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Scene 1
Manpreet says to Rishi that it happened what we were scared about. Rishi says you think it was my fault? if Abhi saw me and Tanu then its my fault? Manpreet says I have an idea. Manpreet calls Samar and says I am Preety, its baby, you come here fast, we will meet at Abhi’s house. Samar says no dont go there, my reputation will be destroyed, Manpreet says come here else I will create drama, he ends call. Manpreet says to Rishi that when Tanu and Abhi will have a fight then Samar will go there and stop it.

Abhi says to Tanu that your truth is not going to change my relation with Natasha, she will be loved as always, Tanu thanks him. Abhi says I have told you that there is no thank you or sorry for Natasha,she is my life and I love her, dont ever think that I will let anything bad happen

to her even if I have to do something that will be bad for you, you were talking about your fate bringing you to Mumbai? Tanu says my promise brought me to Mumbai, Abhi says you didnt tell me before? Natasha comes there and shows Abhi her toy, he starts playing with her. Door bell rings, Abhi goes to check, Tanu is worried.

Abhi opens door. Samar says she is not my girlfriend, where is Preety? Abhi says there is no girl here, Samar says one girl is behind me. Abhi asks him to relax, he says okay and leaves. Abhi says to Tanu that you.. you knew that your fate brought you here then why did you become caretaker? Tanu says I was not getting job so I went to London. Abhi says you are so intelligent, I read file in which there was note, the one where you changed quotation. Tanu recalls how Rishi came to her house and says there were some wrong quotations in it but I changed it, Abhi is a fool but his loss would be my loss so I changed it, flashback ends. Abhi says I didnt know you are so talented, Tanu says you didnt go to restaurant? Abhi says I came to restaurant but I didnt find you there, I did see a couple there because they were so emotional for each other. Tanu says then why you were not picking my call? Abhi says I got emotional seeing Natasha’s photo and I thought you would make fun of me so I didnt take your call, now leave all this and cook for me. Tanu thinks that means Abhi didnt see our faces. Abhi says I will fulfill your dream, you wont work in kitchen but work with me in office, dont worry about Natasha, she will get more care and love.
Tanu comes to kitchen and says to herself that I am sorry Abhi, I didnt tell you about my past, it was my past and this is my present and both are different, Natasha smiles around you and I can be caretaker for life to see smile on her face.

Scene 2
Door bell rings, Abhi opens door. Manpreet and Rishi comes there. Manpreet says you listened wrong. Rishi doesnt have girlfriend. Abhi says who is this girl who is not girlfriend of anyone? come in. Tanu yells Abhi and Natasha soup is ready. She is shocked to see Rishi and Manpreet there. Manpreet says Rishi have soup. Tanu says no he cant, I made this soup for my husband and daughter with love. Manpreet says he has allergy with soup,you can make something else for him, Tanu comes to kitchen and says Rishi come here and tell me what you want to eat.
Rishi comes to Tani and says have you gone mad? Abhi is here, how dare you came here? Rishi says if Abhi saw us together then how he is so cool about it? Tanu says he didnt see us together and thank God for that. Rishi says he should have seen it and then everything would have been clear. Tanu says you have already created problems dont create more. Rishi says I have come to handle everything. Tanu says no need, this is my family and I will handle it. Tanu gets call, she goes to her room, Rishi follows her. Tanu says you came to my room? go away, Rishi says whats the problem? you love me and I love you. Tanu says I dont love you. Rishi says lie, you love me, you dont love your husband, you love once in life and you loved me, you are living with stranger, Tanu says Natasha is my daughter and he is my husband. Rishi says we make a family, me, you, Natasha and Tanya, you dont like Naitra and I dont like Abhi so they wont be in family and Natasha likes me a lot, her principal even called me that I am like her papa so whats the problem? Tanu thinks that Rishi should not know that Natasha is his daughter, Tanu says I dont love you, dont create problems for me. Rishi says we have fought for 7 years, I am sorry if you are still miffed. Tanu says I have moved on in life, I never asked for you again, I kept thanking God for my new life. Tanu says I got Abhi as husband and he is very loving. Rishi says what about love you had for me? Tanu says yes I loved you but you were my past and Abhi and Natasha are my present and future and I am not that bad to hurt people like someone hurt my heart. Rishi says you see his pain but cant see my heart that is pained, you.. Abhi comes there and says Rishi you here? Rishi says this is nice room. Abhi says Tanu designed my room, she can design your room, Tanu glares at him, Abhi says perhaps not, she designed my room as she is my wife, Rishi nods and leaves. Abhi asks why she was rude to him? Tanu says he is your enemy afterall, Abhi says right but lets say bye to him as he is my partner too.
Natasha meets Manpreet and asks if he came with Mr. Handsome? he says yes but he is with beautiful doll and there can be problem, Natasha says if you have problem with Mr. Handsome then I will break your face. Manpreet recall how Ahana used to threaten him like that, Natasha punches him softly, Manpreet says you are copy of Ahana, Natasha asks who is Ahana? Rishi comes there and says to Manpree that lets go. Natasha asks whose copy I am? Tanu comes there too. Manpreet looks at tanu and says Natasha you are copy of your aunt(maasi), he leaves, Tanu is stunned.

Rishi comes home and says to Manpreet that I am mad, I thought Abhi and Tanu will fight but Tanu was feeding him soup. Manpreet says are you angry that they didnt fight? Rishi says how can she be happy with Abhi? I am hurt. Manpreet says she is married, you cant get her. Rishi says I cant let her go, I want her and her only, he leaves. Rano hears it. Manpreet sees her and thinks that if she gets to know about Tanu then she will go to her house and taunt her. Rano stops Manpreet but Naitra says to Ahana is calling you manpreet, Rano says no you come with me,she drags Manpree with her.

Abhi says to Tanu that Rishi left? you know he was so angry on me like I ranaway with his wife, Tanu coughs. Tanu thinks that I have to keep Rishi away from me, if my past comes to present then two families with destroy with tow hearts

PRECAP- Rish asks Rano is she ready to accept her? Rano says yes I am ready to accept her, Rishi gets happy.
Abhi asks Tanu that when he was in London, did Rishi come to meet her at their house? Tanu looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode…love how rishi wants tanu back

  2. Rishi is just beyond selfish, when he had her he took her for granted now that she found a place with respect and friendship he wants her. I can’t believe how callous Rishi is about separating natasha abhi and tanya naitra, these 2 dolls love their papa and mama respectively do the childrens hearts and emotions mean nothing to him. Abhi is definitely the better papa while Rishi keeps running behind Tanuja

  3. i know but Rishi still doesn’t know that Tanuja is none other than his Tanu who sacrificed her life to save me

  4. VINAL

    Rishi is behaving childish what is this he got engaged with netra when tanu was with his & now when she is happy with her family he want her to come back in his life
    I like bonding between natasha & abhi

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    omg Manpreet compared Natasha with her Maasi … oooo he knows Nat is family ???
    Kalika, Rishi is a typical man … when they have a good woman they take her for granted (smh) yet as soon as she gets another guy … poof, they return and are sooo in love (smdh)

  6. Ak and tanu look very nice….dont want rishi to seperate

  7. Plz tell someone that if kasam is going off air I just love this serial and I don’t want to loose it at any cost plz don’t make it to go of air Love uuuu kasammm
    Luvvv uuu ssharad

  8. AK and natasha best FATHER-DAUGHTER jodi…….

  9. even after seeing tanuja having tanu’s habits rishi still couldn’t recognize that tanuja is none other than her tanu
    if read pls reply

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