Kasam 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tanuja comes to the room. Rishi says he doesn’t understand her, he sometimes get angry over her while sometime he loves her. He got upset when she wasn’t in the room. There was a knock at the door, it was Tanuja. Rishi was shocked. Tanuja holds his hand and says she feels really alone for whatever happened, she places her head over his shoulder. He finally holds her hand then gets away. Tanuja looks at him closely for a while. Rishi walks to his couch and silently lay down.
At Poorab’s home, Malaika enjoys Divia’s story. They notices Poorab sat beside lost in his thoughts. Poorab says Tanuja knows about Divia’s truth. Divia was sure Tanuja can’t ruin anything of her. Divia says she has challenged Tanuja already to do anything to her, she will destroy the whole Bedi family within next 7 days.

Poorab and Malaika curse Divia together. Malaika says she has an idea now.
The next morning, Naitra brings tea for Rishi. Manpreet comes to announce about the victory of their team with excitement. Rishi and UV were excitedly standing up then gets back. Rano watches Tanuja coming downstairs, she comes to Tanuja and reminds about her promise to return her property.
Malaika says they must kill Tanuja, if Tanuja doesn’t die now they will all be finished.
Tanuja tells Rano she has spoken to the lawyer to prepare the papers. Tanuja gets a head ache, Ahana comes to her help. Rishi leaves her position. Tanuja says its was just a black out and goes upstairs.
Divia agrees to Malaika and says they must get Tanuja killed by someone. Poorab says he knows a man. Divia tells Poorab to speak to that person well.
In the room, Rishi comes in and tries to avoid Tanuja but was unable to do so. He makes her sit on the bed and massages her head. Tanuja places her head over his lap. Rishi feels her tears and notices she was crying. He says everyone gets a head ache, it’s not about crying; she will be fine. Tanuja asks if everything will get fine between them. Rishi was silent. Ahana comes with tea for Tanuja. They straighten up at once. Ahana tells them not to be ashamed. Divia also comes there with medicine and taunts it’s an excuse only to get everyone’s attention. Rishi tells Divia to stop this, she must not do what Tanuja had done to her; else there won’t be any difference between them. Divia spares Tanuja only because of Rishi. Rishi leaves for office. Divia tells Tanuja to see how much Rishi trusts her. Ahana asks Divia if she has no work today. Divia says Tanuja knows well what she has to do. Tanuja tells Divia soon everyone would also know what and with whom she works. Tanuja gets a call and promises to be there soon, she tells Ahana she must leave for office to sign a few papers.
Outside, a man was waiting in his car, reading a newspaper. He watches Tanuja get in the car. He calls Poorab to inform him that Tanuja has left home, he must keep the money prepared. His tries to start his car, then smirks watching Tanuja’s car moving towards her office. He says Tanuja’s death is calling her to office.
In the office, Tanuja asks Rishi if he called her. Rishi says she is the owner and has some responsibilities. He shows her some papers which needs her signatures. Tanuja was about to take the pen, Rishi’s hand comes in her way. Both look towards each other. Rishi hands a pen to Tanuja. Rishi was lost as her hair flew over his face. Tanuja asks if she has to sign somewhere else?

PRECAP: Malaika gives Divia poison to be mixed in Tanuja’s food. Divia mixed the poison in milk and watches Ahana take the milk to Tanuja.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Gud show is becoming gud nd interesting
    Love u tanshi

    1. Are you the Pakistani Khansa

    2. are u sure you are khansa? or one stubborn person by using different e-mails address creating a few names who making god of this typical boring dragging show good for you I am sure Ekta will reward you

  2. Ayonija

    So sad for Tanuja. I hate this poorab, malaika and Divia gang. I hope rishi would save her. Today’s episode has tanshi scenes. Love their jodi.

  3. tomorrow episode will be intersting
    divia ne milk me poison mila diya hope so kl kya hoga

  4. Awwwwww the episode was lovely ?

  5. I love kasam Tere pyaar ki serial please put this serial in polimer channel in tamil

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