Kasam 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: AK shares his plan with Myra and warns her

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The Episode starts with Ahana seeing Piyali with a man and thinks she is with Manpreet. She picks a bottle and asks how dare you? Vikram holds her hand and stops Ahana. Ahana is shocked to see Vikram. Vikram says he has an affair with Piyali. Piyali tells that Vikram is separated from his wife 2 years back, and my parents are not agreeing so Manpreet convinced them. Ahana regrets to doubt on him. She thinks she don’t want divorce, but her husband back. She comes to Manpreet. Manpreet tells Rishi that he wants divorce now. Ahana praises Manpreet that she got him because of Rishi, Tanu, Raj etc, else she couldn’t do a good husband like him. She says she saw him with Piyali and doubted him. She apologizes. Manpreet says its ok and hugs her. Tanuja asks Rishi to leave them alone for sometime and takes him from

there. Rishi says you wants hug and that’s why you took me to side. Tanuja makes him stand near the wall and says she can attack him like a wounded tigress. They laugh and are about to hug.

AK sees them together and says you are here. Tanuja goes. Myra sees Rishi telling AK what to do with you. Rishi says I am not afraid of you and says I can tell your truth to Tanuja, but I don’t want to break her heart and thoughts about you. He asks him to have food, enjoy the party and get lost. He says if you enter my house again and warns him. AK asks what you will do if I step inside and says you are afraid that Tanuja will love me, and says your love is weak to break. Rishi says Tanuja herself will throw you out. Myra asks AK what he has done and says if I tell your thoughts to Tanuja. AK says I want this and asks her to go and tell her. He says then I will tell her that my sister got infatuated with Rishi and love him.

Myra is shocked and says she don’t like Rishi. AK asks her why don’t you tell me that Rishi made Tanuja wear ring on my engagement day. Myra is shocked. AK says when I tell Tanuja that you love Rishi, then she will believe me. He says when Tanuja returns to him within a week, he will marry her. He says Tanuja and Natasha, both belongs to him. Rohit comes there and says this is not right, Tanuja is married, and asks him to agree to myra sayings. AK says Myra is my sister, and that’s why I can’t leave her, but I can kick you out of my company, and says I don’t need a friend who thinks me wrong. Rohit is shocked and leaves. Netra hears them and says you have kicked him so soon. He says you are simple, soft, sweet, but dangerous from inside. She says she can break things, but can’t break people. She says Rishi’s feelings can be known by eyes, but yours…..AK says impressive and says you have understood me well, I don’t need you and I am enough to do what I wants to, laughs and goes.

Ahana gives drink to Manpreet. Raj asks Manpreet to forward hand and take whisky. Manpreet takes glass and comes to Rishi. He asks where were you? Rishi says with your bhabhi and asks why there is no DJ. Manpreet goes on stage and thanks the guests for coming. Raj asks guests not to hear his lecture and enjoy the party with wine. Tanuja and Rishi bring the cake. Rishi asks Raj and Rano to cut the cake. Raj says we are not kids. Rishi says you are youngsters and says Tanuja has made this cake for you. Raj and Rano cut the cake. Netra thinks shewill end Tanuja’s life and will celebrate.

Rishi gets jealous seeing AK dancing with Tanuja in the party and fumes. AK smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ak ‘s charctr is bullsht yaar…..abhi to tanrishi ko milaya h…aur bich me le aate h AK ko…thode to ache scene bataye rishitan k…n this time..tanuja should blv rishi and not AK…AK n netra ka aim disclose hona chaahiye ab sab k saamne…to dekhne me kuch maza aaye

  2. Why is ak interfering between rishi and tanu wen he clearly knows that tanuja will never fall in love with him she’s only made for rishi and will forever remain his, ak u r such a fool ????? your making ur own self look stupid. Whereas, netra she needs to die and leave the show asap she chats too much sh*t

  3. Tanuja will rather believe someone else than Rishi.She can’t even have a proper conversation or listen to what he is saying. I fail to understand such a relationship. At least Ahana fought back from the blink of breaking her marriage and confronted PiyalI and got the truth, instead of running.

  4. Now episodes are nice , even someone on Twitter informed that on live chat she asked john of kasam about the mu between tanshiand he,said that they,are going to get all clear . Hope this is not fake,and truth .

    1. And leap ke bath most character will not there….matlab natasha bade hore????ya new janam???ppz reply

    2. O wow…esa hi hina chaahiye…tb dekhne me maza aaegi…

  5. Hate ak and netra.clear misunderstanding between rishi and tanu .

  6. Thank god Mantreep can now help Rishi to expose Netra and AK.It was going to be too much for Rishi without his right hand man.

  7. I m fed up of Tanuja behaving like trash. She knows Rishi has been complaining abt AK and the guys have that history. I can’t blame AK why is Tanuja flonting her friendship with AK in front of everyone this is the man u were supposed to marry for God sake. A drama queen followed by drama. She is dumb the writers just bring more trash through her. They spoiled this nice party. In real life you want to keeping away from a woman who play with men’s mind..she enjoys it when men are fighting over her and being a center of attention. Trashy…nonsense…..cheap….

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