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Rano was upset and asks Raaj why he didn’t share about his medical problem. Raaj says he forgot, he considered maybe it was an age factor. Tanuja comes out by then. Raaj calls her nearer, he tells them Tanuja heard his friend Amraish and was behind him to get himself tested. She took him to doctor on Mehdi day and got him tested. Divia says till mehndi night everything was fine, Tanuja took advantage of Raaj’s illness and confused him about Malaika. She tells Rishi her dad had Alzheimer, her brother always took advantage of him. Tanuja must have insisted on Raaj that Malaika has terms with someone else. She knows well about Raaj’s illness, and Raaj had hallucination because of medicine overdose. Rano also makes up the story. Raaj says he took this decision only because what he saw? Bee ji asks Tanuja

if she took Raaj to doctor, did the doctor tell her about side effects of the medicine? Tanuja was caught, and was speechless. She looks towards Rishi and nods. He looks away. Tanuja ask why are they all staring at her, she is innocent. She did what Raaj asked her to do, Raaj told her that Malaika will be back in sometime so she must go to the stage. Divia says they would have accepted everything as true, if she wasn’t the one to know about Raaj’s illness. She accuses Tanuja of betraying them. Rano shuts Tanuja up. Tanuja asks for Malaika’s help, but Malaika announces she won’t stop Rano today. Rano was determined to push Tanuja out of this house.

Tanuja looks towards Rishi, Malaika comes to place her hand over his shoulder. Rano drags Tanuja out, but Rishi stops her. Rano asks Rishi if his heart is also stuck with her, Rishi says her bangle is stuck with his watch. He removes it, Malaika comes to help it and push Tanuja’s hand away asking Tanuja to spare them. Tanuja looks towards Rishi. Raaj stops Rano but she wasn’t ready to listen to him. Rishi goes behind, recalling his calls for Tannu in childhood.

Rano push Tanuja outside, but Raaj comes out to stand beside Tanuja. He says alright, he would also leave this house if Tanuja does. Everyone was worried. Raaj says if there was a planning in this wedding it was by him. If they think Tanuja took advantage of him, under effects of medicines. If there was a mistake in wedding, he is the real culprit. Raaj says he has always been right. He asks if prescription would now tell if he is right or not. Bee ji says he can’t leave this house when she is here. Raaj says likewise, Tanuja is his child and she can’t leave this house when he is here. He holds Tanuja’s hand and brings her inside. He asks Rishi to try and understand and listen to his heart, his stars stay only a single girl can be there in his life, Tanuja. She had to come to his life, this time he has been a sourse. He heartily accepts her as his daughter in law. Rishi and Tanuja notices him sweating, Tanuja asks him to calm down. Raaj continues shouting. Raaj says not Tanuja but Malaika is breaking their family. He insists Tanuja is the right girl, and faints panting badly. Rishi and UV come to his help, Manpreet goes to get the doctor. Rano holds Tanuja outside, and insults her to leave if she has a little shame left. Malaika comes to take Rano inside.

PRECAP: Rishi apologizes Tanuja and put her mangal sooter back. Tanuja hears Rishi promising Rano he won’t even touch Tanuja.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh my god wat is the problem of rano if I would be a judge in a no.1 negative character show I would give the female negative character award to that rano and writers how long will u put rano negative will she not change into positive are u planning to keep her negative itself if u have that idea take it from ur mind

  2. Ankit and vafa any latest good news about kasam and the precap was half nice and half bad again becoz of that rano .I am really getting irritated with that rano

  3. Vafa dear tum n merit bat ka ulta MATLAB nikal liya . mera kehne ka MATLAB h k kratika and mouni Roy kareena s behtar actresses h.tum n merit bat ka ulta MATLAB nikal liya no its very bad .I m so sad by this.I also respect,like and love kratika like u. I m also big fan of kratika.

  4. Choro gossips ko. Tum kiya study karti ho vafa? Plz be my friend.kiya tum meri friend bano GI?. I know in the end rishi and tanuja will reunite in happy ending as it happens in rishto ks saudagar baazigar like aarav vatsal Seth and arundhati ishita dutta.

  5. devil rano and irritating malaika.. they never acccept tanshi… they do anything for seperate tanshi… please reaize your past tanuja…

  6. only one +ve thing is raaj strongly supporting tanuja was so nice pls reduce negativity i think tanuja should leave this house then only all family members will know her importance especially rishi this rano is disgusting she is so cruel 2 not only tannu but also 2 tanuja rano’s too much melodrama this is unbearable

  7. Vafa dear tum n merit baat is ulta MATLAB nikal liya
    Mera kehne ka MATLAB that k kratika and mouni Roy kareena s behter actresses h. I also like,love and respect kratika a lot. I m also big fan of kratika.

  8. @ pooja dear real commenter thank you for your upcoming story of kasam of 2 days ago there was no place for writing comment yesterday and today i could thank you please continue to get us more news

    @sia dear i mentioned you with respect and i know you exist but why you think i am fighting with those twins can you not see i did not comment on show itself but all i am after just not cheating and being honest where are fatemeh maryam hadaegh who said her children husband brother and sister died and she married to haseen with love , ahmad ali noushin y ……..who r these people coming with arabic language for a while and will disappear dear i am not attention seeker or after fight or anyting but honesty you disappointed me

    @arbi dear i do not know you so how come you know i am a bad person by asking me be a gud person and do not fight when i am not commenting on kasam but am against the way this page is used

    1. Hi Pooja hope u r fyn…Dear my intention was not to be rude to u as that tym I was lit bit upset bcz of vafa’s exit from this page….I know I shouldn’t have said that but still as u felt bad I’m sorry….actually vafa, siddhi n Anika is my best buddies in this page n infact in my life I have less friends n vafa is one of them that’s why that tym I stand out for her….but I think we all can be friends n can make this page interesting n exciting…. Sorry if u got hurt by my words….

    2. Sorry its not pooja its for Kasam…

  9. Why don’t u guys speak in English it’s not fair for people who don’t understand Hindi ?

    1. I don’t mean to be rude just saying

  10. Lissa u don’t know hindi I to in starting don’t know hindi but slowly I started to understand and with the help of written update its ok u to will be a expert in hindi

  11. I also catherine… 🙂 :-)..


    I hate this Rano who believes what she sees only but not what raaj says as always due to which tannu died, tanuja trped in love less marriage and all due to this rano madness and mind less mind… she always ruined rishi life and call herself mother.. i hope rishi realise his love for tannuja before its too late for him to maintain his kasam as tannu maintained his kasam by coming back and team plz sgow rishi little mature as he atleast 40+ near and tannuja as 20+ near but it looks like rishi age stop grow after tannu death..

  13. Sad tannu y always making tannu to cry …make tanshi relationship to have some sweet smile than bitter …kill the rano

  14. hy i am new there

  15. hy i am new there

  16. Catherine,will u like to be my friend?.I am sweety . I have sweet heart. I also used to cry a like tannu in my real life when my mother in law who looks exactly like rano scolds me.

  17. javeria dear why you sent one message twice with two different e-mail address? you used one name but two different e-mail address please dear be simple wit us we already facing lots of complications

  18. I hope you don’t mind my commenting on your post Catherine,But I agree with you.
    Rano should be locked away.
    Her only goal seems to be her own happiness.
    And the Father clearly told everyone what he did,And why he did it,Yet they still blame Tanu ?
    And as much as I love the Rishi character,At times he is an idiot.
    All they have to do is look at Malaikas face,It has guilt written all

  19. Sweety di, don’t worry. Everything will be alright…

  20. even if rano comes to know that tanu has reborn as tanuja she will still not let her to stay with rishi

  21. It is OK dave

  22. Hi javeria I am Catherine nice to meet u and sweety we both are friends ok hi my new friends javeria and sweety

    1. wait javeria apart of very similar catherine and sweety other similar like kartika dave clincy nayana ankit y …………… will welcomw you as a chain of friends nobody remember siddhi who was welcoming new ones saying goodnight to family providing upcoming kasam’s story and try keep everyone together and keep going

  23. Hi i am also new there

  24. Hi guys !!! I am a new member here.

  25. Nice episode

  26. @vafa or anyone please tell me what is the trp of kasam of this week, I think it increased

  27. @tanshi dear. trp pf kasam for week43 will be released on monday.

    guys please vote for tanshi .

    link http://tellyawards.indiantelevision.com/tellyawards/nomination

    for explain more vote referto page kasam on instagram :

  28. @vafa thank you

  29. Thank u Catherine for accepting my friendship . I m Pakistani. There was a ban on lndian channels by pakistani government.so i read only written updates.this site is really good.

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