Kasam 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi stops Tanuja and AK’s marriage

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The Episode starts with Tanuja and AK sitting for their marriage. Tanuja recalls her first marriage with Rishi when she was Tanu in her first birth. Chaha Tumko Chaha plays…..Pandit ji asks them to take rounds. AK gives his hand and helps her get up. They take the rounds. Pandit ji asks Tanuja to step after 3 rounds. Once the rounds are completed, Pandit ji asks them to come and asks AK to fill sindoor in Tanuja’s forehead and complete the marriage. AK picks sindoor on the coin and is about to fill her maang, when she recalls Rishi’s words and promise, AK’s words that she will be his wife soon. She turns towards AK and bends down her head. AK is about to fill vermillion in her forehead when Rishi comes and says stop it, this marriage can’t happen. Tanuja asks AK to ignore Rishi and fill her maang.

Rishi says marriage can’t happen as we are still married and our divorce was not done. Tanuja says he is lying and says she had signed on the divorce papers. Rishi says they had signed, but the divorce was rejected in court. AK says you just wants to cancel our marriage.

Rishi says I have proofs and calls Manpreet. AK reads the papers and says your divorce is rejected. Tanuja says this can’t be true. Rishi says he called real lawyer and asks him to say. Lawyer says you are still husband and wife. Tanuja says he is lying and making fun of relations. Rishi says I know that my wife will not agree so soon and calls Inspector asking him to arrest Tanuja for marrying someone else, even though she is married to him. AK says he is lying and tells that he made fake papers. He had organize our wedding, why didn’t you tell before. Rishi asks Inspector to arrest Tanuja. AK asks Inspector not to arrest him. Inspector says you are betrayed by this woman and says how she can’t know that she is not divorced.

Police arrests Tanuja and takes her from there. AK gets angry on him. Rishi says he got frustrated when he tried to marry her, and says you can’t think what will happen next.
Kanchal asks Netra to do her packing and come. Netra says I will not go anywhere. Kanchal says I am not taking you for forever to Bangalore, but you can stay at my house in Mumbai and come here whenever you wants. Netra looks on. Kanchal says sorry for hurting her heart and asks her to come. Netra says Tania? Rano says Tania is going with you. Beeji asks her to go for some days.

Rishi and Manpreet laugh on their plan. AK is sad and recalls the moments with Tanuja. Rohit comes there and asks what is he thinking. AK asks him to ask Myra and Maasi to pack their bags and says they will go back to London.

Tanuja asks why you are not talking to me. AK asks her to change the bridal dress and says it reminds him everything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh so sad, pk his dreams shattered and tanshek face went blank when rishi came back . I am so happy yesssssssssssssss .rishi rocks , tanuja shocked , poor girl now will have to go to jail ,she deserves that rishi was unable to bear the marriage with netra for 5 min also and this tanuja sick did almost all rituals hope she suffers more, but I love kratika even she thinks that fans are tortured a lot but actors cannot do anything she stated . Unite tanshi , and expose netra , remove pk

    1. Really. If ur husband and his family treated u like shit. U would still go back. Rishi the dickless a*sh*le who is still.holding on to his mothers skirt does not deserve tanu.

  2. Unite tanshi

  3. Rishi rocked.pls unite tanshi.

  4. I have no words for the writer of kasam. I think he has taken “kasam” that es show ko worse than worsen bana dunga. Now he is experimenting with Indian law after making fun of Indian religious rituals. How he forgot this all theses days that they are judicially not separated. His advocate never advised him during custody case. And despite of having knowledge of this he is fixing his marriage with Netra. Just as per the whims and fancy of the writer, writer is throwing any baseless and damn story. Why all of these days Rishi is beating around the bush. How the writer forgot that they have filed divorce petition under mutual consent and if spouse not interested to stay together court won’t compel them. Then under what circumstances court rejects their plea. While making allegations and counter allegations about inability of Tanuja to take care of his child whether Rishi conveniently forget this or what. And what about Rishi … He is staying under one roof with Netra as husband and wife with a kid for last 7 years and now a days about to get marry then in that situation can’t he be charge for bigamy and adultery for that. Totally indigestible. It’s like a spider web, writer himself trapped in his web while dragging the story and now he don’t know how to come out. Really God bless this people and it’s viewer also.

    1. Hi Aparna,
      I Completely agreed… i’ve stopp Watching it cuz one can only take some much… i had reached my max!
      I just read writen updated for the past couple of episodes n regrading it, lol
      Honestly, AK is better looking n acting better too…plus in reality a girl with Tunuja’s background wouldn’t say no to him, especially after he changed himself completely for her n her daughter.
      Heck Tunuja talk straight to AK while with Rishi she always had to beat around the bushes or give million explanations.

    2. Totally agree its made a mockery of just about everything going. I hate rishi to the core what a disgusting and horrible have sband if tanu still loves him after that. Then she needs a brain transplant.

  5. What a crap loaded show… so he gets to trash her, throw her out of his house many time, n force himself on her n she should abide by it??? Some Kasam that is…
    One can learn to love if he/she is respected but every love story comes to a Disgusting end if there is no love n trust.
    In reality AK kinda guy is a next to perfect life partner but of course he’s not the main lead so a jerk who happened to be a lead role gets the girl.
    I wonder if he’s not concerned of his little dtr as to what she’ll go thru knowing that her mother’s been arrested. Or what his “junamo n kasamo wala pyar” aka tunuja will go thru in jail… need i remind u what happens to women in jail???
    By the way: law also says that if one of the spouse has no whereabouts in other spouse’s life for 7 yrs… that marriage is void.
    I guess not in TV duniya

    1. Ektha has one messed up life. But then thats common knowledge.

  6. I don’t understand why all are blaming rishi only and abusing sharad , seriously tanuja is also doing wrong you all are not seeing that many a times rishi have supported tanuja , yes in starting he threw her out of house but for reason that was her family background because he considered that what neha bani ,their daugters planned to trap rishi and his family for money and also sandy told rishi that tanuja is his daughter , she with her sisters was send with a motive , tanuja dint know about these all things. How can rishi agree to let a girl who’s father has killed his love infront of him will bear her in his house after the betrayal then she came as his wife and then he accepted her , later tanuja hided truth because she dint trusted rishi to tell , then rishi again threw her but again because he considered that she complained wrong against his family which naturally any one do but he realized his mistake soon and himself went again to tanuja and saved her and brougt her home back inspite of his mom’s condition bad he went against his mom ,so how he is mom’s boy , tanuja learned that she is only tanu but katyani bai lied to her about her kundali , she hided the truth of her identity because she dint trusted rishi and come into others talks . Then also everything was ok but chipkali came and tanuja requested rishi to convince mom and rishi fighted for their love with his mom then how is he mom’s boy . Purab came ,tanuja hided with rishi about his motives and hided truth again because she dint trusted rishi .she although loved rishi but after a lot of force put up by rishi never told the truth of her taking his property also rishi trusted her,when she blamed divya on there aniversarry but all things went wrong rish I was completely broken whenever he went to tanuja she rejected his love,always as tanu also and tanuja also then to teach tanuja lesson and make her to accept her love for him he decided to marry netra but she was still mum , rishi took a lot of care of tanuja and so did she , but cvs created misunderstanding that tanuja was talking to rano about her love for rishi but he dint heard full and was shattered . He asked tanuja to sign the papers but initially she dint and yes she was right but situation was wrong as malaika came into screen and stole papers and them tanuja dint trusted rishi that he dint slept with netra and went away then after their fight she also hided about natasha because again she dint trusted rishi , now rishi is begging and regretting and trying to rectify his mistake but what tanuja don’t trust rishi so she insults him . Abhishek who never knew that he loved tanuja till7 years but when he got to know about rishi started loving her and for seven years enjoyed with girls and took help of tanuja to get rid of them is considered so mahaan and loved more than rishi by some exceptional people , I think such people should not watch kasam because tanshi will only unite watever the case may be, bash the cvs not the characters

  7. There is no story line anymore…but writers need to fill the air time allotted to this Ekta! Waste of good quality time for better shows! And audience is stupid because we are still watching with the hope of show getting better! Colars is wasting loads of money on a show like this! You also can’t belame the actors..it’s their job to act as the producers and writers want them to….

  8. Lilly I agree with you.The writers In most Indian soap make it look like keeping secrets makes a good person. Tanuja kept secret about Smileys to the extent that she was being thrown out of the house. The second secret was about property,though it was Raj who made her do it. She was so mean to Rishi, enjoying the torture. . Her character is bossy and mean..competing with Rish. .she can’t do that to Abisheck he looks like a no nonsense man. Rishi did wrong by engaging Netra in front of her.but he has apologised so many times…if she doesn’t want Rishi..Let.Natasha know that Rishi is her father. No wonder Rano does not want her ..her charecter is over powering bossy to every one…do as I say. Writers must tone her charecter a bit. The shouting is too much. Now she looks like a cheap woman after the arrest and Abisheck ignoring her….he is not playing your game anymore woman..let him live his life stop chasing him…now that u know u are still married just apologise to Abisheck for sucking him in your problems and Bedis ……Abisheck didn’t know what he was getting himself into…with a member of the mean self centered families Tanuja is a Bedis after all…they use you and spit you out.

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