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Raaj thanks Sukhval and Savitri to accept his decision about pre-ponement of wedding. He wants the function to be a memorable one. Guljeet tells them about a team of dancer who will show their show with the help of knives. Bee ji comes there murmuring against Rano. Diler arrives in the function, looking around for Rishi. Bee ji watches Rishi lost in his thoughts and inquires about what happened. He leaves, she watch him worried. Rishi takes a drink from a waiter, Diler had just reached behind him, but couldn’t find Rishi. Some friends greet Pavan. Neha brings Mumta while he recognizes her.
Pavan hits Diler and scolds him to look carefully, then recognizes Diler. He informs Saloni that Diler is her lie knife dancer. They were happy that today no one will come to know who killed Rishi.
The lady

in the temple of Kaali Maa looks up at the sky. She shares with a lady that something wrong is going to take place, she calls for a Havan. She has to call Kaali Maa today to save her child. Else his blood would shed just like the color in the sky.
Manpreet recognizes Diler as knife dancer and sends him towards Guljeet.
Savitri comes to Bani asking about Tannu. She was restless to take Tanvi along her. Bani assures her that only the henna they have brought will be used to write Pavan’s name on her hand. Tannu looks at her hand, and think about henna incident with Rishi. Ahna tells Tannu she watched Rishi crying in his room, he cried as if heart broken. She has always seen his mischievous, but she felt really bad for him watching him cry. She inquires if Tanvi said something to him, he pays attention to her little words. Otherwise nothing affects him. Tannu tells Ahna she told Rishi not to come behind her, why she must fight her fate when he isn’t in it. Ahna assures to be with her always, if Rishi is in her heart even today then she must not marry Pavan. Neha comes up to call Tannu as her in laws have been waiting. Tannu tells Ahna it’s very late and goes downstairs.
Raaj discuss with Sukhval and Guljeet its better not to be women, else they would also have to spend a lot to get ready only.
Rishi watches Tannu come downstairs.
Savitri insists on putting the right henna onto Tanvi’s hand.
Tannu comes downstairs, noticing Rishi’s piercing stare over her. Pavan also notice this. Diler comes behind Rishi thinking if he comes away from people for single minute, he will lose his life.
Neha demands henna designer to write full name of Rishi, while Tannu asks for first letter only. Rishi thinks how she would erase his name from her heart.
They all come to see Tannu’s henna. Savitri was sure her henna would be fast in color as Pavan dearly loves her. Ahna was upset that Tannu doesn’t like being called Pavan’s fiancé, how she will marry him. Tannu comes to temple, as she light agar stick her henna is ruined, and P is turned to R instead.

PRECAP: Rishi confess his love to Tannu. Diler comes from behind. Rishi hugs Tannu.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Thank u sona

  2. I wnt d old joyfl rishi bk…pls….

  3. So when will Rishi confess his love to Tannu? Cos it seems like he is struggling to do so ????? btw Kasam comes after Kumkum Bhagya for dragging story line for long… Just waiting when Rishi will pour his heart out to his lady love ????

  4. getting worse day by day

  5. How many times will he confess his love Tanu should be married to pavaan and let her surgery do Indian women always sacrifice their lives disgusting serial going round and round and evil Wii cannot stand rishi,s father what an idiot how did the Americans let him through the airport

    1. Akshaya

      true.and about rishi’s father is also true

  6. getting worse day by day we want some more drama like pawan caught by family member

  7. Only one request please don’t change kratika as tanu.and rishi open this secret that tanvi is real tanu

    1. Neeta I dont even know why they changing her cos she can still be on the show but with different style and attitude

      1. Exactly! I’m annoyed that they are changing her.

  8. my my when will this be over pl have mercy on us be realistic dont drag it uselessly

  9. rishi and kratika jodi is the best plz dont change her she is the best dont let her go

  10. Worst serial ..dargging the story y u dont have story to continue ..if it is like this then for sure no one will watch this real

    1. Exactly I’ve stopped watching it but come here to read if there are any changes and it’s still dragging! Soooo annoying! This show has a great story line to begin with as they had initially advertised but now it’s just too much! Get to the point!

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