Kasam 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Nakul comes to cheer Rishi, he challenges him to prove he is the same old Rishi Singh Bedi. UV takes Rishi to change. Raaj asks Manpreet where they are going, Manpreet says there is a new club.
At home, Bani comes to Neha saying she never understood Neha still feel enmity towards Tannu. She was unaware she would be so doomed that she will throw her away from house at midnight. Neha says Rishi threw her out of the door, right now she has a zero value then why should they feed this girl for free fund.
Nakul and UV come to club with Rishi. UV reminds Nakul that he is still his father. Nakul cheers and go to party while UV join Manpreet and Rishi. They welcome Rishi back to the club. Rishi moves to the center, cheers with Nakul and questions if he got only this single way, only this bar and girls

can prove he is happy. Manpreet says they all want to confirm if that Tanuja still matter to him or not. Nakul complains Rishi that all girls are behind Rishi only, and no one lifts her. Rishi points at a girl who is looking towards them, Nakul sadly says she is looking at Rishi only. Rishi says it doesn’t matter to him anymore. UV says this means Tanuja is still in his mind. The girl comes to speak to Rishi, Nakul bucks Rishi up to prove it. Rishi takes the girl aside, sharing he loved someone. He says she is a nice girl, she deserves someone better. She shares she really likes him. Rishi holds her hand, assuring she is really nice. The girl offers him dance, Rishi thinks about dancing with Tannu after her death. Rishi leaves the girl. Nakul cheers on Rishi’s return. Rishi asks if it’s proven that he is really happy, now should they go.
Tanuja was sitting in the garden. A car stops boy in which some boys come to harass her. She requests to let her go, but the boys come to harass her badly. Someone throw a huge stone from behind towards them, she shouts at the men how they dare touch her. They come to attack the lady who defends well against them. She beats them with a huge stick. The men still attack the lady, snatching her stick. They hear siren of police mobile, the men flee. Tanuja thanks the temple lady. The lady was concerned what she is doing so late and takes her along.
At home, Rano was excited to take a call. The boys return, Rano gives the phone to Rishi as its Malaika’s call but she had hung up. Manpreet tease Rano that she would now be making matches of Rishi. Raaj notices that Manpreet is happier today, he must have done something wrong today. Nakul asks Raaj why he is always behind Manpreet. Raaj tells Nakul he is aware Manpreet is the most mischievous of all his children. They capture Manpreet, Nakul and Rishi wrestle with Manpreet. Rano and Raaj were happy watching their family happy again. Rano says Malaika is coming again, Raaj reminds 6 years ago when she came Rishi had to hear all day long that Malaika is a really nice girl. Rishi asks Rano when he know about the answers, why even question. Rano insists one day Rishi would agree. Raaj still notices something wrong with Manpreet. Manpreet fakes a call with a girl, when Raaj snatches his phone he cheers. Bee ji watches the family happy from upstairs, and was happy that tomorrow Malaika would add happiness to it.
In the temple, the old lady was happy at the miracle. Rishi’s Tannu has returned after 20 years. Tanuja was shocked and questions if she also consider her Tannu. The lady insists she is that Tannu. Tanuja recognizes herself as Tanuja, it was an accident that burnt her, and because of someone’s mistake she got this Tannu’s face. Surgery ruined everything. The lady says everything is right now, she asks if this happened to her while saving Rishi from fire. Tanuja asks how she know about it, she didn’t share it with anyone. The lady tells Tanuja it’s in her birth chart, she would counter death curses related to someone else. Whenever Rishi would be in trouble she would take it over herself and save him. This happened in the last life, and will continue happening in each life.

PRECAP: Tanuja says that Rishi deserves a nice girl, not someone who reminds him of his lover’s murderer. Rano calls Rishi to pick Malaika from airport. Rishi agrees to go, but not for Malaika but for Rano.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Sia

    Nice episode….i luved manpreet, rishi n nakul mischeive scenes….but waiting for smriti n tanuja to meet each other….

  2. ALI

    @hay dear huri. I ALSO say welcome to you.

    attenion GUYS!!ITA( indian television academy) AWARD are coming soon so we haveto try ourbest to make our tanshi( rockstars) win award . so for structure vote for sharad malhotra and kratika sengar or dheer refer to mycomment on page (kasam -26th -September- 2016 writen- episode -update /Telly updates.
    please hurry up.

  3. utopia

    As usual they have to bring another woman they are not ready to unite rishi and Tanu. Wait you will be surprisedn parvan will surface to marry Tanu and it will happen with the witriter,s blessings i am starting to hate these Indian stupid serials

  4. vafa

    guys :
    it will be seen that sandy will thorw out of house after he sees tanus face he cannot forget hispast.
    apparetnly rishi will give shelter to tanuja as he feels that she is an orphan and is in need.soon show will witness that love will blossom amid rishi and tanuja .
    post plastic surgery and re-entry in bedhouse drama,both rishi and tanu are shattered witness
    tanus face rishi throws tanuja out of life.while soon in the series to come ruchika will enter rishis life ruchika will return from Amrica as she is rishis childhood friend.
    Ruchika and rishi will spend some qualite time together recollecting their childhood days togther
    however Rishi and Ruchikas closeness willnot go well with tanuja and anuja will get envious witnessing their closeness.and tanuja will hence relize her eternal love for rishi.
    rishi to fall in love with tanuja after she save hislife.

  5. vafa

    @ dear utopia .be sure that pawan donot comeback on kasam. they want show that with enter new girl in rishislife tanuja envious. that tanuja of this through understand her eternal love for rishi. and rishi also fall in love with tanuja. ( this news and abow news confirmed).rishi also even if accept marriage with othergirl he at all marriage willnot other girl. he only will marriage with tanuja. dear utopia . because when rishi comback tanuja in bedshouse after send throw out of his house . rishi little loved tanuja.
    if you donot believe me can refer to krasha in in stagram and and see news with youreyes.
    you just be patient. watie and see. because kratika and sharad also siad that they will make magice romanc.

  6. Adithi

    Lovely.. Kasam boys rocked.. Nice brother bonding.. New girl MALIKA(Smiriti khanna) entry.. OK waiting for that.. High voltage drama will be after this..

  7. Pradishma

    Nice episode , but i want to see Tanuja….Strong bubbly one..For now let us consider Tanu is in trauma after all these happened to her.. But pls make krathika as tanuja and not tannu…
    Waiting for Tanu to recollect her past..Dont know how will rishi understand she is rebirth of Tannu

  8. charles

    hay every one. tanu ka accident hog…i know its sad but its good because abhi rishi tanu ko bachayega and then use apne ghar layga …bedi house. then start tanshi romance i know it is not soon but it happens slowly slowly but itis ok . because we will tanshi romance.

  9. Arbi

    Hi guyzz i’m new here…bt am big fan of thz show… By the way epi was superb….love it aye sunn kar bahut khshi huyi ke rishi Went to CLUB… Aaahhhhh…. Hey ruhi

  10. Sia

    Hellooo Dear Akriti, Afia, Avishi b Arbi welcome to our kasam family…happy to see new members of kasam family like A4…i mean 4 of urs names starts with ‘A’….thats cool….

  11. vafa

    hi @ Akriti and Afia and Arbi and Avishi dear. welcom to our kasam family.
    @pradishma dear . I THINK writer want say us that she is tanu not tanuja. because even tample lady also say tanja that she is tanu not tanuja .and think after rishi undrestand that tanuja is rebirt of tanu . in the end serial changed name tanuja to tanu.

  12. vafa

    ZA productons
    guys. kratika is very much part of kasam.she isnot leaving the show and she is media friendly and media we love her .

    guys STOP believing baseless rumors kratika isnot being replaced as confirmed by a very reliable source just enjoy kasam and stop believing Evreything #tanu#rishi#kratika dheer#tanshi.

  13. AHMAD


  14. ALI

    krystle DSOUZE LOOK LIKE 35 year old. and she isnot look lik 2o yearold. if kratika leave kasam I ALSO WANT STOP WATCH KASAM. because kratika is best tanu . and heracting so natura. and also kratika and sharad both are heart and soul kasam. and both are very perfect.and both are amazing actors.but if one of them leave kasam i also will leave kasam.

  15. vafa

    [email protected] .welcome to ourkasam family.

  16. nayana

    thank u vafa
    wat the hell again kratika leaving why ? is this true or not is the director out of mind suddenly wat happnd pls anyone say is it a fake news

  17. Ishani

    Guys…who is Malaika..ist that the girl who already tried to marry rishi….& who is ruchika..
    What is Smriti’s role….???

  18. Arbi

    Thank you evry 1to d bst wlcmng in ur grup…I’m so glad ke mujhe iss grup me bahut ache yaara milgaye hain..thank you once again…

  19. Arbi

    S…guyzz I agree wth you …show without kiritika..acha nhi rahenga show…ussi ke wajah se show ka TRP badahe…without kiritika …mai serial stop kardoongi…

  20. nana

    you know that serial kasam is number 1 show in pakistan again. yes guys because everyone watch this drama and love it after entry kratika everyone is watching kasam. and also after entry kratika serial kasam more improvd than other serials in uk .

  21. vafa

    @hay ishani. mailka is rishis childcood .and some surce say that nam rishischildhood is ruchika and some saidmalika.

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