Kasam 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhishek gets drunk being jealous

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The Episode starts with Tanuja coming to Rishi and says you said that you will come and meet me when you gets normal. Rishi asks if she felt bad. Tanuja says sorry for scolding him and says I shouldn’t have done this. Rishi says atleast you got affected seeing me feeling bad. She sees moon through the window and tells that it is sparkling. Rishi says whenever he used to look at the moon, he used to think that she was also looking at it. He asks if they can start afresh. Tere Bina Plays………..They look at each other.

Rohit asks Abhishek not to drink much and asks him to go home. Abhishek says it is not my home, that Rishi’s house. Rohit says Maasi called and asked about him. He asks what Tanuja will think if she knows that you are drunk. Abhishek says she knows that I drink and have no problem.

Rohit says he will take him home.

Rishi makes Tanuja sit. He asks why she hurts herself. Tanuja says you don’t know how I felt when you was not with me for 7 years. She says she used to curse herself thinking why did she love him. Rishi says I never curse myself as the moments which I spent with you was the most memorable one and I am more lucky than you and you are also lucky. He asks if she wants to dine with him. Tanuja says my foot is hurt and paining and that’s why I can’t walk and can’t go to my home. Rishi says he will get restaurant on terrace. Tanuja says she will think and tell him and says good morning. Rishi says you are my everything.

Natasha asks Myra if she does make up before sleeping. Myra says no. Natasha says even me and asks about her make up kit. Myra asks her to see. Natasha says she will do her make up. Myra says you knows make up. Natasha says yes. Maasi comes and says Myra…you are making her as yours. Natasha says she is only one. Maasi and Myra laughs.

Rishi and Manpreet are taking. Beeji comes. Rishi asks her to choose his finger and tells that Tanuja will come to have dinner with him. He gets happy.

Tanuja tells Ahana that Rishi called her for dinner and says if this is right. Ahana asks what is wrong in this and tells that Rishi loves only you and made it clear to Netra that he just loves you and have no place for Netra. Tanuja asks then Netra is here. Maasi comes and says Abhishek haven’t come.

Rohit brings Abhishek home. Maasi says you are drunk. Rohit says Abhishek drank wine to give company to clients. Maasi gets worried and asks Rishi if Abhishek has any tension regarding business. Rishi says he is a takeover king and tells that Abhishek don’t drink often and asks her to sleep. They take Abhishek to room. Ahana thinks he seems to be disturbed and asks what do you want. He tells in drunk state that he needs Tanuja. Ahana is shocked.

Abhishek tells Ahana that the girl is Tanuja. Ahana says I know. Abhishek asks if she told this to Tanuja.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I love this love story . Please don’t end it.

  2. Worst story going on . Tanuja has gone mad and ak is irritating. The preheat tanshi were awesome but now tanuja only insulting rishi has she forgotten rishi is her first love who waited 20 years for her and never touched single girl a after her she also hided she is tanu cvs plz give brain to tanuja

  3. plz unite tanshi
    reveal netra’s truth
    remove this ak and and bring new story like rishi loses his memory and becomes the preleap cute rishi and tanuja becomes like tanu

  4. hi i just want to say one thing love not waiting for 20 years or 7 years ,it is standing for a person for every second and in each situation . standing like a mom’s kid when a wife needs a husband .if this story wants to tell janam janam ka love then why they don’t focus on main track writers left revealing tanuja as tanu and takes 7 years leap with a daughter track . being a 50+ year old man his mother wants naitara and rishi together when will he get lovely family stupid track what writers writes we will see and digest . initially i just love the concept of kasam but i am irritating with seperation and dragging.

  5. Tanuja should unit with AK! They have been his family for 7 years! Rishi never loved her really! If he did he would not see faults from the beginning! Now she has moved on it’s another trick! He has moved on so what! He is just going to throw Netra out now! Yes he has said he does not love her but his other daughter does not know that! To her it’s her mum! And he is her dad!
    Feel for AK ?

    1. how were u…..rishi is 4 tanuja and tanuja is 4 rishi……and netra is good at present but I’m her past she was do such a worst thing….bleedy….. tanu want to know the truth and unnite with rishi

  6. Today’s episode update plz

  7. Rishi hasn’t told Tanuja that he is not married to Neitra,he is not serious to him this is a game playing with Abisheck,he waited for 7 years but does not tell about the situation with Neitra.I love Rishit but I think Tanuja should move on with Abisheck he is more stable doesent play with her mind.The strory dragging is now boring.

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