Kasam 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Tanuja do puja together on Diwali

Kasam 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beeji asking everyone to play a game. Rano and Raj dance on the song. Beeji then sings a song. Manpreet and Ahana dance with each other.

Abhishek gets singing chit and sings song soniyo….before he could give his hand to Tanuja. Rishi says very good and says next. Rishi gets the chit which reads dance with the partner infront of you. He recalls telling Tanuja that she is looking good in that dress and praises her for her beauty. He asks her for dance. Natasha asks Tanuja to agree. Manpreet says he will play the song. Meri bechainiyon ko…..plays as they dance.

Abhishek gets jealous and hurt. Tanuja’s turn comes. Manpreet says dumb charades with Bhai. Tanuja tries to identify the word. Manpreet says time is up. Rishi says I love you Tanuja…it was movie name. Abhishek says movie name was incomplete.

Maasi asks Abhishek to do puja with Tanuja. Natasha says Maa will do puja as this is my house. Beeji says Tanuja will do puja. Raj asks Rano to let Tanuja do puja. Tanuja, Rishi and Natasha do puja together. Maasi thinks why she is feeling as if there is some relation between them.

Tanuja is in room and thinks why light is gone. Rishi comes there. Romantic song plays…He asks did I say anytime that you are beautiful. She says infront of everyone. He says you are very beautiful. Lejaye song plays….she says she came here for some time. Manpreet appreciates Rishi. Rishi says she wants Tanuja to stay back.

Manpreet asks him to go with Tanuja. Rishi says Abhishek will not let me enter his home. Maasi says you will not come with us now. Rishi says I am in love with you. Maasi laughs. Ahana and Tanuja talk about Maa babuji. Ahana is surprised. Tanu slips. Rishi holds her.

Rishi is sitting at Tanuja’s side. Tanuja says she knows why he held her before Abhishek.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lovely episode.Now i am just waiting for monday to come so that i can watch re telecast many times

    1. Netra went to her friends wedding and Tanya went too.

  2. Where is Netra all this while?

  3. Netra went to her friends wedding and Tanya went too.

  4. When will the Truth of Chhipkali Netra be revealed
    the show is taking lot of time
    And truth of Tanuja being Tanu in her last birth

  5. Great episode….wow
    Enjoyed and loved watching

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