Kasam 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: AK follows Netra’s advice and fills Tanuja’s ears against Rishi

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The Episode starts with Tanuja telling Rishi that she wants to trust him and tells that AK don’t love her as he knows how much she loves him (rishi) and says AK likes girls who wears short dresses. Rishi thinks he can’t tell Tanuja about AK and hurt her. Tanuja gives him clothes and asks him to wear it. Ahana and Manpreet take Rano and Raj home. They say why there is no light. Everyone surprises them and wishes them happy anniversary. Raj and Rano hug each other. Beeji asks them to touch her feet. Raj pulls Ahana and Manpreet’s ears. Manpreet says Beeji asked him. Rishi says it was Tanuja’s plan. Rano acts to be emotional and asks if it was her plan. Tanuja says yes. Rano blesses her. Netra gets angry. Maasi, AK and Myra come home. Tanuja greets them. Rishi asks AK not to do this again. AK says I will.

Rishi asks Servant to throw flower in the dustbin.

Manpreet talks to Piyali and tells about his relation with Ahana. He says their fights were original except other things. Ahana comes to manpreet and demands divorce. Manpreet says you don’t need to stay with me from tonight.

Netra comes to AK. AK says I don’t need your advice as you are vamp and I am hero. She asks him to tell Tanuja about his plan, so that she don’t doubt on him. Rishi looks at Tanuja. Haule haule song pkays. Tanuja makes him drink. Rishi says today you are Teej’s moon. Tanuja says it is dooj’s moon. AK looks at Tanuja and comes to her. Haale Dil Mera plays…Tanuja asks do you need anything? AK says your husband will not like it. Rishi says he is a good man and tells that she is very happy with him. AK tells Tanuja that Rishi is possessive about her and thinks I love you and want to take you home. Tanuja says everything will be fine soon. AK thinks Netra’s idea was good and thinks not to tell her. Rano calls Netra and asks what you were talking to AK. She says you were planning to separate tanuja and rishi. Netra says I am not interested in your lecture and talks arrogantly. She says she needs mangasultra of Rishi’s wife. Rano thinks Netra has gone mad. Ahana thinks of Manpreet. She sees Piyali hugging a man and thinks he is Manpreet. Piyali says I was waiting for hug you. Ahana thinks to break her face. Piyali says don’t know when we will unite and when you will be divorce. Ahana is shocked and angry.

Rishi asks AK to enjoy party, have food and get lost. He warns him not to be seen in or around his house again else he will ban his entry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. If Tanuja is made to look dumb this time Kasam will lose a lot of fans..coz of putting out negative all the time. Who would want to watch a woman so dumb that she can not solve any puzzle.and goes against her husband all the time. Love is about listening to each other and work together to solve problems.

  2. AnotherLeap again no way writers sucks seriously

    1. Natasha bade hote ya..tanshi new janam????
      Leap ka kya samge hum

  3. Please complete the written update soon.

  4. majak bana diya hai… writter ne
    Es show ka

  5. Yashwant sagtani

    Kasam is getting boring

  6. Update the story soon please

  7. The dramatic Ahana. It’s like writers don’t want this drama to have happiness all round. The Bedis women are made to be stuborn..unforgiving..selfish. hard hearted. We had enough of that from Tanuja’s behaviour. .now its Ahana.It seems the Bedi man are nice guys but they are unlucky to have these controlling..mean women. Beeji is the only woman who has a loving nature. .Rano does not hide her mean charector what u see is what u get. Tanuja god she smiles in front of everyone one but treat her husband like a door mat. Ahana is the same that secret she kept from Tanuja shows she is self centered ..like Tanuja she is a drama queen who jumps into conclusion ..does not want to listen and pretend she does not want anything to do with Mantreep but keeps following him …standing in corners to listen. I Just press the skip button when that part comes on. Pliz let Tanuja and Rishi see what Netra and AK want to do and fight as a couple to defeat them. I just can’t stand any negative from Tanuja coz u make her to over do her meaness and cruelity towards Rishi. It just makes her not look genuine in what ever she wants to do. Even romancing Rishi she looks mean just want to distroy his soul. Pliz enough.

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