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Tanuja was moved as Rishi bends close to her. She recalls Rishi expressed his forever love for her in the hospital as well. He turns the lamp off after correcting her quilt. Tanuja holds his hand and asks why so much care. Rishi thinks he doesn’t care for her, he loves her. He says good night to her.
The next morning, Tanuja gets a call. It was Rishi’s call about a meeting. Varun tells Tanuja this is Rishi’s number. Rishi comes there and tells Tanuja he bought a new phone similar to Tanuja coincidentally. Tanuja thinks this means Divia also has two phones, Poorab’s details must be in the other one. She reminds Rishi of his ultimatum of three days. Rishi tells her to forget about it, its not important anymore.
Tanuja comes downstairs and finds Divia busy in the kitchen. She comes looking

into Divia’s room and goes to her washroom. Nakul comes to Divia’s room and asks for the wallet. Divia comes to the room, Nakul wonders who is in the washroom. They check inside but Tanuja had hidden behind the door. She hears the vibration of phone. Divia comes to washroom and finds the flowers over the sink out of order. Tanuja finds a way to get out of the washroom. Divia takes the phone and speaks to Malaika that Tanuja isn’t dead, she suspects Tanuja is behind her and even came to her room to find the proof. Malaika tells Divia to push Tanuja off the roof, she would half die atleast.
Upstairs, Tanuja wonders if she heard the vibrations, where was the phone. Tanuja comes to the room. Rishi had come right out of the bath and his towel fell off. Tanuja turns around. Rishi goes behind the wall and wears his pants. Tanuja hands him his shirt. Rishi notices there wasn’t a button on his shirt. Tanuja comes to stitch it. He watches Tanuja as she stitch the button of his shirt. The needle pricks Tanuja’s hand. Rishi holds it out of care at once. Divia comes there questioning why Tanuja went into her room. Rishi was angry at Tanuja. Divia stops Tanuja from leaving behind Rishi and warns if she keeps on spying, she would tell about it to the whole family. Tanuja must be careful about it the next time.
Later, Tanuja comes to Divia’s washroom and looks around the sink. She looks under the sink and finally discovers the phone under it. She walks across the corridor hiding the phone. Divia wonders why Tanuja passed her silently and follows Tanuja.
In the hall, Rano was speaking to Pandit ji. Rishi and men walked to the hall. Tanuja comes to Rano and gives her the phone saying this contains the records of Divia’s calls to Poorab and Malaika. Bee ji looks into the phone. Tanuja says she already knew Divia called Poorab through this phone to file a fake FIR. Bee ji says this phone needs a password. Tanuja asks Divia about the password.

PRECAP: Ahana says the woman who has been silent for years is suddenly so active, this means there is something wrong. She assures her trust over Tanuja in anyway. Divia says she would make Tanuja make tea for family today, and then she won’t be able to cook again. She mingles with gas cylinder.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Iss serial m kbhi kuch aacha hoga bhi tanuja k saath mujhe to lgta h ki iss baar bhi uske 7 galat hi hoga?

  2. I love it

  3. Omg kal kya honewala hai precap Maine nahi dekha abhi padi this kuch samaj nahi aara koi mujhe batao what happened in precap

  4. aishiaMaliHelly 2

    one thing is for sure just strange ; unreal ;unacceptable & nerve getting ; shows;like ksam;
    have the same category ; fan s&admirers

  5. @aishiaMaliHelly 2
    It is ?
    And we are happy to watch … because for us it’s entertainment. A show.

    Well you have one point it’s unreal.
    But on concept level it was in real. But people watched it.

    People like us. Watched it.

    Because I have never seen people reborn for love.::: and remembered everything , and got plastic surgery done of the same face.

    It is unreal. BUT it is a show ?

    Tanuja trying to prove her innocence can’t be unreal.
    Divya having agnst againt the family can’t be unreal.

    Yaa the love is unreal and for that unreal love only we watch the show kasam-Tere PYAAR ki ?

    I really wish show would have telecasted on Dil se Dil Tak slot.

    I get late. And often have to watch it on Voot.

    But. Still loving the show

    1. aishiaMaliHelly 2

      madam Indian, it is too late ;so ;I reply when today’s page allow us for commenting;


  6. I know againtanuja will be prove wrong just because of her over confident cant she first check phone & then give to others

  7. Plzz this time tannu should be real with her proof…..

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