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Raaj warns his family that he won’t stay where his daughter isn’t respected. Rano comes to confrontation and tells Raaj that it’s his daughter who has conceived someone else’s child. Manpreet wonders why Tanuja is silent even today, if she is really pregnant. Raaj clutches Rano’s shoulder as he loses his balance. He speaks that he trusted Tanuja, and with the stealing looks of hers he can still tell she is being shy. He can’t believe on anyone. Malaika goes inside. Rano was taken aback when he wasn’t ready to listen to the whole family. She was not ready to let Raaj bear anymore. Malaika comes out with the hospital reports, Rano gives them to Raaj. Rishi even tries to stop Rano. Everyone in the family was worried when Raaj reads the report, then looks towards Tanuja. Malaika thinks she doesn’t

care anymore, if Raaj lives or dies. Rano says to Raaj that she tried a lot to tell him about it. Raaj recalls Tanuja’s hair strand over Rishi’s neck, then takes Tanuja to Rishi and gives her hand into Rishi’s. He confirms Rishi if they had gone for a honeymoon together? They leave each other’s hands. Raaj was shocked. Rano tells Raaj that nothing had happened in the resort. These reports clearly state she is 1.5 months pregnant, she tells him that Rishi wanted to divorce her and even took her to the court. Raaj recalls. Rano says now that everyone know about it, she can no more bear this girl in the house. She sends Malaika to pack her bags, this girl will no more stay in the house.
Malaika hurries to Tanuja’s room, cheerful and dances around. Rishi holds Raaj confirming if he is fine, and pour him a glass of water. Raaj denies the possibility of the matter. He calls Tanuja as his daughter, his pride; she knows well not to break it. There is definitely something which she is hiding. Rishi tells Raaj she only has betrayal in her eyes. Its Raaj who is really good, and considers everyone as good. They insist him to take water. Manpreet comes to Tanuja and tells her to leave the house forever, may be this is good for them all. Tanuja silently listens to her, and states towards Rishi. Smiley comes home and asks what’s wrong here. Everyone was silent, while Tanuja signals at her to keep her mouth closed. Ahana forces Smiley into her room, Bee ji also scolds Smiley to hurry inside.
Malaika packs Tanuja’s bag and comes downstairs. She confronts Tanuja saying her role as Rishi’s wife has ended, she is finished. She tells Tanuja to see how much she made everyone cry. She accepts it as her mistake to have brought her in this house; she will now push her out of here. Smiley comes out, questioning Malaika’s position to kick Tanuja out of here. Rano accuse Smiley to have done magic even over children. Ahana insists on Smiley to go inside, but Smiley requests Ahana and then Rishi to stop Tanuja. Ahana scolds Smiley and says Tanuja can’t stay here, as she is bearing someone else’s child and can no more stay here. She played with the respect of their family. Malaika drags Tanuja, but Smiley comes to save her. Tanuja tells Smiley to do what she is being asked for. Ahana scolds Tanuja for speaking to her daughter. Smiley keeps resisting everyone, and announces that Tanuja will also not leave this house. Ahana shouts that Tanuja is pregnant and can’t stay in this house, Smiley says its not Tanuja but she! Everyone was shocked at the revelation.

PRECAP: Ahana wonders why Tanuja was leaving her family, her relations only for her daughter. Tanuja says Ahana always find her sister within herself, she is that Tannu!

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today episode was awesome n tomorrow it will really very exciting to see malaika n rano, divya face full of sad n jealous n have no words to taunt tanuja.

  2. Thank god!truth reveal.

  3. Neethu Sudhin

    Nice episode

  4. after so much of melodrama finally they revealed the truth wow smiley i i hope every misunderstanding will be cleared & they can start the life fresh precap is also nice she said iam ur sis tannu that was was so nice will this rano accept tanuja ? anyways waiting 4 nxt

    1. hi @nayana and everyone . happy new year to all . rano next revel the truth of mlika will accept tanuja. rano will kick malika out of bedihome .next this that rji is making rishi fool malika. rihi give hisproprty (that dcument are fake) to malika. malika belive that rishi divorce tanuja. rishi make a plan marraige drama with malika .rishi willnot marraige with herbut will expose malika in font of everyone .rishi and tanujawillnot get seperate. rano also in that time take a shock and will kick malika next reveal the truth of malika .rano will accept tanuja with end malika track. everyone will findout truth of malika.
      [email protected] . where are you ? how r u ? you alwayz first tell hi to all and next ask all how r u?hope be fine and happy

      1. Thanks for the upcoming story…


    Happy new year kasam fans????

    1. SilentReader

      Happy New year 😀

    2. Happy new year to every fan of kasam cant wait to watch kasam today finally truth came out


    Fastest relvetion of this show till now..

    1. Agreed i though dis track is goin to be dragged fr a 100 ep. ???

  7. Dra ging. Atlast truth come out, i can’t wait to see rishi’s facial expression and family.

  8. Thanks for the update ?

  9. So glad to have some closure on the pregnancy matter but nothing will change in this programme! This is how the story will go: Rishi and Tanuja will start to get close, the step brother arrives and tries to part them with his dirty deeds due to his jealousy and greed……same old story just a different character! Sack the writer for lack of imagination and his inability to come up with anything worthwhile.

    1. @ Sushe#my new year is today not 3 days back# I start believing in incarnation # look # how u dear new friend#N# dear Minna# saying#exactly what #katerine N#NINA # were telling# oh#I am so so so happy to see you both# u 2 made my day # hay katerine#Maryam#N# NINA hope you enjoy their fact full comments# HAPPY NEW YEAR Sushi dear#

  10. awesome !! I am waiting for tomorrows episode.. to see rishi reactions
    I really like today’s show

  11. Great show great the long dragging melodrama finally got over but guys this is an Ekta show nothing can remain good for long her stories r all long days of hurt grief and pain till she finally decides to end then miraculously everything gets ok and in a jiffy the serial gets over before you can say jack Robinson and you r left feeling cheated I have seen it so often that’s why I never follow her shows just watch them when they r happy then leave them. This is the reason the trp of her shows is never high its always below average

    1. @minna# dear take a friendly advise from me# if u want stay in here#don’t say anything negative about ekta#N#kasam# if u did# there is a vafa # who is coming after u#wit a number of others # even accuse u of insulting her#threatening #saying good bye for ever#finally make you fed up #N # leave# whatever as fact # you vise# N# respectable person# telling #about# ekta #N# kasam #is d same katerine#N#NINA SAID# look how they become exhausted #N# left # minna after NINA#katerine #N Maryam# u r breath of fresh air by your completely fact comment#HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR DEAR FRIEND# n#one thing more I will not give a toss# to any replay #from those well known people#who are d reason of a number of very countable people left this page#

  12. Minna ekta is the producer of naagin,kumkumbhagya,brahmarakshas…….which grabs highest trps.b uti don’t understand why tanuja didn’t disclose pregnancy matter to anyone.atleast to Ahana.yaar kab tak voh ye secret chipaonge unless smiley didn’t blurted out truth. What is the point in hiding it from family members.

  13. Today’s ep was good although there were many quarrels!
    It’s good at last after soo much dragging they revealed the truth abt Smiley’s pregnancy!!!!
    Yeah Ekta’s shows r almost filled with many twists n no room for happiness n romance there!
    Anyhow as the pregnant matter ended here expecting to see another kind of a twist soon! ???
    Somehow Itz good the truth was disclosed n tanuja always z so innocent to take the blame over herself for anyone! Even it means ur life! That z some what not practicable! That much selflessness! Even Soumya n Shakti z the same!!
    Hoping for Rishi to understand Tanuja n give her the happiness she deserves n throw that malaika out of the house!
    Watched it after a long time coz I was only reading written updates until this dragging part gets over

  14. By the way Happy New Year everyone!

    1. SilentReader

      Happy New Year Amanda 😀 😀

  15. Hmmm drama ended so sooooon 😛 I thought that they will drag it for another year

    1. Me too… ???

    2. happy new year good friend of katerine >&>NINA>good to see you here specially they both are left> I am sure ekta has a much moor draggy crap drama in her sleeve >lets c if >after more than 2 months dragging >N> torturing us > she gets us > only >a couple of days peace >N>happiness> please come back soon wit your comments> Mryam > as NINA & katerine were calling u>sweet little sis> how r u?> I missed ur> comments>

  16. Silent reader 3

    Finally the truth has been revealed! Anyways I’m commenting for first time on this page as I am a silent reader and I just read the updates and the comments.

  17. @ silent reader> I realized > I didn’t print your name ( silent reader ) in my above comment> but I am sure u already knew > the comment was addressed 2u> even if I didn’t write this> thanks>c u soon hopefully >

    1. SilentReader

      Yup Omid,,,thank yew dear and wish you the same 😀 Have a blessed year…..yea we knw Ektha,if this track ended she’ll soon come up with another dragging track,,,,I was reading the update >lyk once in a week <to knw whether the truth was revealed or not
      N Happy New year to all other Kasam family,,,sad most ppl left,,,bt can't force them to stay here bcoz Ektha was not giving what we want

  18. Thank you smiley, for revealing your truth. Nice episode, excited for next episode

  19. SilentReader

    Happy NewYear to all Kasam family ,,,,,have a great year ahead

  20. I feel sorry for Rishi,He now has to back down after all the things he said,But the situation was caused by Tanu/Tanuja.
    But like a lot of people on here,I cant wait to hear Rano and Malaika ?
    Rano will probably say this is Tanujas way of getting closer to the family ?
    And hopefully the full story of the tart called Malaika will come out ?

  21. Great episode of kasam on new year!!!!!!!!!???

  22. Happy New Year to you my friend @butterfly, I hope you have a wonderful year!

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