Kasam 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir saves Kritika’s mum and misses seeing her

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The Episode starts with Ranbir saving Malini and taking her out. Woman blesses Kritika for saving her and her daughter, says someone will save your mother. Reporter tells about the fire in the mall. Akki sees Ranbir bringing Malini out and asks who is she? Ranbir makes Malini sit in his car. Malini tells her that her daughter is stuck inside. He says I will save her and asks how does she look? She says pink color dress and scarf. Ranbir recalls seeing Kritika. He goes inside. Mahima thinks to go behind him, but fire brigade stops him. Kritika comes out searching for Malini. Akki sees Malini arguing and insisting to go inside. He says nothing will happen to Ranbir. Kritika sees Malini in car. She asks who brought you here. Malini says that guy who gave me handkerchief, he is a big football player. Kritika makes

her drink water. Mr. Kapoor asks if she is her daughter. Kritika says yes and says don’t know which angel has saved her. Mr. Kapoor says he is my son and asks driver to take them to hospital. Kritika says lets go to hospital. Malini insists to meet Ranbir and says he went for you. Mahimi is tensed.

Akki says I will bring bro. He sees Kritika near the car and says she is the same girl. Mahima asks him to tell Ranbir. Akki calls Ranbir and tells that the girl is outside. Ranbir says I am fine and is coming out. Kritika says lets go to hospital. Malini refuses. Ranbir comes out. He asks Mahima to relax and goes to see Malini. Mr. Kapoor asks Kritika to take her to hospital. Kritika says uncle will talk to his son. Ranbir looks at Kritika from far and tries to look at her face. Temple is shown, she turns, but her scarf covers her face. She moves scarf from her face. He could only her eyes and forehead, and just then car starts. He runs behind the car and stops after a while. A fb is shown, when he ran after the jeep in their childhood past. He thinks who is she? Akki, Mahima and Mr. Kapoor comes there.

Mr. Kapoor says today is role reversal and says rockstar son is running after the girl. Ranbir says he is son of a rockstar and asks why didn’t you come inside to save me. Mr. Kapoor says I was with your mum. Ranbir says from where you brought him. He says it is very cold. Mr. Kapoor says this girl was very beautiful, and girl friend material. He says in Mahima’s words, she was sanskari and even touched my feet even my own son doesn’t touch my feet. Ranbir says you are not leaving even a girl and asks his mum to handle him. Mr. Kapoor says I am talking for you. Ranbir says I will choose my girlfriend. His dad asks why you tease? Ranbir asks are you Deepika. They sit in car. Ranbir thinks who was that girl whom he met and felt some connection.

Kritika asks Doctor how is her mum? Doctor says she is critical as much smoke went inside him. Kritika says you are a doctor and can’t say this. Doctor says there is less time left.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Deeyaana

    Again same, and one more death awaits us…..

  2. It seems they don’t know how to write a good story without death. Pathetic and there was an ambulance there to attend to pple. Enough of killing it was bad enough killing Rishi’s interesting charector. Pliz don’t go through that path again.

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