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Rishi asks Tannu why she is lying, her sister calls her Tannu and not Tanvi. Tannu says it is her love name, she recalls Bani’s words that if Rano knows about her and Ahna she will leave India. Tannu says she will show him her school certificate. She looks around the files but poses as if she couldn’t find it. She tells Rishi that he is engaged to the real Tannu, and she herself if Tanvi.
Neha takes Bani that Rishi knows who the real Tannu is. Bani says she has already played her game, Tannu will never tell Rishi that she is the real Tannu because she will think of her mother first. Swati says to win a boy’s heart there are two ways, through his stomach and his family. They must go to pamper his family.
Tannu cries watching the moon, Rishi leaves towards the door. His bracelet gets stuck

at the bolt, the beaded locket fell off. Rishi picks it up, he thinks he has been insisting she is Tannu, she doesn’t accept. Rishi comes to her, he says she must agree there is some relation between them. When he touched her on airport, she must also have felt that shock. His heart says they both are connected at heart. He never said this to anyone, he never felt this. He ties the necklace around her. He says he was attracted towards her after first look, he wants to give all his love to her. Tannu feels the thread. Rishi says Bee ji gives him this, this black thread saves couples from bad eye to keep them happy. He asks her to marry to him, get united with each other. He asks her to marry him please. She cries but doesn’t reply. Rishi kneels down, his hands wide open. He isn’t effected if she is Tannu or not, he is only concerned with her answer, requests her not to say no. Tannu says she won’t marry him. Rishi asks why, he only wants to live with her. Tannu asks marry and him? He has been engaged to her daughter a while before, he changes the meaning of relations in just a few days. In his life, relations mean nothing. he must leave, she will never say yes because she doesn’t feel anything for him. She goes to the other corner of the room.
He heads to leave, turns to look at her but she turns her face away. Tannu cries saying she could stop him… Rishi at once come back and asks if she said something… Then leaves. Tannu cries. She thinks about Rishi’s proposal. She gets on the floor, says that Guljeet and Bani saved her parent’s home, she can’t break their home. She loves Rishi, their marriage was her father’s last wish but now she can’t ruin their respect at all.
Ahna goes upset on the road when she hits Rishi. He picks her bag up, she asks what happened but he leaves silently. She goes calling Tannu.
There, Rano was worried for Rishi. She was worried if he doesn’t recognize her as well, no one will be worse than her. Bee ji says no one can be worse than her even. Neha brings tea for them. Rishi comes home, Rano asks how he is. Bee ji asks him for Tannu. Rano asks if Bee ji was also hurt. Raaj introduces Rishi that he is his father. Rishi says there is nothing like this, before telling them all the truth he needs to talk to this girl. Can they speak to each other in loneliness? Bani allows. Raaj says he will talk to Rishi first. Rano says Rishi wants to talk to this girl, if he denies marrying her today she will be his side. Neha goes inside, Rishi follows. Rano awaits him saying no to Neha. Rano says to Raaj she will now be the real mother of Rishi. Manpreet shares his confusion with UV and Bee ji. Bee ji says she likes the same girl whom Rishi likes.
Ahna comes to Tannu and asks why she is crying. Tannu says she doesn’t want to live here now. Ahna says she told her two things after engagement, that Rishi confessed his love to her and she saved his life. Tannu asks Ahna to forget they ever met Rishi. Ahna says first she used to ask this, but now when she knows Rishi really loves her she won’t allow her to leave him like this. Tannu says alright, she will get tickets only for herself. Ahna stops her and says she will never leave her alone. Both hug each other.


PRECAP: Rishi comes behind Tannu in the washroom with towel on. He turns the shower on, Tannu shouts. He shuts her mouth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Friends all serials are equally nice.both meri aashiqui tumse hi and my serial kasam tere pyar ki are equally good.

  2. Waiting for next episode,. How romantic? Will that happen in Real life too?

  3. Guys you were commenting on serial but you din’t see that one super star has between our comments.this superstar is from kasam only.hi sharad sir.

  4. Hi rohan how you know that i am from kasam?

    1. Are you mad….????

    2. R u real or fake??its a genuine doubt….no offence plss

  5. Are you mad..?????

    1. Excuese me? Mr.sharad malhotra,if you are kasam’s rishi so it’s ok,or if you’re a normal boy,so all will get hurt,bcs,if they say bad things to u,and if u will not be real sharad,so the reputation of real sharad malhotra will be no longer,so please if u’re a normal boy so please change your name first,thanks:-) and i’m maira

  6. Guys plzz don’t fight..even me too a great fan of ishveer ..especially ranvi and I love this serial too…so plz don’t fight guys ..even I too miss MATSH serial..but for that..i won’t say that this serial is worst even this is also good..just enjoy..d serial

  7. Eyy.. I want to know who iz sharad malhothra.. Iz diz really male lead of serial kasam… Plz tell me
    Nd wot role u have in dat serial

  8. Eyy.. I wanna know dat who iz sharad malhothra.. Iz diz guy really from kasam serial??..plz anyone can say dis

  9. mary christodoulou

    lovely serial i like it a lot..hope the makers wont destroy it

  10. mary christodoulou


  11. What are you all doing? It’s not our sharad,sharad is soooo handsome and to who are you comparing him? Maybe this person had a id named sharad malhotra,i know it can’t be our super star and hero of kasam:-)

  12. I think maira iz ryt.. He cant be our sharad

  13. If you don’t want to beleive then dont beleive.

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