Kasam 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Heartbroken AK gets drunk

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The Episode starts with AK coming back home. Tanuja says she wants to talk to him. She says when I tried to talk to you, you said you are not Rishi. She says you have booked your tickets and not ours. He asks her why did she hide from him that her divorce is not done. Tanuja says I swear that I didn’t know about this. I had signed on the papers. AK says he is lost from Rishi and is feeling pain. He says Rishi used to say that Natasha is his daughter and you are his wife, and it is truth. Tanuja says I am sorry. AK says I am lost and dead, you have betrayed me. He says my identity is of a loser, drunkard and shattered person. Tanuja asks him to listen to her. Ae dil hai mushkil plays as he walks out. He comes to the bar and have wine.

Maasi comes to Tanuja and asks where is AK? Tanuja says he came

and left. AK thinks Maasi is calling him, but not Tanuja. He thinks Natasha has no feelings for him. Maasi says time has come to attend flight. Tanuja searches for Natasha, but she is not in room. She gets tensed and tells Myra and Maasi. Maasi says I will check in garden. Myra asks her not to worry. AK is heavily drunk. Waiter refuses to give him more drinks. Manager says we can’t give you drink as you already had much. AK gets angry and says I need a drink. He tells that his bride got arrested from mandap and he is in extreme pain. He asks for a drink and asks if Rishi sent him. Netra and Kanchal are there. Netra asks him to calm down.

AK says Rishi left her on mandap and says her condition is like me. He says we both are abandoned on mandap. Kanchal takes Netra with her. Natasha comes there and says she was having icecream. Myra says you made us scared. She tells maasi if they shall go to airport. Maasi says they shall wait for AK to come. A beggar asks AK to give him something. AK gives the money. Beggar blesses him. AK says God don’t want my happiness, I asked for Tanuja and Natasha, but God is a big cheater and says if he wanted, he would have made me meet Tanuja before Rishi. He says Tanuja will leave him now, and his princess will also leave him. He asks beggar to tell what he shall do. Beggar says I am deaf, I can’t hear anything. AK laughs and feels pity on his luck. He asks the God why he hates him so much and starts walking on road. He falls down on road and is about to hit by car.

Rishi tells Netra that he is still married to Tanuja and will never marry. AK tells maasi that they will shatter once Tanuja leaves them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bakwass episode now I quit , now will watch kasam when they will meet , writers should be beaten with stones , rotten tomatoes and eggs ,garbage ,and should be dumped in dustbind stupid , made the story worst

    1. I very much agree with you

    2. Why tanuja sees rab in pk . Rishi babu mein toh phattu , mongoose khadoos cheater lier dikhta hai or ak pk mein rab , tanuja needs doctor . Seriously search writer and cover them with cloth and beat them with sticks and then run away .

  2. God the story will be draģged with Netra in the picture. Please send Tanuja to Bedi house we want to see Netra’s and Rano’s reaction…and then send Netra away after the truth is told.

    1. Y does everyone want tanu to go to a loser like rishi? Would u womenput up withthe rshit that rishi put tanuthrough. Guys get out of fantasy land.

      1. I gave up watching, no logic whatsoever!

  3. Afff story is all off trak now I think it comes on trak soon god plastic bless writer with some common. Sense,???????

  4. God bless bless writer with some common. Sense,??????? rubbish story

  5. In this confused story I can’t help it but laugh at somethings happening. AK saying people think that he is loser.It shows the egos of two guys who fought for the love of Tanuja like they were competing for a bussiness. AK your friend warned you not to mess up with Rishi..coz he knew he doesn’t quit. He has more gutsy than u AK .I aso give credit to Rishi,the guy looks more s*xy when he is emotional. .I like guys who show their emotions…and he expresses himself better when he is emotional. He always give a nice speech when he is emotional. He doest care about what society thinks about him, What can I say about Natasha….cute. And Tanuja still stuborn refusing that she has been defeated by Rishi. She expect Abisheck to take her and Natasha to London. Raaj.. always cool as a cucumber. Mantreep …..very supportive brother.Rano still spitting blood . Now bring Tanuja to the house in front of Netra let her tremble and tell the truth. Move over Rano the Queen of Bedi house is coming.

  6. I m feeling bad for ak just because of tanuja

  7. Good …Tanuja has apologised for her part neglecting to check divorce papers. But when it comes to marriage they both agreed to go against a guy,who does not care about how society will think of him. In real like people go through stuff afraid of what people will say about them. If it was another person Rishi would have married Netra in fear of being judged by what he did embarrassing Bedis..and leaving the Pundii at the alter. The pushing and shoving with Abisheck shows that if u are upset that u are losing one thing u love the most.You don’t care about how u behave.Let society judge,it’s better not to live a lie that makes him a truthful person. As most people say the story is confusing,but Bravo to the behaviour of the characters.

  8. One thing I realize that Rishi loves tanuja more than her.When rishi knew after 7 years that She is married to AK rishi was shocked but he still loved her and wanted to get back her home at any cost but on the other hand tanuja can’t do it.That shows rishi loves more

  9. Yes rishi loves tanuja more because also to tolerate the fact that abhishek is her husband and they have daughter was very heartbreaking for him too but he dint left the thing and ran away like tanuja then he got to know about natasha more heartbreaking that his daughters father is someone else , he is getting insulted hummilated infront of everyone by pk tanuja but he never gave up , the insults tanuja faced is lesser than what rishi is facing if you look into picture because tanuja was insulted initially but not by all bedi family just rano was truly hating her but later after the truth was disclosed she was given immense love by family ,everyone took care of her,raj biji, ahana manpreet , yuvi accepted her and most rishi loved her and everyone knew that rishi loves her and he also never hided his feelings but here rishi always insulted by tanuja , she is leaving no stone unturned to hummilate him infront of whole society . He doesn’t care about society but she cares . He trusts her that she cannot love ak but she don’t trust her and thinks that he loves netra , rishi is better than pk anyways , rishi is cute naughtey but pk is overactor also boring what few people see in him don’t understand how can they judge somone by their character ,they are bashing sharad malhotra for playing rishi or kratika , leads are becoming negative and pk and chipkalu shown mahaan truely wrong

  10. You are right Piya considering that Tanuja and her sisters were sent to Bedis under false pretence. Rishi was grieving for Tanu at the time..Tanuja was already having flashes and feelings for Rishi..she got burnt and was given Tanu’s face…they were right to be suspicious of gold digging Bani using Tanuja to get Bedi fortune.It wain’t Bedis fAult the fire happened when she was there.It was not Tanuja’s fault too she was the innocent. Bedis expected her to go back to Banis after discovery that Bani sent them to Gold digg….in real life would u allow such pple back in your house. And she was forced on Rishi by Raaj..understandable Rishi did not accept her at first. Once he was sure of his feelings for her ..Tanuja kept Smile’s secret.She was at fault for doing that.It was noble of her but she deserved that abuse …she is keeping a grudge about that but it was an unfourtunate situation caused by partly her and the Banis..Rishi showed so much love even if Rano was against that..he is a soft hearted person one minute he is shouting and quickly forgets and start being cheerful. Raaj made Tanuja keep property…secret.she became so mean to Rishi but Rishi did not care about property he only loved her going against Rano. She was supposed to show love to her husband but she took the game too far. Now each time she meet Rishi she will be crying Rishi apologised so much,his only fault is not telling about the child and situation with Netra .That was going to be easy to solve their problems. In future if they unite they should be careful for being used to keep secrets for Bedis. Ahana has seen the suffering of them but their Tania secret is more important than Rishi and Tanuja that is sad and shame on Ahana.

  11. Its true Piya,The Bedis love her so much except Rano..They over look her bossy and controlling attitude. Her bitterness and anger must be directed towards The Banis who wanted to use her and her on mistake of keeping secrets.She did another mistake for pitting two men against each other …each time she talked to Rishi she will be praising Abisheck and swearing that she won’t let Natasha know Rishi was her father. To her it was a game to be won. As you say she should try and get rid of the anger.and forgive.A good person can end up a bad person by keeping grudges. and seeking revenge.Look inside your heart Tanuja u will also realise that in the proccess of seeking revenge u made so many mistakes along the way. eg using Natasha to make two men to fight, Don’t mind Rano,everybody looks u.Stop pestering Abisheck u two lost let him move on.Its time u prepare to tell Natasha even if u don’t want to go back to Rishi.

  12. oh god fake kasam is back with a few new names and stupidly defending this rotten rubbish with killing smell show,
    fake kasam deserted names like priya akki ………… and replaced them by a few different names to carry on the disgusting nonesense of admiring useless mad bedi family when all normal and celever
    viewers found the reality that even garbage become pittiful to compare with the show. WOW

  13. Omid I think you are much fake too because you dont have proof of your point and those who cannot explain their opinion and point use weapon of abuse ,blame and disrespecting other side opinion and if you don’t like kasam don’t watch , but yes you are among that people who learned just to fight . I know the story has become worst , it was nice earlier and thus we are tolerating the shit because of leads . Story has gone wrong ,characters have gone wrong and all characters not just one so no one is defending here just keeping their view . If bedis are wrong then , then tanuja is also equally wrong no one is to blame but writers but when particular people like you start abusing particular actors wrongly we need to make you show that every coin has two sides. Now dont take it personally as insult and again start abusing and calling us fake please don’t fight for just a show.

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