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UC and Manpreet go to bring Rishi to the centre. Bani sends Neha there too. She comes to dance with Rishi. Tannu feels upset about it. Sandy goes to the centre and drags Neha to herself. Bee ji goes to Tannu and takes her to Rishi. She gives their hands into each other’s. Ahna wonders what happens to Tannu watching Rishi, she will be hurt later. Tannu is uncomfortable with the music, Rishi holds her hand and swirls her around dancing with her. Neha leaves Sandy and goes to a side. Raaj dislikes the intimacy between Tannu and Rishi. Everyone closely watch them dance. Everyone claps over the dance. Rishi says this is his luck. Tannu looks at the enraged Bani staring at her. Ahna drags her away. Everyone appreciates Rishi’s performance. Tannu thinks she knows the truth, still when he comes in front of her

she gets uncontrollable.
Pandit ji comes to call them for engagement. Raaj says Rishi’s fate is calling him. Sandy comes to ask Neha where they are going, she is going as if she is getting engaged. Bani gets something stuck in throat and takes Neha aside for water. Manpreet announces that the groom has come over and asks for clapping. Tannu and Neha stood in front of each other. Manpreet calls Tannu saying his brother is restless for him. Bani says she forgot to send Tannu outside worried about Sandy. Tannu heads towards the stage, shocked and worried. Bani sends Neha towards the stage as it is her sister’s engagement, taking approval from Sandy.
Rishi thinks that he laughed at his dad’s talks of fate seven days before, but now he thinks he is related to Tanu for seven lifetimes. Swati was worried about the truth disclosing. Bani calls Swati and asks her to take Sandy away. She calls Sandy and tells him that Neha wants him to meet him outside. Sandy says she is in front of him, but Swati says after leaving Tannu on stage she will meet him. Rishi thanks Raaj for getting him the best gift of life. Taanu comes to Rishi, she turns around to see Neha behind her. Bee ji gives the ring to Rishi and asks Guljeet about his ring. Guljeet shows her Tannu’s father’s ring. Tannu was at the verge of crying and heads to leave when Bani gets hold of her. She says in a sister’s engagement a sister puts the ring on. She hands the ring to Tannu. Tannu holds the ring.
Sandy waits for Neha outside. Swati curtly says Neha only got this bull. Sandy thinks about going inside to see when Swati asks Sandy what he is doing here, Neha is waiting for him in the parking. She is in the car. Sandy was excited that she is ready to run away with him also. He thanks Swati.
UC tells Rishi that first the bride will put on the ring, Manpreet asks Rishi to give her his hand. Neha takes the ring from Tannu’s hand and put it in Rishi’s finger. Everyone claps, Rishi, Bee ji and Ahna were shocked. Raaj asks Rishi to put on the ring, Neha wears the ring from Rishi’s hand. He watches Tannu crying and was shocked. Tannu leaves the hall, Rishi was about to complain Raaj but Raaj says today he is really happy. All this happiness is because of him. Rishi goes behind Tannu.
Tannu cries in the back yard. Ahna comes there and hugs Tannu. Tannu says her bauji had given that ring to her. Today someone else gave that ring to Rishi. She feels someone has snatched her Bauji. He had a single dream, of her and Rishi’s marriage. That dream because her life for her. When they got Raaj’s mail, she tried to forget Rishi, when he came to her she doesn’t know what happened but she couldn’t stay away from him. His eyes told everything he couldn’t. She couldn’t see him getting engaged to Neha, it seems as if someone has taken her life. Ahna felt enraged. Tannu wishes her dreams are fulfilled, but everything has ended now. Ahna looks around at the thunderous night, she says this all is because of Raaj. He must not have done the promise he couldn’t fulfil. She goes inside.
There in the temple, the lady watches the mountains getting fire. She is worried how that couple can break.
In the hotel, a curtain gets fire. Rishi asks Ahna where her sister is. Ahna forbids him go to her, he promised someone else and engaged someone else. She goes to talk to Raaj.

PRECAP: Rishi comes looking for Tannu, Tannu watches the fire on his dress and throws water over him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. please upload today episode on youtube humblee request

  2. Anyone just pls tell me why tis serial s not uploaded n YouTube..??? It’s 1 of d best serial I hav watched… Luvly… <3

    1. U can watch this serial at desifive.com

      1. U cqn watch on yodesi.net

    2. you can watch kasam on colours official app…

  3. thanq Sona for update I was waiting for this

  4. Oh so sad… Rishi got engaged with neha.. :-O

  5. this serial is making me crazy….after watching one episod I can’t even wait 4 one day to watch it’s another episod……

  6. It was too late.. U took a long time fr updating..Please updates should be fast.???

  7. Hi. This serial is so emotional and complicated and amazing at the same time that i have to watch one episode a week to not fall in depression … 🙁 so many misunderstandings yaar !

  8. am also getting very crazy abt this show . i just like all actors and its concept to be frank am loveing rishi very much

  9. Everyday I am really going mad on tis show,I am eagerly waiting for d written updates every day. It’s really awesome :-*

  10. I don’t like the concept of Tanu life getting shorter with Everytime she saves Rishi’s life from danger, but I love the chemistry between the leads.

    Kartika is so beautiful n graceful… I saw ppl saying negative stuff about her weight in earlier updates, that’s so sad she is human being and having a perfect 0 figure doesn’t make a woman beautiful. I like the way she is in the show. A perfect curvy beautiful woman.

    1. the people who were saying negative things about Kratika were all MATSH fans who want to put this show down. Kratika is an awesome actress. be it Jhansi Lakshmi Bai, Punar Vivah or Kasam she kills with her expressions

    2. I feel she is not actually fat but writers r casting her that way so that she can look like typical punjabi girl..
      I noticed like Some artificial stuff hd been done for this.. dont knw if m wrng bt i feel like that..
      She was not looking that much fat in lehenga during engagement ceromony while she looks fat in her punjabi dresses

      1. She is not lean like typical female leads ,may be that is why the criticisms,but as far as acting is concerned looks really don’t matter,agree with u guys totally on that,after all,beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,and certain actors who don’t fit into the clichéd concepts of beauty (framed by the majority)has surprised with acting,Nana sir,in malayalam Srinivasan Sir, etc,and i feel Kratika is an amazing actress,there is life in her expressions,I haven’t watched her before but became a fan after watching two ,three episodes of Kasam itself…

  11. Chemistry between tanu &rishi is very good,,,,, please don’t change kratika✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

  12. excellent drama i like tanu and rishi

  13. Love chemistry between Rishi and Tannu #TANSHI ??Awesome serial Im having my exams started im a science student n instead of stydying i wait for episode to get started ?Gone crazy for this serial

    Please dont make Tannu to die ??They both are amazing together …
    Sharad im in love with this guy He is so adorable n handsome Damn his one in milllion smile??I love Rishi#Sharad

  14. Love chemistry between Rishi and Tannu #TANSHI ??Awesome serial Im having my exams started im a science student n instead of stydying i wait for episode to get started ?Gone crazy for this serial Hopefully everything about thst bani should be known by Raaj

    Please dont make Tannu to die ??They both are amazing together …
    Sharad im in love with this guy He is so adorable n handsome Damn his one in milllion smile??I love Rishi#Sharad

  15. ow..poor tanu ..why this always happen with lovers only..let them live their love..don’t know when writers will make tanu dead so plz …rishi is soo cute ..I love his naughty character..😜😜

  16. Total crappppppppp and bakwaaaaaaaaaaas

  17. today’s episode was nice.rishi he’s just awesome.if tanu dies also she will come again.but how i just donno ?guys do you hav any idea.but whatever now the track is getting more interesting.i feel bad for tanu it’s all because of that lalchi chachi.i think this show will be hit.tanshi r really mindblowing.

  18. guys i’m also matsh fan and kasam fan also.kratika is really a talented actress and she is really beautiful.

  19. Just loving Sharad and Kratika in this show. They are killing it with their chemistry as Tanu and Rishi.

    Ahana is my favorite character apart from the leads. She’s so spunky .

  20. Absolutely agree with some of the commentators above. Kratika is very talented and has an expressive face. People should check out her performance as Jhansi rani to understand what I am talking about.

    Coincidence-both lead actors have done historicals.

  21. Today’s epi was so sad & emotional too. Bt loved it nonetheless . Rishi’s got a 1000 Watt killer smile!!!!!!! I really really luv his smile. And Kartika’s acting was superb too. I’m already in luv with #Tanshi!!!! Waiting for the epi where their misunderstandings get cleared!!!!!!!!!

  22. even though ahanaa is fat she is cute and bubbly.i just luv her.

    1. She reminds me of cute chubby version of bulbul from kkb…? I like Ahanaa too

      1. Agree with you guys, playing her role very well.

  23. End very soon kasam biggest flop in 2016

  24. H
    ow stupid is this show.I was giving this show a chance but it seems that they all use the same script after the pilot. Might as well watch chhoti anandi. Same 10 yr old writers.

  25. U can watch the entire episode after 2 days in voot viacom app

  26. Now it is time for confrontation. rishi will confront bani and tannu realize rishi’s love

  27. Im so exited for today’s episode because the truth that swati and neha are not tanu and ahana will be revealed in front of everyone,hope rano will accept tanu after knowing the truth

  28. This story is just like kid desh mein hai mera dil , prem and heer were to get engaged but here’s father died and then her chachi got her daughter as heer and for her engaged to prem and troubled heer

  29. Seriously twink.;-)

  30. Oh shit! Light has gone and now i cant see today’s episode.:-(

  31. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    nice i agree with u vaibav dear . u r correct bro…

    1. Excuse me! You,vaibavh and satya, if you three do’nt want to see this serial so why are you giving bad remarks on this serial?please i request you not to say bad things about this drama if you do’nt want to see it! Thank you!

  32. Guys? Can you tell me what happened in yesterday’s episode please?

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