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Neha shares with Bani that she thinks to flirt Rishi now. Bani slaps her saying she is married and has two children, still she is after Rishi. Neha says Rishi is still so young. Bani was upset that poors don’t have money to eat good meal, while rich spend so much money in parlors to look beautiful.
Rishi and Malaika come home, Malaika asks for her bag and was ready to hold it by herself. She then returns to ask Rishi get her bags, she doesn’t want to ruin his ego. Rishi teases her to help herself and take care of not falling down in high heels. The old lady taps Rishi’s shoulder, she tells Rishi that she is back and his wait is now over. Rishi calls it a betrayal, an illusion but the lady insists that Tannu got a new life and it’s her second birth. The Maa Kaali has sent her back, it’s

in Rishi’s fate that he would get his love in each of his life. Rishi shouts at the lady that his brought up doesn’t allow to disgrace an old lady like her, else he would pushed her out. Malaika overhears, then comes to ask Rishi’s help for the bag. Rishi tells the lady to leave, guard comes to hold the lady behind. Malaika hears the lady tell Rishi that Tannu will come to his life, no matter if he wants or not. Malaika was interested in reincarnation and suggests about speaking to this lady, as it seems interesting. The lady warns Rishi of repenting if he doesn’t listen to her, Rishi thinks it’s Tanuja’s game to let him believe she had a reincarnation. Rishi takes Malaika inside and was about to shut the door. The old lady warns Rishi that he would regret not listening to her.
Inside, Malaika says she feels a bit jealous as even old ladies are behind him. Rishi asks if she ever get serious, and shouts at Rano that Malaika is here. Malaika teases that he is blushing, but the family come to greet Malaika. Malaika tells Rishi she and Ahana had a lot of chocolates the last time she was here. She says she brought so many gifts for them all. Rishi wish that old lady has left. Rano notices him upset.
In the evening, Malaika gifts Nakul a punch bag. She gets Bee ji a necklace. She gets Manpreet DVDs of his favorite videogames. She teases that Manpreet is younger than Chintoo in this house. Rano asks Malaika why is Rishi in an off mood. Malaika says there was a colorful lady outside speaking about reincarnation. Raaj changes the topic, inquiring Malaika about her father. Malaika’s phone rings, she gives it to Raaj as it was her father’s call. Rano asks Malaika what the lady was saying, but Raaj comes to bring Rano the phone of Malaika’s mother. Malaika comes to Bee ji asking how is incarnation possible, Bee ji was angry at her.
In the temple, Tannu was upset as nothing is her side. She thinks about going to Sandy’s village, then thinks this face would remind him of his past. She can’t even go there. She thinks about going to Radhika as she is a nice girl, she would get a work experience certificate. She will get a place to live if she gets a job, she has to move on and collect all shattered pieces of her life. She prays for a blessed life.

PRECAP: Malaika tells Rano she fall in love with Rishi six years ago.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wats d name of d actressplayin malaika??

    1. It is Smriti Khanna. Wahi ritika Jo IshVeer ki prem kahani kharaab kar diya…

      1. reshma rashi

        Tnx tanu…yhyh now i remembe her..its just dat i dont watch d serial nowadays..i read d uodates..so i dint knw

    2. Hi reshma…the actress name is Smriti khanna..she is known for her role Ritika in meri aashiqui tumse hi serial.

      1. reshma rashi

        Ohh ok… ty shruti 🙂 🙂

  2. Ekta ap kuch jadhai story ko dragging kar rahi hea and I think it loose its charm…I want to ask one question writer..hum ye series ab kiu dekhe? apki kahani dekhkar toh asa lag raha hea ki rishi agar kali ma akar bataigi tabbhi o believe nehi karega..what is this..nothing interest left..only awkward story…

  3. i hate malika

  4. pure cute love story

  5. malaika ko aur koi kaam nahi hai kyaa? MATSH meim rithika banke IshVeer ko alag kardiya.yaha malaika banke tanshi ke pyar ke beech aagaya!!!!!!

  6. Smriti Khanna is her real name.

  7. smriti khanna
    pls give some time to rishi he will understand tanuja is his tannu

  8. Ya really TanShi deserves time. Time toh saroor dena hi padega. Mujhe lagta hai ki ab shakti kasam se zyaada interesting ho rahi hai. Pehle mujhe laga ki kinnarwaali kahani nahi chalega. Par Abhi sabbadal gaya. After all jab luvstory mein villain aayegana toh trps aur plot bahut interestingly develop ho jaate. Eg ritika of MATSH and shravani of KD. Hai ki nahi…?

  9. Boring…want rishi to recognize his tannu ASAP

  10. Its going to be a love triangle….malaika..will be the villan of the story…They will drag this storyline for months…The main hero & heroin have never been united in Ektha’ shows..only..dragging with unnecessary storyline…

  11. Tanu our rishi Kitane din royang eka dusare ke yado me..jaldi se milavadu donoko..and now for tanuja no one is thier. .her sister Ahan slapped her. .this is not good. .enough now. .interesting kuch dikavo..

  12. @guys
    when that tanuja return bedihouse and start living them and save rishi . at that time she recognize that tanuja is histanu. infact after accept marraiage with malika rishi and forget hispast . but will not marriage malika in that time rishi tonice that tanuja is histanu. and madly fall in love with tanuja.
    guys for hot news kasam referto my comment .on page kasam-28th -2016-written -episode-update/Rellyupdates.
    guys kasam is rockjng again.donot upset and little waite .

  13. YES @nayana you are right .rishi will understand tanuja is histanu buthe need some time that give his because if he fast recognize tanuja is tanu serail end .
    dear @nayana see hot news that @sbrieh about serial kasam in yourcomment 28th september.

  14. @anna and @tanu [email protected] ruhi and @nupur @nana for hot news serial kasam refer to sbriehcomment on page 28th september/Tellyupdate.

  15. @ruhi dear. when rishi understand that tanuja isnot sandsdughter in that time rishi regret that why he not listening her.and little also notice that tanuja is histanu.and start love between rishi and tanuja.but rishi while accept marriage with malika and forget hispast. but he willnot marriage with malik because madly fall in love tanuja.
    @ruhi dear. we should just give some time rishi he will understand that tanuja is histanu.we just should some waite. because when he understand tanuja is histanu . start moment magic romanc them and nokjok them…

  16. I hate malika but I love krasha and chmstry them because no one match the level of kratika and sharad cause I love this serial kasam. @ tanu @nayna dear. yes exactly you are right. tanshi merits time . because if we give some time rishi he will tonice tanja is histanu.and then will see hot romance between them. guys we should just give some time rishi

  17. GUYS
    hot hot hot news
    already rishi accept marriage with neha(who donot love rishi) but then rishi with neha dosnot marraige ..because he love tanu.now also rishi accept marriage with malika (who loves rishi) but also he willnot marriage with malika because notice that he madly love tanuja.
    already also pavan ( new boy in tanulife who donot love tanu) want marriage with tanu but while tanu donot his. and you know that tanu doesnot marriage with pavan. but marriage with rishi. now also a newboy (who loves tanuja ) entry in tanujalife but tanuja donot love him.but she loves rishi alot.
    Anews guys in serial kasamterepyarki again comming back pavan and there will be a men loves tanuja and they makes rishi jealous. so guys it will be interesting because this (new boy entry in tanjaslife and newgirl in rishilife ( newtwist)will make rishi closer to tanuja.
    infact kasam is rocking again like already.

  18. Tanu ko rishi se jald milwao.

  19. Malaika is a very odd woman or should I say young girl ?
    Why would anybody want to be around her ?
    Just give her a mirror and I am sure she would be happy looking at herself ??

  20. i think malaika is obsessed with rishi she will go to any extent to get rishi her attitude shows that

  21. Shruti shreya

    Guys the story is going to rock about.
    I know ki yeah thorda lendi ho gaya hai ? but I am sure that things will be better very soon. Main to isi baat se happy hoon ki kam se kam original Tanu wala face to aaya you all know what we have to give some space and time to rishi and Tanuja to fall madly in love with each other I am just to desperate to see rishi – tanu’s sizzling ??chemistry

  22. @nayana dear. malika love rishi and rishi accept marriage with malika but rishi doesnot love her. bcause rishi doesnot will marriage with her,

  23. ya. i agree with @shruti shreya.

  24. even if donot change shivani. in time also topice this was that make a love triangle.
    I think exactly @shurti shreya is right.because really now kasam like already isrocking again.and this is very good. but we should give time them .and will be better will soon.

  25. tanshi fans now to have patients plz……..we will waite for tanshi moments.

  26. dear @sia and @siddhi and @anika . where are you guys? please reply me?

  27. Dragging the serial witgout any reason…..plsssss unite tanuja n rishi …..malika is longing to last ling in the show..

  28. Mere liye to kratika waapas aagayin yahi bohat badi baat hai, now I don’t want to miss a single episode, love u kratika

  29. Hello Vafa I’m here only…hw r u girl???

  30. Ya i also think that in later episodes malaika will be obsessed with rishi n it seems like she will ho any extend to get him…but I think it will be interesting to watch luv triangle between them… Anyway s luvving it…

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