Kasam 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir decides to clear Kritika’s misunderstanding

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The Episode starts with Ranbir coming back from the police station with his parents and lawyer. He asks Lawyer to get him out of the mess. Lawyer says your case is very complicated and asks them to tell clearly. Akki says I told you clearly. Lawyer says I want to hear from Ranbir. Ranbir says why I would do such a thing with Batra’s daughter with whom we are fighting a case. Pummy watches promo of kaun hai….Mahima cries and says my son was in lockup for 2 hours and says they were good in Canada. She tells that these people will prove him guilty. Balraj says Ranbir is my son also and tells that he will not let anything happen to him. Kritika brings water for them. Vikas acts and asks did you get your medical check-up done. Malishka says yes. Kritika assures her that Ranbir will be punished. Vikas tells Batra

that they will get what they wanted, they mean justice. Ranbir is sitting alone. Akki says everything will be sorted and says Malishka matter will be sorted. Ranbir says I am thinking about Kritika and says she must have come here and heard about it. She will misunderstand me now.. Akki asks him to take rest and sleep on the bed. Ranbir says it is just 8 pm. Akki asks him to sleep.

Ishani is seeing audition video of the heroines. Pummy says I can give you tips for good acting than them, but she is busy. Kritika comes home. Pummy asks why she is going to her room. Kritika says she is tired. Pummy asks her to cook the vegetables. Kritika says ok. Ishani asks Kritika why she is tensed?

kritika says nothing. Jiana comes and thinks surely something might happen. Ranbir thinks Kritika must have seen him arrested and going with Police. He sees Kritika’s two missed calls and thinks there is no message. He thinks she might have got angry and thought him wrong. He then thinks to tell her that he is not wrong this time. He thinks he can’t bear if she thinks him wrong. Jiana comes to Kitchen and tells Kritika what she heard and says she was so shocked.. She says I know that Ranbir is not like this and he can do this with anybody. Kritika says he did. Jiana says he is trapped, maybe that girl is lying. Kritika says you would have seen Malishka’s condition and tells that she will fight the case against Ranbir and make sure that he gets punished. Jiana thinks why this enmity happened. Ranbir calls her and thinks to pick up the call. Kritika thinks about why he is calling her. He gets an idea and goes to her house. Kritika hears his voice and thinks it might be her illusion. Ranbir sees cactus and says she has grown outside the house also. He comes to the window and admires her as she is sleeping.

Ranbir tells Kritika that he is innocent, Kritika doesn’t believe him. Ranbir swears that he is innocent. Kritika says you did wrong to come to my room at this time. Just then someone knocks on the door.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. why everytime kritika dont believe ranbir ??? why ???? why ??? why ???? it’s verry exasperating !!!! kritika please believe in him for once in your life !!!!

  2. Kritika character is either a big fool or very thankless… it’s very simple if Ranbir didn’t take her advantage when she was alone with him, she should at least hear him once before believing on stupid Malishka. She should ask her what she was doing in the hotel after party got over and everyone left. Where is the call record that Ranbir called her in his room… one witness is that hotel staff from whom Malishka’s friend / sister snatched Ranbir’s phone.

    1. Well said dear thank you

  3. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    I like the idea that ranbir go to the kritika’s room at midnight to say that he was innocent and the side music played that time was perfect. But Kritika should be little soft i watched some episode in which rishi gets into tanu’s room in midnight and tanu was worried why he came just like kritika but it was realstic and tanu was soft but kritika is little bit rude toward ranbir. And yeah i dont get why she make her hair always bouncy and thick and always wears designed colour less cloths. We want her clothes to be different in every episode and a little bit designed just like preleap and she should turn his hair black and should straight her hair covering her forehead and ranbir should grow his hair a bit and should not be clean chin and chick he should grow atleast 2cm of beard not much but 2cm just like in preleap cause every thing in preleap was good and perfect. And they should not always be shown with akki or jiana but i think ranbir and kritika should be shown together like in temple or i say in jungle getting trouble escaping with some goons and in that case they show their caring side for each other that would be great. But no matter kasam will be always be my best show.

    1. I too agree u undertaker justin bieber that they should be at such trouble situation that they should show caring side to each other just like the when they locked in freezer. Well said and yeah ranbir is good but kritika should choose some good cloth and turn her hair straight and black and some emotional scenes should also added and yeah i am socked that in every episode i am seeing kritika misunderstanding this kritika misunderstanding that. I say do she know anything than misunderstanding

  4. Wow you spoke my mind undertaker justin bieber , ranbir and kritika should get stuck in jungle and in temple and love should start from both sides. Trust and understanding is key factor, and please kritika trust ranbir dont be like tanuja .


    kritika must develop a habit of beliving with prove not just on faku people like malishka n netra, shead fake tears n cheat my lovely show wala pair, . . now enough of misunderstang n n0t kowing abt their past. .just iam eagerly waiting for them to see together. ranbir super awesome style esp hair wow i just like it. . kasam is my fav serial ever felt esp with the motive n cute couple of this serial . i am new to this n this is my 1st cmnt

  6. Kasam Tere pyaar ki

    Well I have seen some new members here so I am confused so can u guyz plz tell me who r commenting in this page for the first time just like. And also tell me old members since when you r started your first comments in this page.

    1. I have been in this page since 2017.

  7. A good lawyer investigates before they accuse. And please we appreciate the person who write the update.but please can you not use the word Kratika misunderstands Ranbir instead say Doubting Kratika doubts Ranbir again. There is a saying that says a person who always doubts others is called Doubting Thomas. I can’t remember when u last updated without saying Tanuja/Kratika misunderstood Rishi/Ranbir. Use Doubting Kratika it’s fitting the way she always judges.

  8. Kids watch Bepanaah. Adults watch Nagin. Legends watch Kasam.??

  9. Kasam there pyar ki I love this show and I like kritika and ranbir jodi my favorite serial ,Saturday and Sunday bahut mis karthi hu yeah show ku

  10. Kasam tere pyar ki I love this show and mujeh kritika and ranbir ki jodi bahut accha lagta hai,my favorite jodi hai ,Saturday and Sunday main bahut miss kartihu

  11. Well confirm ed sharad that kasam is going off air on 27 july , heartbreaking news . due to low trp kasam willend in 20 days .p

    1. it’s official ?? if isnt official its possible thats is a fake news

  12. Show is going offair on July 27 so sad

  13. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    WTH is it true that its going off air on 27 July. Plz plz plz it be fake news because only time of india have posted it. And they said show have extended for 1yr they havent told its for only 2 ,3 months.Its my best show and yeah if i didnt watch it a day the whole days feels like incomplete. How I’m gonna live without this show. Comeon man the decision which is made over night to end the show is wrong. First they put the show in the worst timeslot and they expect for trp and when they donot get enough they decide to end the show I mean comeon man its not fair at all. I have been watching this show from its begaining and commenting in this update page since 2016 it would be hard for me to not to do it. Man I’ll be a deadman if the show ends. Its not fair for the show’s fans at all. If it is true then I hope it’s season 2 also comes soon featuring both sharad and kritika with some nice story and characters.

    1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber What a journey it was man. From when we started commenting in this page and when we become brothers. I came in this page for just for timepass but i stayed here being a part of kasam family in 2016 but people like Katrine , vafa, Lilly , Dave, Nayana, omid , Silent reader , Tanshi, Kasam , Natasha, Maryam, Snow white , pops ,Lotus and The Undertaker JustinBieber u all were my brothers and sister and before going i like to tell u all if u r seeing my comment plz plz plz do one last comment in this page i miss u people who used to comment in this page and i love my brothers who r still on the page commenting.
      May 2016———- July 2018 our journey will end
      In this page
      Good bye guyz

  14. If it’s true its because the writers keep repeating the same mistake. We have been complaining about rudeness and ungreatfulness of a charactor they make Kratika to be. It was the same b4 this lap but not as bad as this. It’s like they get her repeat the same thing all over again. Months and months it has been misunderstandings. Who ever is writting this story is blocked they cant write anything besides misunderstanding. This is a slow motion of a car crash. Such a good story but it is not moving forward. It will be a shame for it to go off air.coz of stuborn writer who does not want to listen to fans. The dragging is too much Ranbir mansion is not done yet which used to be a focal point during Rishi days. Family is living in a disorganised house. Kratika dresses don’t look attractive when is she going to be dressed nicely in gown like Tanuja with no big scarves please.I just don’t understand she doesn’t look polished. I agree that her hair needs to be done too. Please move the story forward. Please remove her judgemental charactor. The thing is there is nothing to watch on TV some dramas are even worse. If Kasam removes stubborness, shouting, misunderstandings and Judgemental it will pick up ratings. Another thing is style pple expect female actresses to be stylish. Kratika sisters have style not her her clothes are flat.

  15. The Kasam CVs must never be given another chance to write a love story again ever. They turn this beautiful unique love story to a record of dragging.,and making Tanuja/Kratika to repeat same thing over and over again.When misunderstanding become the centre of the story fans turn away. Bringing characters like Netra/Malishka coz they are your cousins who need jobs is not helping. Let’s hope this thing about Kasam ending is not true. Writers you are responsible for the ratings going down. You never listen if fans say stop dragging. Fans stayed because they love the lend characters regardless of making them repeat same things over and over again like fools.

  16. Times of india articles are never fake the news is absolutely true and sharad himself said that yes he got to know about the development today

  17. Holy cow I cant believe this sh!it. Fu!ck the show’s Cvs its just not fair. Hell with them all fu!ck it all. Sh!its just damn . Fu!ck the decision to end the show. Fu!ck everything.

  18. Plz, plz, plz, plz, plz, plzzzzzz don’t do this. I can’t live without it. I can’t even imagine my life without it. Is serial k bina jab Saturday aur Sunday bitana itna difficult hai to poori life iske bina kaise bitaenge?? Its very unfair. This is my 1st comment on this page nd I beg u that plz don’t end the show. Writers ki glti ki saza humlogon ko mat dijiye plz. I will not be able to live without it

  19. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    If it is true that the show will end. I hope for next season. I mean season 2 of this show featuring both sharad and kritika with some good story.

    1. even i want season 2, with grown up natasha and tanya too, what happened to them is still a mystery. i dont want it to end but sadly sharad kratika and karan confirmed the news , just hate colors channel for its attitude towards kasam.

  20. no plz dont end it , i am so connected to the show in its bad phase also i watched it plz dont let it go off air

  21. #dontendkasam ekta mam please no boring wrap ending , atlest give extention till december, voot also it trends . give us atleast krasha interview.

  22. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Hey guyz we haved saved kasam from going off air many times before and we will do it this time too all u have to do is comment in the colors tv official page and comment on ekta instagram account saying #dontendkasam . U all have to tag @ektaravikapoor and @colorstv in ur posts and have to use this hashtag #dontendkasam comment on their posts @rajcheerfull. Guyz comeon its time to show our fan power and save our favorite show kasam tere pyaar ki we have to do it guyz comeon

  23. Kratika plays good, she just play the role what she gets from director.kratika is a wonderful actor, no one can replace her. Kasam is the best show ever. Kratika & Sharad r the best couple on screen. I hope show will continue more.

  24. Kratika plays good, she just play the role what she gets from director.kratika is a wonderful actor, no one can replace her. Kasam is the best show ever. Kratika & Sharad r the best couple on screen. I hope show will continue more. I hope very soon it will be top

  25. Where comes the matter of Trp is about due to wrong timings. Y the show can’t b at 8Pm or 9Pm? Just don’t end it. Kasam is the best show forever

  26. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Guyz plz go to this page and signup with your email and join #dontendkasam. Guyz help us reach 2000 guyz join #dontendkasam campaign to save kasam all u have to do is go to the link below and sign up- campaign https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/ektaravikapoor_ekta_kapoor_Colors_ColorsTV_DontEndKasam/?newuser=1

  27. Thanks Undertaker. Done

    1. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

      Great job Pops.

  28. kasam going to off air on July

  29. updates of next episode .please

  30. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    H hasan or sona where is todays update of kasam. Man plz post update on time. I see u r posting update of other serials on time which even donot get a single comment on the page but We kasam fans r so excited for commenting but u always do like that. Comeon man post todays comment plz.

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