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Rishi thinks he feels the same by touching her and wonders if she is… he was about to remove her veil but Raaj interferes. He asks Rishi if he didn’t wear his watch. Rishi says he has worn it, Raaj asks him to show time then says alright, its time for the wedding. Pandit calls groom’s mother for gadhbandhan. Rano performs the ritual. Rano was happy that Raaj has accepted Malaika as his daughter in law, Raaj says yes, he has accepted her whole heartedly. Tanuja was shocked to hear Pandit’s call to stand up for the rounds. Rishi awaited her, Ahana comes to hold her up. Ahana thinks to herself she isn’t even happy with this wedding, then why she helped Malaika as if it’s her Tannu. Rishi wonders why Manpreet didn’t return with Tanuja, where has she gone. Manpreet calls Tanuja around the house, he wonders if Tanuja left home for not being able to bear Rishi’s wedding. He watches the closet that was full. Tanuja recalls Tannu’s wedding, her vows echo in Tanuja’s ears, her head banged badly again. The rounds had ended, everyone was clapping. Manpreet joins Ahana, she questions where he had been. Manpreet asks her to concentrate on wedding, Rishi looks really handsome. The Pandit asks Rishi to put on the mangal sooter. Tanuja was nervous. Sindoor ritual was announced, Rano happily offers a coin. Rishi closes his eyes, and demands Tanuja to remove the veil. Raaj was worried what to do, his plan would fail if the veil is removed.
Malaika reaches home in the cab and enters from back door. John asks who is marrying Rishi if she is here. Malaika runs inside.
Rishi removes the veil for the ritual. Malaika slips on the floor as her sandals get into her shoes. A wire was broken, while the lights of hall go off. Pandit asks Rishi to fill the sindoor within this time. Raaj hurries Rishi to perform the ritual. Rishi then lights a match stick and was shocked to see Tanuja. Suddenly the electricity was repaired, everyone was shocked to see Tanuja. Rishi stands up in shock. Pandit announces them as spouses. Rano shouts this is impossible.

PRECAP: Raaj tells Malaika that Tanuja is now the elder daughter in law of this family.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Catherine

    Wow awesome and now raaj will say the truth abt mallika and mallika will turn negative hey I saw in you tube that tanujha explains to rishi and rishi will remember tanu and comes near to tanujha that time her mangalsutra will fall down and rishi will tie it to her is it correct ankit and vafa

  2. elsa staney

    The concept of shadhi is superb. Love rishi and tanuja. Raaj uncle is brilliant, his idea is awesome

  3. nayana

    finally marriage completed when he lights the matchstick 2 see the face of tanuja when the power comes it was awesome i hope raaj will reveal the truth of malaika

  4. kasam

    @siddh u r first member of kasam family who are these people writing the same with same english who is ankit the copy of vafa now answering the question instead of you
    @siddh this page become a big joke and cheat do something please

  5. Ankit

    Excuse me guys.. please kick this Kasam out from this website…. Continuously barking like a dog and that too of no use! This website isn’t a copyright of us… Anyone can share their opinion.. And.. There’s nothing like copying… because text doesn’t have any copyright.. . Go to hell!

  6. vafa

    @kasam . why u alwayz disrespect me and others ? why do you diferent between kasamguys ? @kasam , . if you well lookat catherine comment notice that her asked us.please please never repeat myname in yourcomments and i donot want to talk with you . because you donot like kasam family be happy. alwayz u upset others and also @siddhi is akind and good girl and she isnot like you.

  7. vafa

    @Ankit dear. now you noticed that @kasam how insult us.

    @siddhi dear please reply me and @kasam .

    @sia dear . my kind-heartsister. i missig you badly and deadly. please reply me.believe me. i missing you and siddhi alot. please please please reply me. please please

  8. kasam

    @ ankit @vafa those curse who are naive liar scared and extremely disappointed of them and their personality they curse by using the words they believe in ownself but the only real and honest commenters in this page are sia siddhi and pooja

  9. kasam

    @ankit @vafa those curse who are naive liar scared and extremely disappointed of them and their personalities they curse by whatever see in themself so try glue those to the others the only real and honest commenters are sia siddhi and pooja who mostly comment in thapki page

  10. Dave

    I still think someone should strangle Rano ?
    I also think Rishi and Tanu have the best chemistry together of all these shows.

  11. vafa

    @kasam . sia and siddhi are best myfriend and my gentle-heartedsisiters. @catherine dear. now you see that this person @kasam that very very disrespect me and @Ankit . and next in otherserials family all want share their views.

  12. Arbi

    Hiiii vafa, sia ,Arfa and evry 1…I’m nt new here…u guyzz are remember me ¿?¿…!! I’m ur old frnd only yaaraaaaa….mai itne dinou se bahut bzzy hun yaar so, aap logun ku text hiee nhi kar payi…bt epi was Aaawwwwhhhhhh…wat 2 say Mind blowing… Finally our TàÑ$hI was rocked..hurreeyyy…

  13. Arbi

    Hey guyzzz wat hepnng ….¿¿¿Why ur Fighting @ Kasam …plzz yaar be a gud person…if I hurt u srry bt don’t mind yaar …we r frndzz …dosti me ladayi Na ji Naaa…plzzz aye fighting stop karou yaar

    • Sia

      Ya Arbi I agree with u as v r family member of our dear kasam family we should not fight….Vafa, Ankit n Kasam plz be friends at least for the sake of me, Arbi n all true member of this family….n Sorry if I hurt anyone by my words….

  14. sweety

    Yeah kratika and mouni Roy are such a great actresses that even kareena kapoor can’t compared them
    U r right vafa.

  15. vafa

    sweety dear. maybe you like acting kareena kapoor but i donot like acting kareena kapoor at all. and also kareena kapoor is acterss movies and she do every scenes even bad scenes but kratika is tv serials cterss and she donot perform every scene . and also sharad hadsaid that kratika is a great acterss. and you also please respect acterss kratika

    • Sia

      Vafa dear my exams r gonna start so for few days I will be busy with that n even not gonna able to text but surely I’m gonna miss u all my family….n hope when I will come back u n kasam will be friends….

  16. sweety

    Vafa dear tum n merit bat ka ulta MATLAB l liya.very bad.mere kehne ka MATLAB that k kratika and mouni Roy kareena s behtar actresses h bulke b uht behtar.tum n merit bat ka ulta MATLAB nikal liya nono……and I also respect and love kratika like u. I m also a Muslim like u. My real name is Dr.Saima.

    .and I also respect and love kratika like

  17. sweety

    And I also love and respect kratika like u. I m big fan of kratika. I everyday watches her show kasam on repeat basis only for her.

  18. vafa

    @sia dear . i am very happy that see yourcomments. and also i hope to get the highest scores. and also alwayz be happy and smilly. i love you alot.

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