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Rishi cheerfully goes to tell Tannu about it.
Bani brings Neha to room and slaps her, she demands Neha why she couldn’t prevent herself from that Pavan. Neha tells her about the kitchen incident. Bani says now she lost Rishi for sure, and they don’t even know about Pavan.Neha sends Bani to Rano and she would go to Rishi, she would play Rano’s trick over Rishi.
Rishi comes to kitchen, Tannu asks him to withdraw his hand now. Rishi tells her that Rano was really appreciating her, Rano never likes someone. He kneeds the flour, Tannu asks him to get away and pushes him away. Rishi asks if she pushed him away? Rishi says now Rano would talk to her, she said Tannu words so well. He says Rano wants an exchange offer of bride and groom, he and Tannu, and Neha and Pavan. Neha enters the kitchen from

behind, and spots both’s hands in the flour.
Rano comes cheerfully and greets Bee ji. Bani goes upset, Rano asks Bani about Rishi. Bani thinks what if this Rano gets some more chillis, she comes to toss chilli and while sneezing throws it deliberately into Rano’s eyes.
Neha asks Rishi to talk to him, Rishi says he doesn’t want to marry her. Neha comes to him, Rishi says he doesn’t want to talk to her. Now the elders would decide about his marriage with Tanvi. Tannu was shocked. Rishi forbids Neha tell him she now wants to marry her, she must not complain he betrayed her. Neha tells Rishi she heard Rano talking to Raaj that she would take him straight to America from here. Tanvi asks why she is telling them about it, Neha says she loves Rishi a lot, she is sacrificing Rishi for Tanvi as he loves her. Tanvi denies everything. Neha says now she also understand that they both love each other. Rano comes in, and notices Tannu, Rishi and Neha kneeding together. Rano wonders what is happening here. Neha boasts she kneeds flour really well. Rano takes Rishi along, then looks behind wondering firstly there were two in kitchen, now they are three. She must continue with her trick, and won’t have to see thse Desi girls again. She takes Rishi outside. Neha and Tannu were worried. Rano tells Rishi she talked to Raaj, now he must go and tell him about his love. She will always be with him. Rishi wonders whom he should agree, did Tannu really hear Raaj and Rano or if Rano is playing games with him.
Tannu thanks Neha, she always thought she is snatching her husband to be from her. Neha says Rishi will come to the one whose luck he is in, they can’t do anything about it. Who is she to snatch her Rishi from her and leave? She goes to wash her hands, she thinks she is becoming the God mother of their relation she would get Rishi’s trust. Then she would know about all the progress of their relation and won’t let her marry Rishi at all.
Raaj walked restlessly. Rano brings Rishi in. Raaj thinks about Rano’s advice to speak to Rishi in a polite way, else he would be afraid. Rishi comes to Raaj, Raaj says to Rishi he always told him whatever he did in America. But here, he got distant from him and Rano tells him what Rishi is upto. Raaj says if this is true, he will always be with the truth. Rishi asks really? He thinks this means Tannu was lying, and says whatever Rano said is true. He demands to marry Tanvi. Raaj slaps him hard on face. Bee ji stops Raaj. Raaj calls Rishi to be betrayer, Rano told him a thousand times but he didn’t listen to her because he trusted his son. He had warned him to stay away from Tanvi, but he forced him to be a father. He can’t believe. Today, he and Tanvi would answer his questions in front of him. Bee ji asks Rano if she is happy now. Rishi comes to accuse Rano of playing a game with him. Rano asks Rishi not to consider his father’s temper as wrong, everything will happen for good. She is his mother and can never be wrong. It’s better for him to stay away from both Tannu and Tanvi, she never liked Tannu but this doesn’t mean he marries Tanvi. Raaj will now bring Tanvi to him, then will speak to Raaj and Tannu and break his relation with her. Bee ji assures she would speak to Raaj now, Rano considers all her efforts useless. Rano says to Rishi that his dreams about Tanvi are about to break, but he would recover soon. Then they would go to America, and he must stay happy as before. Rishi was silent. Rano gets worried now. Rishi thinks he can never stay happy without Tanvi.
Bee ji comes behind Raaj and asks him to think calmly, it may not be Tanvi’s mistake. Raaj says Rishi betrayed him, he said himself he liked Tannu and now he says he likes Tanvi.
Neha asks Tannu to pick up Pavan’s call, its been three to fourth time. Saloni who stood beside him feels nauseatic and faints. Pavan shouts Saloni’s name then calls his mother. Tannu hears this and comes with Neha to tell Bani something happened to Bani.
Raaj shouts at Bee ji that he wants to ask Rishi and Tanvi what was his mistake for which he has to pay such a huge cost. Tannu and Neha come there, Raaj says today he is ashamed of considering her as his daughter. He takes her hand to come with him. Neha was worried that Rishi told the truth. Rishi wipes his tears, he tells Rano what he is going to do now with her, would never have been done by any other son. She said rightly, that he must go to America and go to enjoy his bachelor’s life. He reminds her of her promise that if he doesn’t marry these local girls she would gift him sports car. Rano cheers and promises him again, she thanks him for saying this all with Raaj. She says now Raaj would neither marry him with Tannu nor Tanvi, he will take them to America. She says everything is fair in love and war. Rishi says yes, he will do anything for love. He hugs Rano saying he loves her.
Raaj brings Tanvi inside. Bee ji follows. Raaj asks Rishi and Rano what they are talking about. Rishi denies there is anything, Rano and Raaj insists on Rishi to tell Raaj. Rishi whispers if he should tell Raaj about their secret. Raaj scolds him to tell the truth. Bani thinks about doing something, Swati says Raaj is really angry today so she must not interfere. Rishi agrees to tell him about it. He looks towards Tanvi, who steals her looks. Rano thinks that her son just agreed to leave her and she still again came in.

PRECAP: Rishi kneels in front of Tanvi proposing her. Raaj holds him up and slaps him hard on face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. plsssssssssss stop dragging the dr ama!

  2. When will raaj finally know the truth

  3. Please tanu tell the truth wai….
    Accept the proposal tanu…

  4. Plzzzzzzz tanu accept the proposal…..and plzzzzzzz stop dragging

  5. When will Raaj come to know the truth,…
    N Tanu urf Tanvi plss… accept the proposal…

  6. please tanvi merry rishi.


  8. I Am a big fan of sharadh and krithika even I am malayali I am regularly watch ing this i Have an desire to see both these guys i wish Allah will make my desire true

  9. Pls tanu accept the proposal…………

  10. This storyline is just like star plus serial kis desh mein hai meraa dil

    1. Absolutely Correct .. Even i am thinking the same from ​beginning .. same storyline of kis des mein hai mera dil

  11. Even I was thinking the [email protected]

  12. karthika(diehard fan of abhigya)

    nyc episode .but tanu vl not accept his proposal…… story is progressing…..rishi looked so cute while kneading dough…..sharad’s acting is juz mindblowing…

  13. Lovely epsiode. Precap looks awesome.

    Ssharad is awesome with all his facial expressions.

    I never thought watching people fold a sheet could be so romantic. I think that was the day before but that was a lovely scene,

    Also yesterday, the way his face softens into a smile when he seems Tanu, asli one, and the way his face showed his heartbreak after realising his mum had played a game with him, were brilliant!!!

    He was supposed to be going to amritsar so not sure if that will happen, or what will happen next, I’d have thought the receipt for the wedding was enough plus the statement of the jewellery shop man.

    We are slowwwwwwwwwly moving towards the revelation. Really hope after Raj slaps rishi again, he says I made a promise to my friend Veeru that you will be married to Tanu, and you have be betrayed me, and then I hope Tanu says but he was my father. But I imagine bani witch will come in and shout her down.

    Such a shame Ahana isn’t around at the moment. Please someone tell the truth about who the girls are!

    Anyway, very good but very slowwwwwwwwwww..

    But I keep watching and hoping and waiting….

    1. Have also never understood why rishi didn’t tell his dad that the girl he agreed to marry isn’t the one he thought was Tanu…

      Like he said though that slap has woken him up. Finally!!!

    2. And… Was saloni almost throwing up and fainting a sign that she is pregnant… So they don’t need Tanu as their surrogate anymore…

      If that’s what has happened I wasn’t expecting it that at all.

      And pawan still has that phone cover with a naked man on it, keep trying to see if it’s him but can’t… Is this normal by the way, often men in Indian to shows have lots of pics of themselves on the walls or by their bedside tables, is this is thing in real life or just in soaps so we know whose room the scene is in???

      1. I am thinking the same, Saloni must be pregnant. .. that’s good pavan wI’ll break the marriage with tanu as he loves his wife very much. ? good news for the tanu-rishi fans.

  14. Amazing serial
    I just love Sharad ouffffff

  15. Ok so this I’m Really disappointed in the TV show… It’s extreeeemely underwhelming and I thought I would be better… It lacks common logic and is just….so shallow and lacks depth…
    The girl who plays tanu basically just stands there through out the show and her character just lacks charisma… Rishi is good looking but his character lacks depth… It’s like he is illiterate…and I’m not going to even begin to discuss the whole ” who is the really tanu” issue… That was just plain silly…like people just get engaged without thoroughly knowing the identity of each other … But I’ll leave that up to cinematic drama… This show needs a make over this soon… Or it needs to stop airing or it needs a new heroine!!! And the writers need more substance in the plot…I mean the heroine just cooks through out the drama!! I thought this show would be about a deep connection between two people but the character rishi is just looking like an infatuated…and tanu like a zombie who has no opinion! It’s pathetic….

  16. Hi Article z, I strongly agree with most of your points , but not with changing the heroin , as:

    yes whatever you said about tanu , it is a fact but please remember , she is doing whatever the writer of story has written, and the director dictating her, so if you want some sense and deep meaning in her, or Rish’s i action and parts, then we must have a good new writer or the present one , wakes up and smell the coffee by changing the childish and unacceptable story lines to the reasonable and acceptable one.

    The annoying and unacceptable dragging is too mu…..ch, so that sometimes those parts seems irrelevant and the audiences confused ,tired and fed up.

  17. Guys l think saloni is suffering from a disease like a cancer or whatever..
    So they need thavi to have a baby..
    May be..not sure..

    And Rishi will say to raj that his mom said to propose thanvi to get rid from thanu..
    Then raj will angry with rano..

  18. first of all we need kasam to be published on Saturday…full episodes from Monday to Friday as I m clg student I ain’t able to c it in d nyt as well d recap……so plzzzzzz ….we d recap to telecast on Saturday….fr a kind information I ain’t a hindi girl…and I m a tamilian…evn a tamilian I luv kasam….so …..telecast it on Saturday or I need d full video to be publish in YouTube …..we r nt able to c it…in YouTube….so wat could we do?????????????

  19. Exol chanyeol saranghaeyo(i luv u)

    Watch exo comeback on kbs music bank 10 june

  20. Uffffff yr sooo much dragging bt maybe there will be a good news for tanshi and fans

  21. hello everyone, nice epi but plsssss let raaj know the truth that tanvi is tannu and he promise to her father to marry his son with her plsss and lv u tanshi bt plssss now everything should be clear

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