Kasam 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Natasha brings Rishi and Tanuja closer

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The Episode starts with Tanuja getting sprain in her foot. Abhishek gets concerned for her. Beeji asks Manpreet to tell Rishi to feed food to Tanuja. Rano says why will Rishi feed her. Manpreet says Ahana will feed her. Abhishek tells Tanuja that she will be fine and asks her not to worry. Rishi comes there and says he brought bandage and will bandage her foot, asks abhishek to go. Raj brings doctor and tells she sprained her foot while getting down the stairs. Doctor checks and says it is a slight sprain and tells Rishi that he is feeling pain as he is her husband. Rishi says yes, he is. Abhishek says he is a friend. Doctor asks her to apply bandage. Rishi and Abhishek insist to apply bandage to her foot. Tanuja asks Rishi why did he come and sit near her. She thinks you loves me even now. Rishi ties bandage

to her foot. Tanuja thinks Rishi is showing right on her, and she also wants him to show right on her. Tere Bina song plays…..

Raj asks Abhishek to let Tanuja stay here for 2-3 days. Abhishek says you are her Bau ji and please don’t permission from me, you can order me that she will stay here until she gets fine. He says can we all stay here until she gets fine. Beeji says it is good. Abhishek says they can’t live without Tanuja as she handles his home. Maasi says she is caretaker just by name, but actually a family member. Rishi says Tanuja shall accept my family as hers and tells Rano that she returned. Maasi says Tanuja is ours. Beeji says she is ours since decades and says as she stays here. Rishi tells Manpreet that he is feeling peace today. Manpreet hugs Rishi. Servant comes and says their hello brother started.

Natasha is crying and asks Rishi to take her to Mamma. Rishi says ok. Tanuja is seeing magazine and admiring Rishi’s pic in it. Rishi and Natasha come there. Natasha asks can I sleep with you. Tanuja says ok. Rishi says good night. Natasha asks him to sleep with them and says she is getting scared. Rishi says this is your house and nobody can trouble you, and says mummy is here. Tanuja asks him to stay and says Natasha wants him to stay. Rishi says ok. Natasha asks him to tell lori. Rishi says lori. Natasha sleeps. Rishi keeps his hand on Natasha and Tanuja’s head. Tanuja smiles.

Abhishek sees Servant and asks what you are doing here. Servant says I am identifying your new house as if anyone asks for tea, then I will be searching kitchen. Tanuja keeps her hand on his hand and smiles. Rishi opens his hand. Kasam tere pyaar ki plays. Tanuja thanks him.

Natasha asks Rishi to take her to Papa. Tanuja tells Abhishek that seems like the moment spent with the family was afresh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. the pain AK eyes for the little girl that has been his daughter!! so sad. Tanuja Tanuja keeps falling for the same trap again until she gets hurt again. AK has been there all this time, given her space in his home. Made it her home and treated her like part of his family. This is how she repays him. Rishi does not even care for his other daughter. how much did he miss her when he just left to stay away from her fat AKs house!
    Please unite Tanuja and AK!!

  2. ** at AKs house! appology in the typo! 🙂

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