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Scene 1
Abhi is in office, he says to Samar that I am waiting for Rishi and I dont wait for anyone, cancel this meeting. Rishi comes there and says I am here, sorry I was stuck in traffic, he meets bankers. Banker asks what they thought about collaboration? Rishi says there is no thought for that, Abhi says I agree with you for first time, one banker says if you both even announce about collaboration then shares will go high,we are only interested in collaboration, Samar says we should spread rumor about collaboration and then see the results, bankers leaves. Abhi’s secretary Riya comes there, Rishi says your boss praise you a lot, she thanks him and leaves. Abhi asks what was that? Rishi says its good to respect others, you have good family so enjoy. Abhi says dont lecture me again, Rishi says

your secretary likes me so take some tips from me, Abhi says to Rishi that someone else’s likeness wont be Abhi’s likeness ever. Rishi says to Abhi that dont ever try to trap the girl that I like or the who like me because Rishi’s relation is not for one birth but for lives. Abhi says you are talking for live, as far as I know, your wife left you in this life, Rishi gets angry and says dont ever bring her in in all this, Abhi says tell me if she left you or you left her? Rishi says nobody lefts anyone, they always comeback, Abhi says lets say if she comes in my life and start liking me, Rishi says person loves only one person.. he glares at Abhi and leaves.

Rishi comes in restaurant, he recalls Abhi’s words about his wife. He is angry and pained. He drinks wine. Tanuja comes in same restaurant. Rishi feels someone’s presence. Tanuja feels it too. She looks around for Rishi. Lights of hotel turn off before they can see each other. Rishi looks around in restaurant but cant see anything. Manager says its raining thats why lights are flickering. Tanuja and Rishi are looking around restaurant. Rishi is behind pillar and Tanuja is infront of it, he comes from behind and is frozen to see Tanuja standing infront of him, Tanuja gets tensed seeing him. They move towards each other in haze. Rishi cant believe his eyes, Tanuja is in tears seeing him, Rishi smiles at her but closes his eyes and shakes his head, he opens his eyes and Tanuja is still there, Tanuja breakdowns and is about to hug him but lights comeback and moves back. Rishi gets call and says I wont take it, if I take it then you will be gone, this is dream, I wont take call. Tanu says no, Rishi says no this is dream, Tanu says I am here in reality, Rishi says no, you are not, this is my imagination. Tanu says I am really standing infront of you Rishi, he is stunned and says really? He touches her arm and they feel spark on their skins, Rishi says its really you, Humari adhuri kahani plays, Rishi cups her face and says its really you, Tanuja puts hand on his shoulders and cries, he cries and says its really you, didnt you miss me? Tanuja says what do you? Rishi says you didnt change at all, you answer question with question, he wipes her tears, Tanuja says my questions are still questions, you didnt answer them, Rishi says they were wrong, Tanu says everything was wrong only you were right, Rishi says you talk a lot, I have met you after 7 years, let me see you, Tanu says I am silent for 7 years that my silence have become my wound now, Rishi says you mean I am your wound? I didnt love you? I didnt become nice husband? Tanuja says I dont understand why you did what you did, you are very bad, Rishi says then why did you comeback to me? Tanuja says I didnt come for you, Rishi gets angry and says good, there is no place for you in my life, dont be seen in my life, just go. Rishi gets call and says yes Naitra.. Tanuja gets jealous and says Rishi there was no place for me your life ever, everything was lie, a lie, she leaves. Rishi sees her gone and is in tears.

Scene 2
Tanuja comes home in daze. She recalls her meeting and breakdowns, she says God wish you had given me strength to pluck my heart out and throw it away, the heart which have Rishi’s memory and Rishi in it still to this day. Tanuja gets Abhi’s call, Abhi asks when are you coming? Tanu says i am not feeling well, Abhi says you take rest.
Abhi is in restaurant. He sees Rishi drinking there and asks whom you are waiting for? Rishi says I feel like I have really hurt her heart, I said so many things and she got miffed.Abhi says the same one which left you earlier? the one you said that cant become of someone else as you love her, tell me who is she that have made you like Devdas,Rishi glares at him, Abhi says sorry. Abhi says I feel the one you love doesnt love you,if she loved you then she would be with you, you are sitting here alone and sad but she left, she must be with someone who loves her more and gives her more money, girls these days are confusing and complicated. Rishi says we might not be together but we love each other, I dont want to talk about it. Abhi says forget her, you will find another one, she must be opportunist girl and ranaway with someone else. Rishi gets angry and grabs his collar, he says you blo*dy dont say a word, Abhi says she left you and cheated you but you are angry on me, Rishi says shut up, start respecting good girls, if you find someone nice then she wont be with you. Rishi says if you get to meet the one I love then you would understand and truth is that you dont deserve to meet her, he leaves. Abhi drinks.

Tanu is in her home and cries seeing anklet Rishi gifted her. Rishi is sitting in house and thinking of her too. They miss each other. Rishi recalls saying harsh words to her, he says what did I do? I met her after 7 years and I.. he repents his words.

PRECAP- Manpreet asks Rishi how many times you fought with Naitra? never because you dont love her, we fight with the one we love and your love in is this city and now its upto you how to bring her in this house. Rishi says how can I bring her here, Tanya and Naitra are here. Manpreet says leave all that stuff, you love her right? I know you do then if she is miffed, go pacify her and bring her back, Rishi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. See I don’t wanna say anything wrong about those people who are calling me fake and boring. First of all I want to say all the Indian dramas are like this .If youdon’t like this serial then there is hundreds of hindi serials are available for you in different channels. Why you people are screaming at us. If you have any complain then tell that to Ekta Kapoor. Ekta has got account in social networking sites. If you don’t like it then why coming here be happy with the serials you like. I just don’t understand what’s your problem. This is not a place to attack kasam fans. Kasam is in top 10 in India and number1 in Uk. In fb groups I have seen pakistani people also lovekasam a lot. I am also a fan of kasam. IN fb Twitter there is so many fans of kasam but here I can only see haters. Everyone has different taste if you don’t like then leave it. If you have complain then tell this to colors and Ekta. Don’t attack innocent people like us. See I used to watch many serials but for some twists and plots I have stopped watching them but I didn’t attack those who still watch this.Some haters are really sad by the story lline because they didn’t like it and other haters are fan of Isshqbaaaz or Dil bole oberoi . Keep peace if youhate it then leave it. I am not unsocial that’s why I don’t use bad words or don’t disrespect other’s point of view. By the way how can you guys call me fake. I think most of you are fake because you don’t have real names. If this serial is so bad then colors will stop it. You guys really don’t need to think. I don’t appreciate the storyline but really like Ssharad and kratika. If it is my sin then I have nothing to do with this. I have never seen such brainless disgusting people who are attacking fans. Again I wanna say if you have problem then don’t watch or make complain to Ekta. Uhhhh I won’t make any comment further. Let the comments section be yours because I can’t do nasty arguments like you guys. Fb ,Twitter, Instagram is far better than this comment section. Hey brainless haters be always busy with your nasty arguments. Bye Bye to all Kasam fans . This is a dangerous place for kasam fans. Haters are really mad.

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      1. Dont u have shame to speak like this..?? Really i feel pity on u .. the kasam lovers r not like u wid the different thoughts of increasing the no. Of comments , increasing the no. Of viewers etc … u r not that precious to us to have ur comment .. if u dont want to comment .. no need .. no prblm for us .. its our wish to comment like someone told before that they have the right to comment .. i may not be commenting always … but there r some kasam lovers who comment .. its their wish to say about kasam ,rishi, tanuja, natasha etc .. y u r jumping on them calling liar, insecure, dirty person n all…??? I hope that i have talked wid u in a normal language so i expect the same frm u if u r commenting .. thank u

      2. Pls dont call me fake .. i am the same person commented above .. i wrongly used my brother’s email

  2. ohhh how lovely… finally rishi and tanu met ….. so excited for future episodes…. oh my God mind-blowing episode … ab Abhi ko tanuja aur rishi ke baare me Pta chal Jana chaiye aur rano ab tanu ko maff kr de aur usse apna le .. love u sharad and kratika …. keep it up … love u alllllllllllllllll….???????????????

  3. after 7 years living their life separately …..and for last one month….talking to themselves and moon…. 30 long seconds those two psychos tanshi…. become lovers…then everything back to normal…
    accusation..crying…fight..crying…..mistrust..crying….and torture each other…crying…….
    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute …their love is cutest….I love this symbol of pure unconditional love…trust…respect…. putting each other before themselves….not losing this fortunate of finding each other….and glue their heart…body and life …by…tanuja ..screaming at rishi ..calling him bad person…and rishi shouting ….go go there is no place for you in my life ….at tanu….i rally love this show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @sanam
    You really have never been into any relationship.
    You are so shallow. You don’t have emotions. You don’t know how real couple love and fight.
    Tanuja rishi are exactly like lovers.

    Haven’t you seen precap ?????????
    Manpreet said it veryyyyyyyy nicely – YOU DONT FIGHT WITH PEOPLE YOU DONT LOVE ”

    Name one person on earth or even goddess they all loved each other and fought.
    For that matter even Bhagwan RAM AND SEETA fought. Misunderstanding etc happen

    From where you sanam ???? From your wired world where you try to pull people
    Down ?????

    May be you had been victim but stay away from
    Kasam or it’s genioun fans.

    You don’t need to go away. Let make kasam haters leave this page.
    Like I did. Many kasam haters have gone.

    So be here Aditi …. you are someone with correct arguments… be here and let’s be honest about the show.

    Cheers to all kasam fans. Episodes are becoming interesting

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  5. @sanam
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  6. hi. how r u all?
    its my first comment.
    .i am agree with u Aditi.
    a lot of pakistani people enjoy this serial bcz of there lovable chemistry. i m telling bcz i m too,Pakistani.

  7. Somebody said it in one of their comments ?
    You only argue with people you either love or have some feelings for ?
    And a lot of people Love Kasam.
    Maybe in their frustration about the show they get a bit carried away and take things a little to far ?
    But surely we are all on here to compliment,criticise,And listen to each others opinions on Kasam ?
    When you get a group of people discussing anything at all,We will never all agree.
    I still love reading other peoples opinions and points of view,Some views are tottally different than mine and others see things the same as i do.
    Sometimes someone has a view or opinion i did not even see or think about and my eyes are open to something new.

  8. Muhammad Arslan

    Hi, I am excited today because kasam is going to air on filmazia and I Am sure for all the pakistani fans who love kasam and tanshi magical chemistry gonna love too.love for kasam and tanshi from pakistani fans

    1. bro u r absolutely right.

  9. oh amazing really rishi and tanuja scene was amazing! i like it
    for me kasam now is more intresting i love abhi so much too

  10. @sanam …. don’t u have a little bit of Shame I have read all yours comments … u r so nasty.. if u don’t care of kasam then stop gossiping anything about it .. because tanshi fans can’t bear it … shame on your thinking… I agree with Aditi … leave watching kasam yours problem will be solved … ????

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    Nobody wants you here. Leave

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  12. @katie
    I also started liking it more than before.
    It has become very interesting
    ( I am
    Not talking about RISHI-TANU….
    I am talking about RISHI-TANUJA. their story has become very interesting ?

  13. yaar atiba Update Jldi Upload kr Diya kro.. bcoz I don’t have time .. I can’t watch serials due to exams … by reading updates I can know the story line …. because I can’t stay without seeing it ..

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  15. Can anyone tell me which song is played in background when tanu and rishi meet in restaurants Watsaap 7779008402

    1. teri khushboo from movie mr. X

  16. @sanam … stop supporting yourself by fake name @tania . u care not even capable for pardon ….. damn stupid

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