Kasam 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Kritika get stuck in Mall’s fire accident

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The Episode starts with Malini thinking if her husband will identify and accept her. She hopes he accepts Kritika atleast. She comes to Arun’s shop and says I want to meet him. Salesman says yes and says he will come after 1-2 hours and asks what is her relation with him. She doesn’t tell him and waits for him to come. Kritika calls Malini and says she is going to washroom. Malini says yes and thinks she is feeling someone is going to come and hold her daughter’s hand. Ranbir thinks where is she and looks for Kritika. He then thinks I am searching someone whom I didn’t see. He asks himself not to waste his time. Kritika’s scarf falls down. She sits to pick it up. Ranbir comes hear her. She gets up and her scarf touches his face. He gets flashes of his past and looks on. Malini asks Salesman when Arun

will come. He says he will come. Malini thinks Kritika will be happy to know that she came to meet her father.

Just then someone shouts and tells that fire broke out in the mall. All the salesman go out of shop, while Malini tries to stop them and thinks how she will meet him now. Kritika comes out of washroom. Ranbir goes to washroom and gets same feeling. He thinks you have gone mad, she is not around. Malini thinks if I go from here, then all my hope will die. Everyone run out. Malini asks a salesman about Arun’s address and touches his feet. He gives his telephone diary and runs from there. Kritika searches for malini. She comes to know about the fire.. Akki searches for Ranbir. Ranbir thinks he is a celebrity and can’t get lost in a girl’s thoughts. He hears the noise and comes out. Malini searches Kritika and keeps diary.

Kritika comes to the shop and thinks where is Mumma. She calls Malini. Ranbir thinks why everyone is running? Akki calls him and asks where are you? Ranbir says I was in washroom. Akki says fire broke out here. Ranbir says I am on first floor and tells that he will come and asks him to go and handle mum. Mr. Kapoor and Mahima sees fire in the mall and gets shocked. Akki comes and tells that Ranbir is safe. Mahima asks why did you come without him. Akki says he asked me to handle you and tells that he is safe. Ranbir sees fire exit.

Malini searches for Kritika tensedly. She hears a girl calling for help and rescues her, but the girl is someone else, but surprisingly wearing similar clothes like that of kritika. Malini asks if her daughter is inside. Girl says nobody is here. Malini collides with something and faints. Girl cries for help, but nobody helps them.

A woman and her husband see Malini unconscious. Woman tries to help Malini, but her husband takes her. A woman asks Kritika to save her daughter and says someone will save your mum. Ranbir comes and sees Malini unconscious. He asks her to get up. Kritika saves the girl and her mother. Ranbir makes Malini gains consciousness and asks her to come out. Kritika comes out with the girl and her mother. Girl’s mother thanks her and says someone will save your mum.

Precap: Kritika sees Ranbir bringing Malini out of mall.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Not much hope kasam seasoned 2 because seasoned 1 repeating only change circumstances.

    1. Mona146

      yup thiis is also repeated scene from starting rishi and tanu when her parents died in season 1. pure crap.

  2. Negisanyukta

    I loved this show ????

    And natasha also.????

  3. I love krasha , both do great job

  4. I also luv this show…n luv krabir tooooo….both r awsm…

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