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In the office, Tanuja recalls the temple lady who told Tanuja that no matter whatever she wants, but her luck will bring her where her fate has been connected. Tanuja wonders if this is in her fate, whom she is going to meet here. Rishi’s photo fell off, she was going to correct it. A colleague comes to take Tanuja for lunch, before their boss comes. Tanuja excuses that she isn’t hungry, but her boss would laugh if he watches this broken shoe. The colleague tells her that their boss never laugh.
In the car, Rishi thinks about Manpreet’s mention of Tannu. He takes her photo from his wallet and smiles speaking to it. He says today Manpreet was missing her, if she remember when he and UV were beating him and she came in. Manpreet had requested her to marry his brother. He says whenever he is upset,

Manpreet raises her courage by telling him that no one can part them both in any life. He weeps that Manpreet is true, and kiss the photo of Tannu saying he is missing her, please come back.
Tanuja gets her shoe fixed at the cobbler, she wonders who that person who never laugh is. She was nervous what if she speaks something senseless and he throws her out of it. Rishi reaches the office, and bends inside the car to take his bag. A snatches steals his wallet, he was a boy wearing a green stroller. Rishi chases him, the thief fell on the road and leave his wallet and stroller there. Tanuja picks them up and runs behind the thief to return him the wallet. She was tired running behind him and pants, Rishi stops her. Both were shocked to see each other, Tanuja explains she thought this was his wallet. Rishi calls her a thief and drags her along. On the way, Tanuja felt hurt. Rishi calls the driver to get the car, he needs to go to police station.
At Bani’s home, Neha and Bani tell the girls that there are a number of ways to earn money. One way is hardwork, and through hardwork they can never earn anything. The other way is to marry someone rich, in their case that rich guy is Nakul. He would only marry them if he fall in love with them. They mention different types of love tactics.
Rishi drags Tanuja to the police station, he asks the inspector to file an FIR against her. Tanuja explains she didn’t steal his purse, she explains that she was getting her shoe fixed at cobbler. Someone hit her and the wallet fall off. She was running towards the man, considering this wallet to be his but then Rishi came that this purse was his. Rishi insists that she is making stories, and turns to leave. Tanuja cries aloud, Rishi turns around helplessly.
Bee ji comes looking for Tanuja, and thinks that Tanuja must live somewhere nearby. She spots the beggars and promises to give them 100 rupees today as well, if they tell her about the girl. The beggar says angels don’t come daily, Bee ji gives another 100 rupees to the beggar. She think about finding the girl and take her home, hiring her for some job. She was upset that Tanuja didn’t return to her, and prays for her safety wherever she is.
Rishi approaches Tanuja and was about to console her, then asks why she even steal the wallet. Tanuja insists she didn’t steal. She accepts that he considers her a trouble, but she doesn’t put him in any trouble deliberately. The inspector asks if they know each other, the lady constable suggests they must be lovers. Rishi calls her a trouble, he only came to hand a thief to police. The inspector asks if she even steal the money. Tanuja says she didn’t. Rishi insists there is a lot more expensive thing in the purse that money. Tanuja counters that may be he doesn’t know whose wallet it is, and he just wants her to get trapped. Rishi shows her his id, and shows them Tannu’s photo saying this is the most expensive thing. Tanuja couldn’t see and wonders what’ important for Rishi than his life.

PRECAP: Tanuja brings a cake to the room. It was hit by Rishi’s back, both Tanuja and Rishi’s face were ruined.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I forgive siddhi only for dear sia and anika .

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks vafa

  2. Anika,Siddhi I only want to say one thing don’t ever let anyone to create problems/misunderstanding/fights between u because fights didn’t prove to be good and Karan what to say about u I could say one thing bout u even without reading your comments that u feels entertaining by creating fights between others(only for fun) or may be u became so much angry when anyone talks against your cousin generally I had no right to talk about anyone of u but only commenting here for my Siddhi although I am late but I am her’s so I had the right to talk in this matter sorry if u mind it but I don’t favor anyone but only peace and sorry Karan if I said anything wrong or said the truth

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and actually Karan is a little angry person so whenever someone talks bad about me or some of the member then he gets angry so he shouts but he is good by heart

      1. I know Siddhi I also does this but some times try to control my anger but it’s very difficult

  3. Thank u Vafa n Anika 4 respecting my words….Anyways happy 2 see positive things….

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