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Everyone was shocked as a lady comes out of the room. Raaj asks her about the guy whom Malaika came to meet. Her husband calls from inside, Manpreet calls him outside. The man comes out, Malaika thinks this isn’t Shekhar. Manpreet accuses the man for having an affair with Malaika, the lady says this is her husband and they are here since yesterday. Their child
The manager denies recognizing Malaika. Rishi calms Raaj, UV goes to look for an entry in the reception register. Malaika was worried her truth would now be disclosed. Shekhar drags Malaika aside then, he tells Malaika it’s his friend there in the room. He saw her come out of the car with them, she looked really worried so he made all arrangements for her. Malaika was relieved, she takes a leave from Shekhar forbidding him to call her. Rishi

was unable to find Malaika’s name in the register, Raaj suggests may be she had changed her name and was sure he himself saw her. Rano asks if he now trusts that she is innocent. Raaj was angry at Rano, Rishi warns him not to create a drama here. Rano apologizes Malaika and takes her home. Tanuja walks beside Rishi.
At home, Divia asks what Bee ji wants. Bee ji says she is trying to understand, the relations bound today on festival day are never broken. Smiley gets a call and was shocked to hear. The family then returns. Bee ji looks forward for Rishi who was coming with Tanuja. She stops them there and forbid them enter home. She sends Divia to bring rice for welcoming rituals. Ahana was happy, but Rano interrupts. Bee ji says they married in front of everyone, Rano calls Tanuja’s marriage a legitimate one. Rano says if Malaika had been proven right she would have accepted Tanuja, but Tanuja has rightly been proven wrong. Raaj told a lie, Malaika wasn’t with any boy and there wasn’t a boy in the room as well. Raaj tells Rano he didn’t have a misunderstanding, Rano insists he was shown what he saw as a result of black magic from Tanuja. Raaj asks if she trusts Malaika more than him. Rano says Tanuja must have fed him something that made him marry Tanuja with Rishi. Raaj says he wanted to speak to her before wedding, but she didn’t listen; he didn’t want Rishi to marry someone like Malaika. He did this all for his son Rishi, and doesn’t feel bad for him. Rano questions if this betrayer girl, bad blood of Neha and Baani is good for them? She is a daughter of a murderer. Tanuja goes to her room, crying.
Tanuja was crying in the room when Malaika comes there. Tanuja holds her hand and apologizes she didn’t do it deliberately. She hugs Malaika and assures she didn’t willingly do it. Malaika asks if she understands she has betrayed her, she didn’t let her enter the house she brought her by herself. Tanuja tells Malaika what Raaj told her. Malaika complains Tanuja didn’t call her to confirm, but Tanuja always wanted to marry Rishi. Tanuja says she tried, but Rano came then and took her downstairs. Tanuja suggests Malaika could also have called her, if she is really being harassed? Malaika was speechless. Malaika then denies having a boyfriend, and confirms if she also think Raaj is right. Tanuja says she doesn’t know what’s right or wrong, but she didn’t do something deliberately. She only helped Raaj, and it all happened. Malaika appreciates her for counting this as her luck, she snatched her right, her dream; she leaves saying I hate you Tanuja. Tanuja stops her but she doesn’t, and smiles turning around. She thinks marrying Rishi is Tanuja’s mistake that she would take an advantage of, Shekhar would be in her life like always but she will surely marry Rishi.
Smiley comes to inform Rano they are showing Alzheimer test report from Citi Lab. The family was shocked. Rishi comes there, Divia tells him Raaj has Alzheimer’s, they were all shocked.

PRECAP: Tanuja swears she isn’t lying, Divia says they could have accepted her to be true if they didn’t know she was aware of Raaj’s tests only. Rano drags Tanuja out of home. Raaj only watches, Rishi was worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Aww……wat is it guys going on the current track wat is the problem for rano and who is the idiot told raaj will forget can someone say the clear story line by the way who was fighting here in comment that to why can anyone say these two

  2. Hey any upcoming news about kasam ankit and vafa sorry guys don’t take me wrong mentioning your name becoz only u both say the updates so wat ok so anyone don’t take it wrong

  3. Diane Almeida

    OMG Rano is something else. She never liked Tannu and now she doesn’t like Tannuja. That woman is lucky that Raaj doesn’t give her a tight slap! Grrrrrrr

  4. again misunderstanding now no one will believe tanuja why rishi is so silent? so sad for tanuja who will help tanuja in finding truth??by the way did anyone know where is nakul ?


    No words to say as even i m confused… can anyone tell me what happened all of sudden.. this big twist?????????

  6. Why cant tanuja say she is not the daughter of sandy?????? Rano she is too baddddd??…….poor raj now he cannot defend tanuja?…….also why tanuja is hearing all these accusations why cant she say something…….some times herions need to act boldly…..but they are always cryinggggggg like babies? …..girls are not like this.?….tanuja dont cry and try to get your hubands love ❤and plz throw that malaika out of the house? and you have full rights since you are a bahu of that house.??……..WHAT CAN I SAY ALL THESE ARE MY DREAMS THAT WONT HAPPEN OR THE CVS DONT LET THEM HAPPEN??

  7. rishi will stop rano wih promise her that willnot touch tanuja unitll tanuja can live with them . rishi love tanuja madly but he want that tanuja notice that he is love tanuja.because with enter new boy in tsanujaslife . rishi will jealous them. baecue he cannot bear see otherperson with tanuja .cause he more will notice that he love her madly. tanuja will find truth malika with help rishi and raji and menpreet. infact like kasam season 1 that rishi with help menpreet find truth pavan. i think this new track will make drama agine rock.

  8. @sia dear and siddhi dear……… where are guys? …please reply me.. i missing u girls alot. please please please please reply me.

  9. Alister La Frenais

    The serial is descending into the realms of boredom and fantasy. The storylines are revamped from previous episodes. For example, the hotel scene, the lover of Malika just happens to see Malika and the rest of the Bedi Family and in a blink of an eye he manages to change his room and install a friend and his wife and child. He then moves at the speed of light and bribes the hotel manager, and at the same time he manages to alter the entries in the register. I do not know what other viewers think or believe, but come Mr script writers what planet do you live on. I am surprised that the producers and the director accepted the rubbish being written.

  10. You are correct alister

  11. High time Tanuja has to start standing up for herself…what’s this bechaari dukhiyaari always crying Avatar…she has to take a stand..

  12. Everyone over insulting tanuja.atleast respect her as human

  13. @catherine. go and see page krash on instagram that show in that first night tanshi marriage i saw room their was very very romantic go and see you will be so happy.and also saw interview their .

  14. Episode was nice, love you kratika

  15. Once again if Tanuja just told her story about her parents things would be sorted,But the show is relying once again on the same misconception as the first series.
    And Rano is a very disturbed woman.
    Oh and finally is it really that easy to bribe Hotel staff ? Hospital staff,Police officers ?

  16. Oh ok vafa

  17. Yeah kratika and mouni roy are sich a great actresses that even kareena kapoor can’t compared them. U r right vafa.

  18. So sad to tanuja and rishi … Amazing track

  19. @sweety . i reply you on page (31stoctober 2016).

  20. Vafa dear tum n meri bat ka ulta MATLAB nikal liya.mera kehne ka MATLAB yeh tha k kratika and mouni Roy kareena s behter actresses h.I also like love and respect kratika like u. I m big fan of kratika.

  21. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Tanuja will soon know that she is Tanu and her rebirth as Tanuja cause Barack Obama and Micheal Jackson is coming to the Serial.

    1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

      f**k u man

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