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Manpreet asks Rano who this girl is and what her name is. Rano says she isn’t in a mood to joke and doesn’t want to talk to her.
Ahna spots Raaj and moves towards him. Bani watches her and stops Ahna’s way. She takes her aside strictly. Bee ji asks what is burning. Rano says her heart is burning, she hates this girl Tannu. Manpreet asks Rano to calm down.
Bani takes Ahna aside and asks if they sisters can’t bear Neha’s happiness. Ahna asks if she cares about them? Bani says she thought about them, she told Tannu and she understood but Ahna is really a spoilt child. Ahna asks if this is how aunts are supposed to be, she accuses Bani of snatching their house. If there was Shanta in Bani’s place she would have thought about Neha and Swati first. Bani asks Ahna to go and plead for some

help. Ahna says she doesn’t want any mercies, neither from her nor from Raaj. Someone calls that there is fire. Rano calls Rishi and cries for him. Everyone ran for life. Raaj and family called Rishi.
Rishi runs around the hotel looking for Tannu. His dupatta gets fire while running in the corridor, careless he runs calling Tannu. Rano cries for Rishi, Manpreet holds her from running behind him.
Ahna comes to store room calling Tannu and wonders where Tannu has gone. She wonders if she is still at the venue and goes to look for her.
Rishi watches Tannnu in the kitchen and asks where she has been, he was looking for her for long. Tannu watches his dupatta on fire and throws a whole bucket of water over him. He asks if she is in so much love with water, she must tell him first. She tells him there was fire on his stroller. He tells her there is fire outside. Tannu was shocked to hear this and watches this from window. Rishi asks her to see his heart’s fires, spreading all around. Tannu says he just got engaged, he is flirting her. He says he always wants to flirt her, he was looking for her to tell he doesn’t know whom he got engaged to. They share an eye lock. Rishi holds her hand and says he only likes her. It isn’t a joke but a truth.
Raaj asks everyone to calm down. Manpreet wonders who exactly is Tannu, either the one who got engaged, or the one who Rishi calls Tannu. Neha goes to call fire brigade. Bee ji asks if they got this girl (Neha) only, couldn’t they engage Rishi to the other girl. Rano says she also dislikes this girl.
Neha watches Sandy, he asks if she hasn’t got her bags to run away with him. She asks him to leave this place. Sandy asks how he can leave his parents in law in trouble.
Rishi hugs Tannu. She pushes him away and says this is all wrong, he is engaged. Rishi says he doesn’t know the girl he is engaged to. They find people running away. Tannu says they must go. Rishi says they aren’t going. Tannu says there is fire. Rishi says be it. He asks Tannu what is wrong between them, if she feels something for him. She must forget what happened, what is wrong between them? He held her on the wall, holds her hand, touches her shoulder and face and asks if this is wrong that he holds her? He asks her to say this is wrong. Tannu just looks into his eyes. Rishi holds her hand tight and says he is telling her the truth, there is nothing wrong between them. Tannu shouts everything is wrong, he, she and everyone. She runs outside, Rishi follows her.
Tannu was trapped in fires, Rishi comes behind her; suffocating with the smoke. He laughs and says even God doesn’t want her to go away from him. Tannu requests him to go out. He says he has to talk to her, remove the misunderstandings that he isn’t interested in the girl he got engaged to. He is only interested in her. A wall support fell over Rishi, Tannu goes to struggle with it but it was heavy. Rishi was fainting. Tannu calls for help and cries. Guljeet hears the sound and wonders who this girl can be. He comes to Raaj and Manpreet who argues with each other. Ahna comes calling Tannu and watches the hotel on fire. Bani watches Ahna arrive. She goes calling Tannu. Rano stops Ahna and asks where she is going. Rano says Tannu has gone to parking. Bani looks at her apologetically. Rano says this all is happening because of Tannu, she is a bad omen. Her Rishi got into problem as soon as he wore the ring. Raaj tells Rano to stop this accusation, their Rishi is stuck in fire.
Tannu struggles with the wall support. She says she can’t let anything happen to Rishi and prays for a way to be shown. She spots a fallen curtain, ties it with the support and drags it the other way. She was finally successful in moving it off Rishi, goes to wake him up. She sprinkles water over him, he finally wakes up.
Ahna finds Neha in the parking. She wonders if Tannu is in fires inside. She prays for Tannu and goes inside. Sandy goes to help inside.
Tannu holds Rishi up, helping him stand, supports him over her shoulder and asks him to go out. She herself was drained with the heat and smoke. He fell over her. She thinks may be their death will unite them now. She had hugged Rishi.

PRECAP: Tannu and Rishi were stuck in fire. Rishi fell down, Tannu also faints with him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. awesome serial …
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