Kasam 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Manpreet comes to stage to Rishi, whispering he must get the bride then requests him to stop thinking about Tanuja. He offers him that he can repeat the past if he really loves Tanuja, but at Rishi’s stare he goes upstairs. Rishi thinks that even Manpreet can now see he only thinks about Tanuja, then jerks the thought as he only has Tannu in mind. Manpreet comes to take Malaika whom Rano and Ahana were bringing downstairs. He asks about Tanuja, as Rishi was inquiring. Rano angrily tells Manpreet to let Tanuja be where she is, if Rishi wants to make her jealous she is really happy. It’s better Tanuja isn’t here, her bad eye won’t hurt anyone. Ahana was angry and asks Rano to go downstairs, and leave this talk. Divia also comes to call the bride downstairs, Rano questions Ahana why she is staring

at her like this. Manpreet asks Ahana why she doesn’t hear to Rano, Ahana clarifies she won’t listen anything against Tanuja.
Malaika was stuck in traffic and was frustrated. She tries to break the signal but traffic warden stops her, and asks for license. She offers him bribe that he doesn’t take and tells her to come outside. In the room, Raaj wish Malaika shouldn’t arrive before wedding takes place. He calls Malaika. There, The warden hands her the penalty slip. Malaika receives Raaj’s call and assures to come in 15 minutes, then she broke the signal. Raaj tells her to get relax. Malaika was concerned if wedding’s time was 7 pm. Raaj Mata up nothing takes place in time over here, only preparations are going on right now. Raaj Mata prays Maa Kaal to make Malaika late. Earlier, he was mistaken not to recognize the true love of Rishi and Tannu, but this time he would get true love its place.
Rishi watches the bride coming. He wonders where Manpreet has gone, he sent him to look for Tanuja. There, Rano tells Tanuja that Rishi is impatiently waiting for her. Tanuja wish Malaika come here soon, because she hasn’t been able to take care of anything. Rano tells Malaika to go alone from here and leave her side. Tanuja trembles, then peeks from under the veil at Rishi and slips at the stairs of stage. Rishi was talking to Pandit. Raaj comes between him and Tanuja whose veil had removed, he points at her to cover her face. Rani and others come to help her. Rano at once orders her to stop and takes her to Rishi by herself.
The Pandit asks Rishi to change place with bride, the sit together. Rano asks Rishi to take care of his bride to be. Rano requests the Pandit to tie a knot, she gives Tanuja’s hand into Rishi’s. They get a shock at the touch. Rishi was thoughtful, recalling this shock with Tannu. He wonders if it’s Tanuja. Rano teases if they got a current and blesses them.
In the way, Malaika’s car gets out of order. She tries to stop an auto or taxi but no luck. The old lady of temple holds her hands and looks in shock. Malaika was rude and tries to get away, the lady warns Malaika she wouldn’t get him, he belongs to someone he got his fate. Malaika stops a taxi and hurries in it.
Rano tells Rishi that they are made for each other that is why she came here from far away to his country, to his life and now his heart. She says after these rounds they would belong to each other, and nothing would part them away. Raaj thinks smiling, it’s a mother’s pray and this couple will flourish together. He was thankful this wedding takes place before Malaika arrive and hurries the Pandit. The wedding rituals begin.

PRECAP: Rishi was shocked to see Tanuja under the veil as he tries to put in sindoor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. nice!! thanks for written update!! bt I thought…aleast aj to promo repeat nhi hogi…bt again….same…

  2. Oh god raaj should not forget abt mallika and tanujha rishi hand shock was too good but my doubt lies here whether rishi will marry tanujha or not they will first keep sindoor and then phera or first phera and then sindoor by the way if rano say something against tanujha on that moment rishi will accept it.And how dare that mallika she will come to the wedding and question tanujha but at that time raaj comes and says the truth about I think he will not forget and something pregnant news was going on I didn’t see it

  3. Advance happy diwali guys I am the first one to wish here in comment happy diwali vafa,ankit,shamna,tanshi,mihika,mahi and everyone sorry I only remember these name happy diwali to all of u

    1. happy diwali too have a safe diwali

  4. Ankit

    Boring huh! Rano made it damn boring and wasted a lots of time!! Huh!! By the way!! Nice marriage….. Congrats all!!

  5. Same precap ???? Again?????

  6. they extended marriage 2 nxt week so bad i think after the spark rishi has some feeling that it is tanuja not malaika high voltage drama is coming ahana will definitely support tanuja dont know about others especially rishi iam happy that without any obstacle this marriage is happening that was nice

  7. Ankit

    Thanks Catherine… Happy Diwali to you too! And by the way… Raaj will not forget… I saw it… he’ll scold Malaika.. . See it on Instagram if you want to!

  8. Ankit

    Thanks @catherine

  9. Awsm Epi full of entertainment. Luv every bit of it. Specially rishi nd manu’s convo. Nd also our TanShi shock. They nailed it.

  10. Avishi

    Good but same precap I thought that they gonna show

  11. Hey vafa why not coming in comment itself anyway happy diwali vafa

  12. rishy vil marry tanuja……while putting sindoor current goes off he vil put sindoor in darkness….what a drama!!!and raj vil expose tat chudail mallika….happy that they got married….bt hope rishi wont scold tanuja….

  13. Ankit

    Wow! I hope you’re correct @Nishitha

  14. @thanks catherina. happy diwalito u . @Ankit dear. @Nishitha is right. and next marriage . we will see most romance scenes tanshi.

  15. where are u @sia. i missing u and siddhi alot.

  16. hei guys happy and safe diwali……

    1. nice to see ur comment vafa wishing 2 all a happy diwali

  17. Ankit

    Hey VafA Nishitha and all! Listen listen listen!! They’ll be married successfully… Then… Tanuja.. Will assure Rishi that she won’t ever think bad of his family and all and all… Then suddenly somehow… Her Mangal Sutra will fall down and then… Rishi will make the Mangal sutra be on Tanuja’s neck……. I’m loving it! Happy diwali…. A real gift it is on diwali!!

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  20. Where is sandy anyone? Has tanuja forgot her family?

  21. @ Ankit

    hurry up tell tell omg- kratz -deher and (koma-lovekasam) in instargram page tanshi . that conotrol poll vote because today is last day vote for tanshi please you also again vote for tanshi . because ashaqbaazfans are voteing 24hours for ashqbaaz.

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    1. Siddhi

      Have already voted

  23. @vafa dear do u work for ekta you are killing you for people voting kasam even you said goodbye but come back wit lots of message for vote and thanking your twin ankit

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  25. In kasam. Kratika as tanu.tanvi.and tanuja do overacting. Even her voice is not good like rani mukherjee. I think shivani tomar was better playing tanuja than kratika but stupid writers and directors get her replaced with kratika sengar and she do her usual overacting as tanuja.and she did not suit the role of tanuja,tanvi and even tanu.but good thing about the show is vamps bani and neha and their acting is excellent. Vibha chibber rank is like motion kaali bhadi daayan maha churail.malaika is gud.

  26. Vibha chibber rano is like motion kaali bhadi daayan Maya churail.

  27. Vibha chibber Rano is like moti kaali bhadi maha churail.

  28. Rank is daayan really and I feel afraid by seeing her. And I also didn’t like her negative role.she is a real vamp.

  29. Not rank I mean rano its a printing mistake.

  30. writers do best decidee with bring kratika. kratika is better than shivani .acting kratika is very very real but shivani acting isnot real. and shivani . and voice kratika is very very good and i missing hervoice alot. i aleardy when that kratika leave kasam i at all donot watch kasam for one month. shivani even whenwas crying clear that heracting isnot real.i now watch kasam and now kasam be better than before. befor kasam was boring. even sharad also had said that kratika is great actress. and when kratika leav e kasam sharad also that that he mismissing her alot and even hervoice. onlysharad and kratika are with together pertfect.and just both are soul of kasam. sorry sorry but shivani not first time in each serial that serial converted to flop. infact should tell that she was like person that if enter to be in place that place be floop with entry her.

  31. Nice episode, I am waiting for upcoming episodes, love you tanshi

  32. Nice episode, love you kratika

  33. @kasam dear. why you alwayz just disrespeect me ? while i alwayz respect you. so please respect me . i leave this page if comback just for this that tell if something tell about vote that is truth. and if tell that vote fortanshi because kasamfans on instagram want that tell guys.

  34. When kratika leaved the show, I too leaved the show for one and half month. But now kratika is came back so I am not going to miss a single episode, love you kratika, you are such a great actress, I love you for thousands time.

  35. Yeah kratika and mouni Roy are such a great actresses that even kareena kapoor can’t compared them.u r right vafa.

  36. Yeah kratika is great actress .u r right vafa

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