mars or Pit bull .Malika replace her face with miley cirus face and they become rich because of their face. Tanu will become Selena gomez and Rishi Justin Bieber. Raj kill Rano and do Lungi dance and then Police will come and do that too. Tanuja will know she was Tanu and she do lungi dance too. Rishi cries like baby and Barack Obama will take rebirth as Rishi and Tanuja’s baby and Barack Obama becomes yecha dhari Nagin and he will take yentacam(revenge) of his death. Rishi will become mad after he knows Tanuja is Tanu Sandy returns in Siberia and both Rish and Tanu will do Lungi dance.

  8. devakhi&swasan

    he bhagwan wat is happening

  9. emotional episode mangalsutra scene proves that rishi loves tanuja but he is helpless he is stuck b/w this manipulating rano & vamp malaika

  10. This site is awesome.
    I can’t see the serials bcoz of channels blocked
    But this is very helpful…
    Love u TANSHI
    All stories are awesome

  11. tanshi dear . i reply you on page 3rd november2016(upddate-telly updates).
    where is @Ankit? please comback. i also miss you alot.

    1. Vafa any updates abt kasam

  12. nice epi….thanx for written update!!!

  13. Wow nyc episode fabulous drama.com

  14. Hey is someone here will watch nagin and today and tomorrow epi will superb I am eagerly waiting for it

  15. Thank you vafa for replying.

  16. Nice episode

  17. Why can’t Tanuja say she is not Sandy’s daughter.

  18. WHY DOESN’T TANUJA SAY THAT SHE IS NOT THE DAUGHTER OF NEHA AND SANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. love uu thanshii

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    Hi guys how are you?love you all

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      1. siddhi in my very rarely messages ….all you can find reminding your position to everyone please don’t get me wrong i don’t writ this to gain anything as long as everything is normal and honest like thapki’s page ……and like those days you invited everyone to jell as a family you will not receive anything from me… all my recent messages were regarding the chaos and those were creating multiples name hope now you take over and every thing go back to those good days of you were wishing everyone a good night .. honesty is irreplaceable god’s gift

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    cathrien dear. u know that cause update that i and ankit tell . kasam disrespect us. and now ankit isnot here cause kasam.

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  26. Very nice episode, thanks for written updates for tanshi.. rock kasam…….

  27. Siddhi

    Guys stop your fight.I feel bad when our kasam family fight with eachother.Be friends and good family member.I dont know whether i am a good family member or not but you should be frjendly with eachother instead of fighting.Kasam and vafa i want that you both become friends.Be a good family member.Whoever is ypur role model in kasam family follow them and be a good member of this family.I dont have a role model in this familybut trying to be a good family member which i am not

  28. It was the same first time around,All Tanu had to do was say who she really was ?
    What parent would want their son to marry Malaika she is an airhead ?
    ps.Can anyone tell me why sometimes on Rishtey I have no subtitles ?y

  29. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Do u all know guys Rishi wil die soon and Barack Obama returns and weds Tanu.

  30. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Bin Ladin will take birth as rebirth as Rishi and Tanu do lungi dangi.

    1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

      what nonsense u have written fool

      1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

        I am Sharad Malhotra guys I will soon kick malika frm house and let kratika come inside my house and i kick her out too and soon i will know she is tanu and i do bhootnath dance with lungi dance remix and tanu will die after that

  31. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Do u lik Rano guys.

    Yes.Love her No.kick her and kill her

  32. Brad pit open up about his recent divorce saying….. the only reason of divorcing angelina jolie was receiving a call from ekta asking him to go to that rano’s place and fall in love wit tanu and making rishi to wake up…. in the meanwhile donald trump left the us election flying with fastest private jet to win tanu over brad pit and rishi ………the only psycho person is madly in love with rano is….ekta and every day showing her hate towards the kasam watcher by giving such a big time to her disgusting face and voice in every epiode

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