Kasam 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Rano wakes up at mid night calling Rishi’s name. Raaj was worried and asks what happened. Rano says she dreamt Rishi is in trouble. Raaj calms her down, and assures he is fine. Rano says he has seen something happened to Rishi. Raaj says he is hurt but Rano turned his pain into hers as she is a mother. Rishi is in pain, because Tanuja isnt around him. Rano says there is some other trouble with Rishi, as if someone was looking for Rishi.
There, Tanuja struggles with Rishi when she spots a temple. She thinks about taking Rishi there, as it would be safe. In the temple, Tanuja sat beside Rishi and tries to wake him up. She prays to Goddess, what this love is, if only sacrifice is needed of them. She was snatched of everything, even Rishi in last life. The goons arrive looking for them, Tanuja

was worried. She tries to wake Rishi up, then drags him aside under Maa Durga’s aanchal. She had taken him behind the idol. the goons arrive to the temple hall, they find blood and says Rishi must be here somewhere around. Tanuja prays for Rishi’s safety, and fights the goons with a trishol. She tries to wake Rishi up but he doesnt.
The next morning, Raaj calls John and tells him to get a new name plate for thier house. He wonders why Rishi didnt come downstairs for exercise.
In the temple, Rishi wakes up besides Tanuja. He remember Tanuja fighting the goons and smiles that first Tannu and now Tanuja have saved his life. He smiles watching her sleep with the wall and places his hand over her head. Tanuja wakes up at once, and holds his face. he assures he is fine, Tanuja shares her worries. Rishi says Tanuja left home, but he found her everywhere. He was in a strange pain when she wasnt there. Why it hurts when someone your own is not nearby. Tanuja qualifies it was pain of love, it happens when two lovers part away . She wipes his tears, Rishi kiss her hand saying these are tears of happiness. He is happy he is living to live the rest of life with her. Tanuja says he says more sorry than love to her, Rishi calls himself as stupid. He thanks her for saving his life. Tanuja says she didnt save his life, but her love. Tanuja says his rest of life is named after her, they belong to each other. He promises to live with her for now on, as he got his Tannu.

PRECAP: Tanuja says she loves him, but she is demanding him to leave her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rising tanuja I hope they get married and live together and happy with children

  2. Awesome and sweet ?

  3. Kirti(loves kasam)

    I wish rishi and tanuja would live happily the rest of the life up to the eternity.plz don’t make any further twists

  4. Nice episode

  5. I really don’t know #tanshi not looking beautiful #& handsome #&# their acts not adorable anymore# IS AS RESULT OF # THE SHOW HAS LOST IT’S ADMIRABLE WAY # & STORY LINE #&BECOME NONSENSE #CHILDISH#& UNACCEPTABLE?# OR WHAT# look at rishi # all of d sudden his face has lost d freshness of last year # & shows a big sign of aging# maybe he is on diet to lose wight # or tanuja acting become so boring & her being over wight showing more# d stupid way of handling d show by d writer#&producer# Ekta is so disgusting # eg: tanuja # who was unable 2 defend herself #when that pimp woman was twisting her arm# all of d sudden become like d HERCULES #& defeated a group of trained # angry#& seeking tanshi’s blood # LOL………… # WHAT A OVERWHELMINGLY SHAME # BCOS# IN D BEGINNING EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SHOW WAS BEAUTIFUL#& LIKE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR#

  6. The show is going to its end
    As I think….!!
    Make rishi and tanuja look better
    That will may help in increase of trp…!!????????????

  7. Justin Bieber

    I missed U all and i missed My all old friends here in this page. Today once again I’m here to give U all update about kasam that Tanaja wants divorce with rishi cause she doesn’t want to be the reason that gives problems or even death to rishi like the old lady said in temple and rishi signs the divorce paper for tanuja and rano and Their will be a farewell party for tanuja. keep watching friends We hope that luck play a game once again to get rishi and tanuja together

  8. So if you are right JB,what was the point of Kasam then ?
    The story writers are having a field day,Re-hashing old stories an introducing ridiculous new ones ?
    ps.Have you noticed how many people have gone off here now ?

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