Kasam 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tanuja stops Rishi from applying Sindoor in her maang

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The Episode starts with Tanuja apologizing to Goddess for sitting in the puja, although she is not Rish’s wife. She prays that her husband’s life gets longer, Rishi’s life gets longer. She then thinks if anyone comes to know about her prayers for Rishi then…Ahana looks at her as she gets tensed. Tanuja gets up from the puja and goes out. She thinks I can’t flow in emotions, why can’t I handle myself. She turns and sees Rishi standing. She says I was calling Abhishek, today is Karwachauth and he didn’t come till now, I was worried. Rishi calls Abhishek from her phone. Tanuja asks where are you? I was calling you since long. Abhishek says just sometime back, we talked. Tanuja asks him to come. He says even he is acting and worn kurta. She ends the call. Rishi asks until when she will act and

says even now you loves me so much. Tanuja says you are mad and asks him to leave her hand. Rishi leaves her hand. Rano asks Tanuja if she kept fast or if don’t want to break with her husband. Tanuja asks what do you want to say. Rano says you have to be with your husband and asks where is he?

Abhishek comes and says he is here. He warns Rano not to ill treat Tanuja or insult her. He says I am not Rishi Singh Bedi to see his wife’s insult and keep quiet. He asks Tanuja to come with him and takes her. He asks Tanuja if she is fine. He tells that they shall go home, as he can’t see all this. He asks Natasha to come. Natasha says Dadu is telling me Cinderella’s story. Dadi asks them to wait for sometime. Natasha asks Tanuja to make chocolate milk. She goes.

Abhishek gets sad. Dadi tells Abhishek that kids don’t know court etc, they just knows love, asks him to sit and says he will come. Netra comes to kitchen and tells Tanuja that she will ask John to keep milk shake. Tanuja says ok and goes. She goes to their old room and sees her face in the mirror. She reminisces Rishi filling her maang with sindoor, hugging her. Tere Bina plays…..She recalls seeing the small chandelier and thinks nothing is changed here, but so much changed. Rishi says but you have changed. She slips and falls in his embrace. Song continues to play. Tanuja asks him to leave her and asks why he is following her. Rishi says he was going from here and saw the light fluctuating and understood she came. He says this room is same as you left it, nobody came here. He says sorry. Tanuja asks why? Tere Bina plays….

Rishi apologizes to her for not supporting her and for not standing for her and for his innumerable mistakes. Tanuja says she didn’t go because of the pain which he gave her as he went through the same pain. She recalls seeing him with Netra on bed and tells that the reason was something else. He asks her to tell. Tanuja says she went as she wanted to go. He holds her hand and stops her, saying you will not go anywhere. Tanuja says don’t touch my hand. Rishi says I will touch you and have right on you. He says I have seen the same bracelet on your hand which I gave you, and heard you saying you loves me. She says if this was right then she would have sindoor of his name. Rishi says If this is the case then he will fill her maang with sindoor. Tanuja says this is wrong and tells that someone else have right on it. Rishi is about to fill her maang when she stops him, some of the sindoor falls on her forehead. Rishi says sorry and goes. Tanuja thinks Rishi’s sindoor again fell on her forehead and she couldn’t stop. Kal ho na song plays…

Abhishek comes and calls Tanuja, asks what you are doing here? Tanuja says she used to stay here before. Abhishek says your place is at our house, not here. He tells that Beeji wants you to stay here and break the fast, and also have food with everyone. Tanuja says she don’t want this, and on seeing Rishi, she says she wants to break her fast in her house. Abhishek says you see my face looking at moon and I will see you. He holds her hand and says I love you Tanuja. Tanuja looks at Rishi.

Tanu tries to see Abhishek’s face through the net, but sees Rishi’s face. She gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Plss dont seperate rishi and thanu…Ak is cruel because he know all..then why he try to seperate them…plss dont seperate rishi and thanu …naitra plss tell the truth to thanu and rushi.

  2. Ak is perfect for tanu! Rishi and tanu have age Gap plus he cared for tanu all this time and became her daughter’s dad all on his own will. Who would do that for someone? Rishi always gave her pain. I think it’s best she understands ak is a stable relationship for her. No such thing as eternal love in real life.

  3. I also think Ak is better for tanuja
    but story interesting hoge …4ishi ko pata cala hai ki they are not married
    so much fun now watching kasam
    plz watch daily at 6pm on tv not online

  4. Lovely epi it was. But had watched repeat.
    6pm rubbish time slot yaar.

    So annoying

  5. Dont separate Rishi n Tanu…….they love each other a lot n Rishi is never wrong its just that he come across very wrong in front of Tanu so that program can prolong.AK is not bad either but its the situation.

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