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Tanuja was hopeless as she has no family and even Rishi isn’t with her. She requests the lady not to speak about this luck, she doesn’t accept. The lady drags her towards the Goddess and demands her that she must be shown she is Rishi’s Tannu, she has returned for Rishi only. She is everything for Rishi. Tanuja says her Tannu must have sworn here in this temple, but today she swears in this temple she won’t accept until she is sent into that house through a miracle so that Rishi can’t send her away as well. She demands the Goddess to come down to fulfil their Kasam. She won’t use a wrong way to go into that house, she will never use the face in a wrong way. Rishi is a nice guy, he must get the best in this world. He must not get someone who doesn’t remind him of his love, but the killer

of his love.
Rishi lay in his bed, missing Tannu. She thinks towards the moon to convey his Tannu he miss her dearly. Tannu had fallen asleep on floor in the temple. The old lady covers her up with a red chunri, she asks the Goddess to save her in this life.
The next morning, Rishi gets a call in the car. Nakul calls him complaining he went to gym without him, how would he beat him otherwise. Rishi asks him to stop drinking and wake up early. Nakul blames Rishi for getting depressed on petty issues, and for that he has to take Rishi out and get drunk. Rishi tells Nakul about a match next week. He stop the car with a jerk, and thinks it’s the same temple he married Tannu. Tanuja comes towards the entrance of temple, the old lady brings her Prasad, then comes to Tanuja concerned if she wants to say something. Tanuja asks if she can live in this temple for a few days, she couldn’t contact her Chacha, she doesn’t know about her phone and his number. She will leave from here, there is another girl Radhika who would surely help her get a new job. The lady smiles her work has already been done by fate, she must gather courage and go to her Rishi. He is sensible and would understand what happened to her and why.
There, Rishi comes down the car wondering why he wants to go to this temple after twenty years.
Tanuja denies going to Rishi, it would be useless to tell him anything as he hates her. He hates her since day 1, she won’t be a trouble for him. The lady asks what if he comes to her. The lady insists her to speak to him at least once, then says she would speak to him and he would understand it. Whenever he must look at her, he should feel Tannu inside her. She wasn’t ready to stop, as she didn’t stay back twenty years ago.
Rishi enters the temple where Tannu sat in front of the idols. Tannu looks behind, Rishi leave to take a call. It was Rano who apologizes him for a mistake, she tells him to go to airport as soon as possible. Malaika is coming over, he must go to pick her from airport. Rishi was expecting a storm with Malaika, who wants him to pick her up personally. He assures her to pick her up, but not for Malaika but for Rano. Rishi turns around to look inside the temple once more before heading outside. Tanuja foresee a storm, she felt alone as if she is losing life.
Rishi looks around the airport searching Malaika. He spots a girl and hugs her apologizing he got late, without listening to her. The girl pushes him away, Rishi was stunned, then apologizes he felt it was his friend from America. The girl was offensive, Rishi explains he thought it was Malaika as she makes issue of petty matters. A guard comes with a complaint for Rishi, and shows him the girl who complaint. Malika recognizes Rishi and complain the security guards about him teasing the girl. She says she recognizes such boys well, they begin flirting any girl they spot. Malaika urges the guards to take him in, Rishi questions Malaika really? Malaika narrates them to write the report, that this guy Rishi Singh Bedi was flirting a wrong girl, he must flirt her. Malaika sends the guard away as she did this just because he arrived late to pick her up. She hugs the smiling Rishi, they head backwards.
The old lady was looking around her room, Tannu comes there. The lady shares she is going to do what she has been made for. She insists on Tanuja that nothing can stop what’s meant to happen. Tanuja confirms if Rishi would accept she is Tannu? The lady says this means she herself has accepted to be Tannu. She says that now, there has to be the beginning of the story. She comes to temple saying he has been waiting Tannu for last twenty years. He didn’t trust her earlier, but he would today. Today, the winds have changed, they are made for each other; she wants such strength to bring back the twenty years old moments back. She promises Tannu her life won’t go wasted, she will meet the one she returned for. Rishi loves her dearly, he has fire and craziness in his love which made him live in love for so long. He doesn’t know she is his Tannu. Tanuja jerks the lady’s hands away saying this is enough, she can never accept she is in Rishi’s heart.
On their way back, Malika stares at Rishi. Rishi asks if there is some problem. Malaika calls him so young and good looking, any girl would directly enter his heart. She asks what happened, and asks about her name. Malaika asks him to stop the car, Rishi stops with a jerk. Malaika walks out towards his side and asks him to come out. She inquires who the girl who snatched him from her is, he has changed a lot for her. He looks really good now, the last time she came he looked like a Hitler and today he has a smile over his face. Rishi shares he has learnt to live with his past, he wants to live happily with his family. Malaika smiles asking if she has a chance, Rishi forbids her to think about it. Malaika was sure this same Rishi would propose her one day. Rishi says he know she is a nice girl, she does healthy flirting but everything has a time. Everyone likes her in their life, but someone doesn’t get her; however she is sure he is going to kneel down to her soon.
In the room, Tannu wonders if this. is really her second life. This face is just a mistake of doctors. She wonders what if it’s really a second life. She thinks if she was Tannu, Rishi wouldn’t have hated her so much, he hates her a lot. She gets sentimental towards Rishi, as he is really nice. She accepts he hates her so much. She was worried that the lady has gone to Rishi, and he would think she sent her. She was afraid he would hate her even more, she must leave somewhere far away. She gets upset where she would go, and cries she didn’t do anything deliberately. She thinks this surgery isn’t her planning, which Rishi assume. She doesn’t care about anyone, but she can’t bear Rishi’s hatred because she dearly….

PRECAP: Rishi and Malika had just arrived. The lady calls from behind that Rishi can’t run away from his luck, although he can run away from her.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Sona

    Have u notice the dress fabric of malaika n tannu is same but don’t like the acting of malaika.
    Tannu thinking of second life give interesting turn to story.

  2. ammu

    Thanks for the update.I have a doubt is malaika also 43yrs old because she is rishis childhood friend know.I can’t believe this anyway its just a story.

  3. nayana

    wow iam the first to comment yipee i dont know where is this story going ? episode is like a snail too slow iam happy that tannu has some feelings towards rishi i mean tanuja whenever i watch this serial i forget tannu nahi yanuja hai nice episode good going dont no what will do this new entry with tanuja pls anyone tell me where is sandy guys

  4. vafa

    you are [email protected]

  5. vafa

    @nayana . sandy will throw tanuja out of his house . rishi comback tanuja bedihouse and start love risi and tanuja.
    acting sharad and kratika is amazing.

  6. Milee Kidwai

    This tv serial’s my favourite these days but still cant digest the idea of tanujas perfect plastic surgery face..well if reincarnation can happen then I should accept the face too..i wanted the same tanuja ..by the way.

  7. Sia

    Hi Ammu…Welcome to kasam family….anyways i luv ur name ‘Ammu’…actually my mom calls me ammu as it is my nick name….

  8. Sia

    Nice episode….waiting for rishi to feel for tanuja….but i think the makers should understand that krathika is playing the character of tanuja not tannu…i mean the way tanuja used to talk to people n thats why i want atleast somethings which tanuja a.k.a shivani used to do that she should do as this is reincarnation….

  9. anu

    Since tanuja had surgery, the 20 years time leap is becoming a joke… .Why malaika has be to be rishi’s childhood fren?? Why not a New NRI business partner… Making her so special every one saying mailaika aa rahi hain mailaika aa rahi hain….don’t like it a bit…

  10. vafa

    guys siddhi and sia and ankia where are you? I MISS YOU ALOT.PLEASE REPLYME. @ammu dear. welcome to ourkasam family.

  11. ammu

    Hi sia its my nick name only.all of them call me in my nick name only so I used to forget my original name I.e,Lakshmi..

  12. Inshara

    I am new to kasa family. I just love kasam it a very lovely story I am a big fan of rishi & tanu keep doing well …

  13. ALI


  14. charles

    ekat perform best work with bring kratika because magic this is (refer to book of god) : when that persone dies should in rebron to same shap that this thing have writed books in Torah and Gospal and the Psalms. and this is true.and this called true love.
    @guys you know that atfer entry kratika in kasam . kasam is number 1 show in pakistan again .yes guys because all person watch this drama and love it after entry kratika everyone are watch kasam. and also after entry kratika serial kasam have more improvd than otherserials in uk. and also in world Arab that after kratika leave kasam . they stop transltion serial kasam and also stop watch kasam but after entry kratika they start tranltion serial kasam and watch serial kasam.because they love kratika with sharad . (krasha)

    • rishikra

      mr.vafa stop ur multiple personality disorder…now in new name of charles….cheiiii..
      Already nahs pointed out ur fake name and after reading ur comments from first realised its u creating drama like not tanuja is acting good,kratika is amazing stuffs…we too like kratika but enuf of ur drama vafa…even on that day nahs never said anything about language,just said ur dialects are same and u immediately created melodrama…stop this fake act and watch

    • rishikra

      also kratika has replaced shivani tomar,so stop this kratika drama…again only she will be paired with rishi…
      So pls dont use multiple names mr/ms vafa

  15. v

    @shivani dear. rishi feel that tanuja is tanu. but he donot believe . because he think that tanuja is sandydughter. but after tanuja save rishi. he tonic that tanja is tanu.and madly fall in love her.

  16. nana

    guys i donot like maliaka . role maliaka is like role taneev in serial Qubool in fact character mailaka trun to negtive in the show kasam like character taneev in show Qubool . I donot like acting of malika.

  17. nana

    guys rishi even if accept amarriage with mailaka and forget hispast. but he willnot amarriage with mailka because only love tanu . and when undrestand tanja is tanu .he like already madly fall in love with tanuja. tha t in the end srial I think that changed name tanuja to tanu.

  18. v

    @shivani .sandy is murderer tanu (rishi love) and rishi think tanuja is sandy dughter. sandy also throw tanuja out of hishouse. and rishi return her to bedihouse.and start moments love between rishi and tanuja.

  19. Kashish

    Kimberly kratika aka tanu aka tanuja is not stupid and all know that tanuja will come between rishi and mallika rishi will never accept mallika and plz its my request don’t say that tanuja i stupid mallika have to leave the show one day and tanuja and rishi chemistry is awesome not rishi and mallika so plzzz

  20. wendy

    i loved kasam alot . because this serial kasam is for tanu and rishi and name serial is kasam mean kasam rishi and tanu /tanuja i really hate this malika that want com between rishi and tanuja. but I know that rishi at all donot love malika. malika is for just friend no more.

  21. v

    U r right @kashish. because this serial kasam about love rishi to tanu /tanuja about kasam both them.
    @kalika dear, donot upset. tanuja donot die in reborn . be suer .they made magic romanc and rishi will amarriage with tanuja.

  22. Sia

    @Ammu, Ohh that i got it that ammu will be ur nick name….Anyways Lakshmi is also very nice name as it is the name of godness Lakshmi rite….

  23. ALI

    @ attention Guys!!
    ITA ( indian television academy )award are coming soon so haveto try ourbest to make ourtanshi ( rockstar) win award vote for kratika and sharad and also.so for structure to vote forsharadmalhotra and kratika sengar ordheer reffer to mycomment on page
    please hurry up.

  24. sbrieh

    A NEWS
    guys( there has to be man who loves tanuja alot and knows her since childhood so make rishi jealous and also maybe returned pavan compete with new man to love tanuja and make rishi jealous. infact kasam is rocking again. donot upset just enjoy it now.

  25. v

    you are right @ brieh.
    guys rishi start jealous . and this jealous cause that rishi understandhe madly love tanuja. it would was interesting to watch as to how would rishi and tanuja cross limits to end up getting one?

  26. sbrieh

    rishi accept marriage with malika and forget hispast. but then malika notice love between rishi a tanuja malika try keep tanuja far from rishi.
    it would be very interesting to watch as to how will rishi no metter how much he tries cannot forget tanujas innocent and loving feel.(Rishi cannot forget tanujasfeel
    rishi and tanuja are truely made for each other couple with facing all the hardships yet uniting in the end.
    story love tanshi are like story love Milan.
    it serial kasam is very lovely and clear and can feel and touch that true love never donot end with acting amazing and awesome( kratika and sharad).

  27. vafa

    @rishikraa . i donot mind to persone like you . and for i enough that god know that telling truth.nahs speak about language . and i feel that you and nahs use multiple personality. and i love couple krasha even myfriend sia and anika and siddhi also know that i always support aharad with kratika. and please you learn that respect other.

  28. vafa

    @ rishika dear . kratika isnot getting replac . and even ZA production also confirmed that kratika isnot replacing agiane and only she will be paired with rishi . please you and nahs sotp use multipe nemes.and learn respect other.

  29. vafa

    @rishika. i at all donot say that kraika is replacing by shivani tomar. i atall donot say name shivani tomar. then about pakistan and uk can refer to instagram and watch with youreyes.
    it willbe last mycomment to english language.

  30. charles

    ms rishika . one of my friend is arab . and he had that about stoped transltion kasam .then death tanu. you can call wwith lodynet and then jude about me and also about pakistan also kasam pakistans fans had said and also you can see that in page instagram sharad and krasha and … and about uk too.

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